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99 comments to “Teen Mom Star Starts Epic Twitter War With Kardashians…And Demi Lovato?!”

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    Why they would bother responding at all is beyond me. Instead of calling her a f-ing moron, maybe they should just ignore her. As for Demi Lovato jumping in - sweetie, if you thing the Kardashians are sweet girls, you should get out of the show biz industry and go meet some real people.

  2. WTF38 says – reply to this


    Seriously? It's pretty obvious all the shit the press is insuating about Kim is true, this family is obviously low class.

  3. 3

    meh, i like kourtney.

  4. 4

    Kourtney & Scott aren't married.

  5. 5

    Demi I guess you are hard up for friends, they were at that anti-bully thing because they work for Sears doll and that's who sponsored, not cause they give a sh*t. MayB you gave up your time freely…they didn't. This teen -mom is probably nuts but the Kartrashcans are jumping on ANYTHING THAT TAKES HEAT AWAY FROM SKUMBAG KIM.

  6. 6

    Ha! Kardashians are about as vapid and empty as they come. Demi Lovato and this teen mom idiot are following right along in their footsteps. Lame. The dumbing down of America starts right here.

  7. 7

    First off — I can't read the tweets when your logo covers the right side of them up. If you have to do that, make the box longer and put it at the bottom. But I would hope that the whole Kim 72-day wedding would have exposed these low-lifes for who they really are. Their accomplishments are nil. They are such walking advertising for the REAL state of marriage. You can have a 72-day or none at all — and just pop out kids. This family put themselves in the spotlight for money, so they need to quit bitching when people call them out for being fame-whore douches

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99 – Demi Lovato know them well so she don't think they are sweet she know it . And you who never meet them are saying they're not , how did you know , from their REALITY SHOW .

  9. 9

    Re: rosebud99 – HA! Rosebud! You nailed it. Kardashians are real? What does that make actual real people? FUCK the kardashians.

  10. 10

    Re: WTF38 – Right cause them press is in no ways bias or anything like that. Personally I could care less about Kim K, yet I like it when idiots claim they can't stand certain people yet continue to talk about them non stop. God Hollywood is such a contradiction. And so are the idiots posting here lol.

  11. 11

    Re: The Badge – I could care less about the Kardashians. I honestly couldn't care less. But I just find it so amusing to watch morons talk about people they hate yet call them irrelevant. If they were so irrelevant why are you talking about them? My god you guys are stupid lol.

  12. 12

    Re: The Badge – Of course they are "Real" they exist don't they? its not like they're some figment of our imagination. Anyone who is a "bitch" is REAL or anyone who is NICE is "real" what kind of idiotic logic are you on?

  13. 13

    Re: rosebud99 – The same reason you're responding to this shit. Cause idiots talk about shit they know nothing about. I mean one dumb ass spouts off about one and someone else responses and them some half wit moron named rosebud99 talks about them as if they know them personally. Don't you know how shit works? lol

  14. 14

    It isn't working I am thinking of Kim and Kris even More. People talk trash about you everday, including teen moms you respond now. la la Thinking of Kimmie and how I do not want her perfume that smells like as% leakage. haha. Demi I honestly feel sorry for you.

  15. 15

    I know who Demi is, but who are these other nobodies? And why is she even addressing them?

  16. 16

    Farrah is a dumb ass. However, despite the fact that Kourtney isn't married, she did wait until a decent age to start having children. And she's able to support them as well. But Farrah rose to fame on a show called TEEN MOM and the Kardashians rose to fame from a fucking sex tape. They're all shitty in their own way :-)

    And why is Demi coming out of left field with comments?? STFU.

  17. 17

    Scott Dickhead is the last thing I think of when I think of a man. He pays a fortune from clothes from the 1980's. Kim is a prostitute, she will do anything for money just like her mom. Kourtney and Kim seem like they are pretty genuine even if everything in their show is scripted.Except for the fact that Kourtney needs a real man.

  18. 18

    Re: ThePerezHater – No I don't know them personally, but I do know that for a family of very rich people who could do anything in life they wanted, but choose to flaunt themselves on a fake-ass reality show means that they are a very superficial bunch. This is confirmed by practically every interview and action they have ever done. By 'real people', I mean that Demi should meet people whose concerns and actions are a little more than looks, power and money.

  19. 19

    Who is Demi Lovato? Is she a reality star or something?

  20. 20

    Blame MTV and Ryan Seacrest for this FUCKERY.

  21. 21


    Now come and harrass me bitches…..like to see you try……freedom of speech.

