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More New MADONNA! Listen To Masterpiece HERE!

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Oh man! Does this bring us back to mid-'90s, Something to Remember ballad era or what?!

Masterpiece, a new song from Madonna that was recorded for the soundtrack of her new movie, W.E., and also rumored to be on her upcoming album, has found its way onto the net, and is an absolutely gorgeous, stripped down track that really lets her vocals shine!

Check it out (below)!

We LOVE it!

So, so pretty!

We cannot wait for more! Keep 'em coming, gurl!

You are QUEEN!

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137 comments to “More New MADONNA! Listen To Masterpiece HERE!”

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  1. 101

    Re: madonna n1 – 101 - HAHAHAHAHA! You're as talentless as Madonna. Copycat much? ROFL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MADONNA IS AN OLD WHORE!

  2. 102

    Lady Gaga is the Meryl Streep of music. She is queen of pop. Madonna, Mischa Barton.

  3. 103

    Can she be done now? She has a weak voice and was able to sell on shock factor when she was young. Now she isn't. Now that she has to bank on her vocal skills it's a stretch to say the least. Who wants to see a woman her age be shocking? Nuff said . . .

  4. 104

    Re: tellall – not honey gaga is only talentless whore , only a disgsuting piece of shit like you repulsive troll , madonna IS GRETA GARBO , gaga pariz hilton hahahah

  5. 105

    MASTERPRICEDONNA QUEEN OF THE WORLD , gaga only a talentless slut , repulsive freak

  6. 106

    Lady Gaga fucking rules.

  7. 107

    MADONNA QUEEN OF POP , gaga repulsive piece of shit without talent , COPY CAT

  8. 108

    MASTERPRICEDONNA IS GRETA BARBO , shitty gaga is paris hilton

  9. 109

    Re: The Fox – your mother is maybe shitriah scarey , poor idiot , madonna is the most talented woman in music , gaga is garbage yes like shitriah and like you , madonna queen of the universe , the most admired woman in music everrrrrrrrrrrr

  10. 110

    Subpar and B-O-R-I-N-G. Come on Madonna, bring on the ENERGY!!

  11. 111

    I'm loving it… i keep repeating it!!
    I've been waiting a long time for some ballad-ish music from madonna!!!

    Why is half of the reactions about gaga??? What does she have to do with a new madonna song???

  12. 112

    Love Madonna more than ever now..

  13. 113

    Lady Gaga is the Kim Kardashian of music.

  14. 114

    this could be great but the production needs beefing up. Pretty song but lacking that wow factor to be a single.

  15. 115

    ABsolutley luv this!!! its VERY Melodic,,,her tone is rich and on Pointe'….luv the Harmonies…Great Work MMMMM!!!!

  16. 116

    Looking forward to hearing this song on a better sound system. The Queen is almost here!!!

  17. 117

    So it's been what…..about 3 days and once again Madonna, The QUEEN of POP can be found under "most commented" and "top artist" and "trending now" which really seems to ignite a fury with her haters. Well be forewarned haters… Madonna is just getting started. She took a longer than usual break from music allowing other artists to keep her Throne warm but Mama is about to return.

  18. 118

    Re: musicdeva – Wow….agreed!! Now I cannot stop listening even knowing it was probably recorded the way a bootleg movie inside the theater is recorded robbing us of the true audio quality… CANNOT wait to hear an official mp3 on headphones.

  19. 119

    Re: lington – Agreed!!! This one sounds like someone recorded inside a theater… loses many "generations" (I think that is how transferring audio is sometimes described) but the song is stunning and with an instant hook. I am now starting to lose it waiting for the return of The Queen.

  20. 120

    I'm literally PANTING while waiting for this album. I for one LOVE everything about Madonna- I loved her "American Life" album, I LOVED "Confessions", and I LOVED "Hard Candy". I know many of you so-called "fans" just want M to sing "Vogue" over and over again until she dies- but then, she wouldn't be Madonna- she would be Kylie Minogue (LOVE Kylie too, just saying…). Madonna couldn't make BAD music if she tried- I would gladly buy an album consisting of her reading names out of the phone book and I would be entertained. I am loving these leaked demos- to me, it sounds like MADONNA- nothing more, nothing less. To quote Cher on Madonna's upcoming album, I say "WORK IT BIATCH!". Lady Gagme needs brought down a peg or two anyway, and Madonna is the one to do it. I LOVE the sounds of this song in particular- and who cares if Top 40 radio doesn't play her anymore? At this point, she doesn't even need another hit- she' still far ahead of all other pop tarts. She's having fun at this point. To me, THIS will be the album of the decade- not that tired, cheesy, over-produced "BORED THIS WAY". (I'm SO over her at this point anyway…) LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

  21. 121

    Re: madonna n1 – It's true. Gaga IS losing her relevancy already. Two years ago you couldn't take a shit without hearing or seeing her everywhere- her vids are getting less and less views, and she's just not plastered everywhere anymore. Now at work when she's brought up, people laugh at her. I HATED "Bored This Way"- Madonna made that album back in the 90s! LOL NOBODY will ever replace Michael Jackson or Madonna- no way, no how!