  22. 22

    Re: Meggie246524 – because she is a baby making whore.

  23. 23

    Re: WTF38 – It took you this long to figure that out????

    You don't get out much do you?

  24. Uruha says – reply to this


    It was awesome till Demi Lovato started talking.

  25. 25

    thats their dig "we dont know u"….they shound like high schoolers all of them

  26. 26

    this is one smart teen she can see thru the facade well done farrah.. just ignore the bullies u got a right to speak ur mind ..one news article was saying scott cheated then the next saying that kslag is pregnant so why would she get pregnant to a cheater . farrah has it right team farrah shes learned her lesson and pointing out others who didnt leaRN theres as for demi what the hell is realest its not a word GO BACK TO SCHOOL ! as for the k bulllies attacking a lone teen why is that unsurprising they are so scared of losing everything theyll attack anyone..

  27. 27

    Kim didn't respond because she was too busy riding and sucking some nasty black dick!

  28. 28

    its ironic that the sister would stage a fake wedding but the 'other ' one would have two bastard kids (yes dictionary parents unmarried) when they have all the money in the world and could marry shows scott isnt as dum as he looks

  29. 29

    I had never see an episode of KKK take whatever but I saw about a 3min convo w/ Kim and Kris H. and they did a 2 shot cut away? 2shot /cut away. Then close up. It was so cut up and no continuity to even Kim's stupid laughing and licking her lips. You would have to be mentally retarded not to see that convo was edited from other convos to manipulate Kris's "Character" . How are there this many stupid people? Re: rosebud99 – Yes, your right they are not real!

  30. 30

    this "war of words" between theis collection of idiots is worth our time how? between them all, they couldn't combine IQ's and come up with 2 digits or a moral compass. fuck them all.

  31. 31

    Re: Uruha – nobody noticed the tweet war until Demi Lovato tweeted

  32. 32

    the only shit stain that comes to mind here are the kardashians. Smart business women? your delusional.

  33. 33

    Kourtney's not a teen mom! She knows what she's doing. It's not like this pregnancy caught her off guarded… the first one did, but not this 1. Farrah, sweetie, just mind your own business. Don't get tangled into the whole Kardashian drama. It's not worth it.

  34. 34

    Leave this girl alone Kardashians, and demi lovato what has this have to do with u at all. God, ur boyfriend would ditch u if Kim opened her legs just a little for this kid. I guess in your case it is "keep your friends close and your enemies closer' I can assure u that the moment Justin drops u, the Kardashians will have forgotten ur name. They are already probably telling people that your his coat tail rider. Seems Farrah must be some kind of a threat to the KKK, why pick on her, she just said what millions are saying. I can only think the Kardashians feel this is good publicity. Farah, post the No More Kardashian petition on ur site. Hard to believe Extreme homes had them on the show dealing with anti bullying. I wrote them a letter stating my disgust in their choice. Now I am going to go watch ultimate wrestler, rumor has it, somebody else stepped on Kims pedi and she is going to bust someone's head open

  35. 35

    The Kardashians are so unclassy and tacky. Why not just ignore Farrah if she's a "nobody". And Demi just started getting her career back into shape, why damage by sticking up for the KKK douches?

  36. 36

    The Kardashians ARE morons. Self-centered, superficial, obnoxious. In 20 years they will just be short, fat women with HUGE rear ends. Can you imagine marrying in to that Clan?…You marry one, you marry all of them. Listening to Khloe with with Big mouth constantly jabbering….

  37. 37

    They are all idiots..Ferrah is an idiot for getting pregnant at such a young age..I can't stand teens who get knocked up and Kourtney is an idiot for staying with this scott douche bag and have two babies with him…what a stupid move. I just think its disgusting that there are married couples out there who want to have a child but are having trouble getting pregnant and all these teens and other idiots just have oopsy babies. The world is already over populated.

  38. 38

    why would u be evil like the kks perez thats not ur nature?? ur starting to show a very ugly side

  39. 39

    Re: ThePerezHater – you would be one of the idiots and you posted several times

  40. 40

    Elevator going down: The Kardashians are gasping for breath in the atmosphere of celebrity. They are big-time nobodies and the world knows this. Ta Ta. Go play in the dumpster with Speidi.

  41. 41

    Well if you are paying attention you can see that the control of the tweets is the Queen Bee. Maybe not, but the entertainment business is more about song and dance, tragedy and comedy and the least last very bottom is reality tv.

  42. 42

    Last night the Kardashians and Demi Lovato were on Extreme Makeover Home Edition standing up against bullies and it appears the Kardashians are bullies. If you are claiming to not be teenagers then they shouldn't tweet like teenagers.

  43. 43

    Farrah, you're a big girl now. You should know better than to pick on the biggest bullying machine around Hollywood: C-Krest and Mama K-Trash. Their publicity machine is trying their hardest to destroy Mr. Kim K. Did you think you could come out of a row with them unscathed? K-Trash Bullies, LLC. A tightly knit family, indeed.

  44. 44

    sit down Demi where the hell did you come from. Another thing I know marriage isn't for everyone but why have two kids by this guy if he isn't worth marrying?

  45. 45

    Tweets are not Sweets.

  46. 46

    Well Demi, since you know them so well, then tell them to start being REAL in their REALITY show and probaaaaaaaaaably people will stop thinking they are a bunch of @sshats. I only watched one episode and it was Scott DiCKsick saying to an assistant he employeed "you are f*cking worthless" in front of a lot of other people and behaved all arrogant and like a m*ron. So Demi, you go to a show to talk about not bullying people with THAT bully!?. Srsly?. Im starting to not like you Demi, your company is just bad.

  47. 47

    Why do my comments about the Kardashians never appear suddenly?
    To repeat what never appeared: Kourtney and the other Kardashians TARGET teen and young girls with everything they do and sell. From tv shows to clothing lines to phony credit cards, young teen girls and little girls are this family's bread and butter. As such they are role models. So although Kourtney is an adult, her out-of-wedlock pregnancies INFLUENCE that target demographic which is, really, the Kardashian's only continuing "fan" base. Farrah A. may not be articulate but I'm sure that was her point. I don't think she confused the quickly middle-aging Kardashian woman to be teens.

  48. 48

    its funny how everyone talks so much about the Kardashians yet they dont know them. A little judgmental dont you think? To Farrah-she has no right to talk about anyone having babies. Kourtney is 32 years old and to say such an idiotic thing like "hasnt she learned from teen mom"..what lesson is she supposed to learn? That TEEN pregnancy is difficult?? Well its a good thing shes not a teen. Who care if she isnt married? I didnt know marriage was a requirement to have children. As for Scott, he is allowed to say WHATEVER he wants about Farrah since she came at his girlfriend/fiance, whatever she is and he has every right to defend her. For Demi, she can comment about the tweet because she is friends with the Kardashians. Does it make her a bad person, ABSOLUTELY NOT. I know you all have freedom of speech and your right to opinion but seriously your just judging people based on their last name.

  49. 49

    First of all, Farrah is a moron that always speaks on celebrities to get attention because she always fucking gets it every time she does.. she just wants more fame.. she is no one to judge anyone.. fucking loser.. second Demi is a dumbass to for sticking up for the Kardashians.. who the fuck cares that they are great business women? Alls they fucking care about is fame and greed off their business.. why should they get credit for that? The bitch Kim sold her sex-tape for fame and money and has been endorsing shit thanks to her pimp mom since.. how is that something to look up to? If Kourtney wants to have another kid it's whatever to me.. she knows what type of man she is with and is old enough and has the money to support to have another kid.. don't see the big deal other than more attention for them, which is really fucking annoying and trying to divert people from remembering Kims fake-ass marriage and all the shit that family is doing to Kris H. in the tabloids.. "real"? I don't fucking think so..

  50. 50

    Re: missashk33 – You sound like a 13 year old girl. They will do ANYTHING for money and people like you buy into it. Next you will be voting for whoever they say to because you like their hair. They are not real.

  51. 51

    Re: missashk33 – They are not being judged by their last name but all the shit they put out in the media and reality show.. they deserved to be judged if they are going to act greedy and shitty.. everyone has a right to say so if they want to be so damn public…

  52. 52

    when did scott and kourtney get Mario? I know it is floating around their marriage is 'eminent', but as of now, no word on a marriage. and you know they are only getting married because Kris J does not like this unwed child thing and it is getting NEGATIVE PRESS.

  53. blimp says – reply to this


    Re: piissed on perez posse member 777
    Realest is a word. Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to use puntuation.

  54. 54

    It also shows when uneducated, ignorant people the kardashians if they have to FIGHT every NEGATIVE PIECE OF GOSSIP out there. Haven't seen it, but maybe it hits to close to home?

  55. 55

    If they don't know who she is then why do they care what she thinks? And Scott calling Farrah a "shit stain" is BULLYING… Demi, I thought you were against that?