  22. 122

    I hate this site for obvious reasons… but I was led here because of this post.
    Bow bow bow! So in love with this song from the goddess Madgesty.

  23. 123

    mediocre at best, like most of her stuff in the past 15 years.

  24. 124

    Re: ms trudy – ray of light, mediocre?? yeah, sure, go download the brilliant marry the night track!! lolllllllllllllllll!!! :-) #littleturds

  25. 125

    your madgesty its a masterpiece

  26. 126

    Lady Gaga has taken over music. She is the absolute queen of pop. She has dethroned Madonna. Cher loves Lady Gaga. Bette wants to record a duet with the queen of music. No one cares about Madonna any more. No one knows who she is! LOL. Lady Gaga is already a household name. She fucking rocks. :)

  27. 127

    Madonna's new album is gonna bomb so fucking bad. LOL! I can't wait!!! What a shitfest.

  28. 128

    Lady Gaga's songs are the best ever. She is a really good song writer. She writes her own songs. Her voice is amazing. Lady Gaga is indeed talented. She's a sensation.

  29. 129

    lets not get it twisted gaga lovers coming from a 20 yr old female who listened to madonna growing up i can tell you that gaga stole a lot of her melodies and song material, i could make a youtube video showing the comparisons between madonna and other 90s/80s artists and every lady gaga song, something was ripped off in each song, however i actually have a life so i dont have time to do this, maybe one day! lol this song does suck majorly though i love you madonna but this isnt the real shit that u usually do, anybody who has doubts about madonna just pick up her GHV1 AND GHV2 and you will be VERY pleased! her music has so much more substance and conscience than gagas. REGARDLESS of the fact gaga is a better vocalist than madge. CASE CLOSED!

  30. 130

    this version is obviously rough but I think its pretty. I'll probs end up liking whatever she does, but I was really looking forward to a Confessions on the Dance Floor kind of CD.. Heavy heavy dance beats with awesome lyrics. I hope she doesn't disapoint! :S

  31. 131

    Re: tellall – sticky and swet tour more than $408 m grossed , poor caca is shit next to madonna , adele 15 m of albums sold this year ,caca 7 m ouchhhhhhhhh , poor shitty gaga she never had the commercial succes that madonna had ,GAGA IS GARBAGE , madonna s new album wont flop , like gaga s xmas album that is a HUGE FLOP , MADONNA THE QUEEN OF POP FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR

  32. 132

    Re: tellall – madonna will be on the superbowl , shitty CACA not , ouchhhhhhhhhh ,madonna beat caca ouchhhhhhhhh , maybe NOBODY CARES SHITTY CACA ANYMORE HA HA HA

  33. 133

    It's a shame…I can't read a Madonna post without hearing about Lady Gaga and I can't read about Gaga without awful comparisons to Madonna. As for the song, nothing could be worse than Hard Candy, on which Madonna sounded like a rapping granny with a bad weave and a botched facelift. Madonna's voice here is smoother and more youthful because she's not pushing. Also you can tell she actually wrote this, instead of just taking a track from Pharell and changing a few words. I have big hopes for this album!

  34. 134

    Cool, although the opening melody is awfully similar to Enrique's "Bailamos".

  35. 135

    Re: sanfran1 – Lets face what???? Madonna is 'QUEEN" and that is a fact. Masterpiece is a beautiful song, the title says it all. If her music has moved on then how come her last 3 albums entered number 1 in the billboard 200, her singles entered the top 100 and top ten in billboard 100. She is also a constact number one hit in other countries around the world. Dominates the billboard dance charts and many more. So your saying that a New Queen is in POWER? might i ask WHO? Madonna ROCKS and people just dont like the fact that she is still around…….OH wait! not all people thinks that since her concerts is a massive sell out all the effin time.. LUV u Madonna…

  36. 136

    Re: tellall – Full package of what? She makes me feel that everyday is Halloween… Geez is that what you call QUEEN. Gaga Annoys me especially when she sings live…. I like her music though… Have u seen her Marry the night video? 13 minutes of boredom… Jesus Christ. lmao

  37. 137

    Re: kirknyc24 – Madonna does not need to pull a CHER for a no. 1 hit. She's Madonna she can do it. QUEEN Madonna returns…..

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