  56. 56

    Farrah is a bi polar lunatic.. She is so fucked up. First of all WHO the fuck is SHE to worry about what a 32 year old women is doing and trying to compare it to being a teenager? And second she would go ape shit crazy if someone called her out like this. There is something seriously wrong with her. She has NO friends. NO dude wants a damn thing to do with her, her mom is a crack pot. Worry about yourself and your bastard child

  57. 57

    Re: blimp – news flash realist is a word someone who sees the world in real terms something the fucassisns dont
    realest is not a word..
    go bac to kindergarten

    as for the bulllie k klan picking and bashing on a lone teenager who merely pointed out HOW STUPID one 32 yr old woman is thats just disgraceful not to mention them coming in here on pr names with one posting and again bashing said poor lone teen what savages..leave the poor girl alone

  58. 58

    HA wow this is all just stupid from both ends. Dont get me wrong I HATE farrah she is a spoiled retarded little smartassed bitch who needs a fucking reality check, but I kind of see wheres shes coming from with the whole taking her relationship with scott more serious. I mean Kourtney supposedly hates scott and wouldnt even let him sleep in the same bed with her and they constantly fight, obviously for the cameras but still. If your relationship is that bad you shouldnt be having another child with that person. but on the other hand farrah shouldnt have said anything about teen mom becuase they are obviously not teens. and as for Demi's comment, I love her and shes such a brave strong girl but she better RUN LIKE HELL away from the kartrashians before its too late.

  59. 59

    your mistake…not her husband

  60. 60

    your mistake…scott is not her husband, but her boyfriend..

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Re: ThePerezHater – LOL! Wow, you really took this personal. Perhaps you're Khloe Kardashian pretending to be someone else. Or perhaps you're just an idiot too. Also, your grammar is atrocious. Oh, but maybe you wrote your responses quickly, just wanting to respond, not wanting to police yourself. You're just a moron hater in sheeps clothing. Ha. Moron.

  63. 63

    Re: ThePerezHater – Hey, I'm anti-bully. I realize that you were probably a fat kid that got picked on a lot in high school, but that's no reason to drag that in here. This is a safe place. LOL! Fat kid.

  64. 64

    i think i just lost respect for demi lovato.

  65. 65

    farrah didn't make this comment, theres a f1abrham and theres @Farrah_Abraham, the @Farrah_Abraham account is verified the other one, whcih made the comment, is someone imitating her.

  66. 66

    What a stupid bitch.

  67. 67

    Re: ThePerezHater – and you are of them and just posted a comment, does that make you a hypocrite or what?

  68. 68

    l do not like the Kardashians l am certainly not defending them in 99.9% of their decisions but in this case Farrah (whoever she is) was in the wrong Kourtney is not a teenager and she is in a committed relationship (no matter how fucked up it is) she can afford to have another baby.

    Kourtney and Scott had every right to say something but Demi did not it really was not her business.I am disappointed in Demi

  69. 69

    Not to defend the K-Klan, but how on earth does Farrah think her situation is similar to Kourtney's? She's just a delusional, immature reality "star" who needs to tweet in an attempt to stay relevant. Kourtney is an adult who is in a relationship with her children's father and has millions of dollars to support her children. She may not be married, but marriage isn't necessary to be a family. She's far from a single teen mother. She also appears to be a far better mother than Farrah, who is selfish and clearly needs some lessons in parenting.

  70. 70

    that farrah is ridiculous!does she think no one should have kids anymore? kourtney is in a long term relationship,has money and a career to provide for her kids and is in her 30's!that's pretty much how ppl would prefer it!

  71. 71

    I had some respect for Lovato but not anymore. The Kardashians are nothing and they are stupid as fuck because they think that people actually care about them. Well, some idiots do but most of us can't stand them. IGNORE THEM. And oh yeah, I'm so jealous now.

  72. 72

    she needs to marry again LOL shes bored.

  73. 73

    The Kardashian's and Scott should have kept their mouths shut. The fact that they even responded shows how low class they really are. Real celebrities don't have time to respond and insult teenagers. And if Scott claims he and Kourtney are not teenagers then they should stop acting like teenagers.

  74. 74

    Re: aja222 – You are so right.First,they're all a bunch of fucking idiots!Farrah is a spoiled, disrespectful brat who deserved to get popped in her mouth by her mother and don't get me started on the Kardashian trash.They are only famous because of that whore Kim and Scott is a loser living off of Kourtney.He only stays with her to make money off of the reality show and so he doesn't have to pay child support.

  75. 75

    Re: vanhelsing bride – Exactly. It's like the blind leading the blind. Everyone involved is stupid. But being that Scott and Kourtney are in their early 30's they should have known better than the teen mom. So if I HAD to pick a side here, it would definitely be Farrah's.

  76. Honor says – reply to this


    puntuation. FTW Not working KKK clan I am only thinking of Kim K and that she is a fraud. Your twotter wars aren't doing it or pics of a non-spackled Khloe (thought the fact a transvestite is suing her for an attack got a giggle)

  77. 77

    Re: triple M – I totally agree,they were ok in the begining,now they're just way over exposed!!!/: sick of their attention seeking ways!

  78. 78

    It makes sense that Lovato would jump on the Kardashian bandwagon because she is as TALENTLESS as the Kardashians and will probably have a sex tape of her own soon.

  79. 79

    IF Khloe and Lamar have a kid. you will see the the first Alien on Earth

  80. missB says – reply to this


    They're right, the comment "didn't you learn anything from teen mom?" was ridiculous, why would anyone but teen girls (and maybe a few in their early 20s) watch that show? Just the name of it sounds trashy. Kourtney and Scott aren't married, and they seem to fight a lot on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, but at least they are not teenagers and can financially support their kids. And hey, they are still together. You'd think Farrah would be the last to judge, having gotten herself preggo at 16 or however old she was.

  81. 81

    I'm not particularly a Kardashian fan, nor am I a Kardashian hater. I think anyone posting on here would have their daily life taped if it meant lots of money. And they can edit out what they really don't want shown so I guess that makes them smart. I just don't know how everyone is the authority on what goes on behind closed doors…

  82. 82

    Is Demi Lovato on drugs??

  83. 83

    The Kardashians are real??? How manyh other mothers do you know nthat pimnp her kids out? The other mothers I have read about and seen on the street pimping the kids out are in JAIL. Their faces and bodies are not real, they rpofess lovce and it isn;t real. GThey pop one illegitiment kid out after another and are soooo proud of it and make headlines for spreading their legs for every guy that even looks at them. They are nothing but useres and phonies. HAs been very soon I hope, They contribute nothing to the world period. Now we have a TV show that pays teens for getting knocked up. I guess one of the Kardashians should be on that, oh wait that will be the Jenners show. Pimp mom should get that going real quick wouldn't want to miss that chance to make a buck.

  84. 84

    Well since they are so much in the public eye want people to pay them loads of money for being positive role models then they probably should be married before they start creating their own baseball team. And don't try to say that you are not trying to represent yourselves as positive role models. We already understand that you really aren't.

  85. 85

    The Teen Mom girl is trash and the Kardashians are rich trash. Their entire family is now famous because Kim sucked a dick on camera. They have no discernable talents, they're just ridiculous and use said ridiculousness to make money because, for some reason, so much of America cares about what they do. I used to watch their show until it got way too out of control, obviously scripted, and pathetic.

  86. 86

    I told you that Demi Bitch was fake. She's an undercover bully.

  87. s.s says – reply to this


    Meh! Who cares about all parties involved. Demi Cuts herself and people buy her shit album for "support" and the K-Klan are in it all for the money and really have not done ANYTHING worthy of being called a "celebrity". As for Tenn Mama, she got knocked up and MTV paid her a pretty penny she's been dead a long time now. She should go back to her little girl and get a job at Wal-Mart to support herself.

  88. 88

    Pointless vs. Pointless. Both famous for doing NOTHING that requires talent. I do like Scott this season. I will give him props for working on his weaknesses. That's actually nice to see.

  89. 89

    Okay first off Kourtney & Scott are NOT teenagers! She's 32 & he is in his late 20s. Both of them have jobs, both of them make enough money to take care of 100 babies, and they both have a steady life. So for Farrah to say something like that is just stupid.

  90. 90

    lmao..did anybody notice the fact that THEY ALL NEVER ONCE COMMENTED ON KOURTNEY BEING STUPID FOR GETTING PREGNANT BY HIM AGAIN!! Everything was like "why would I have anything to do with teen mom?" like as if that didnt FURTHER CONFIRM THE FACT THAT THE KHARDASHIANS ARE FUCKING IDIOTS. yes she is stupid for getting pregnant by him again. Your not even married, hes a douchebag, treats you like sh*t..but you keep giving him your cookies and now oh yall are expecting a second child. Get your priorities together. I wouldve expected chloe to have a baby before she popped out another one.

  91. 91

    Farrah is so dumb and is just looking for another 15 minutes of fame after the teen mom season ended. I'm glad Demi also stuck up for them, way to go.

  92. 92

    A 20 yr old with a 4 or 5 yr old little girl should be more concered about the well being of her own child not a 32 yr old celeb with only one child she had at a decent age. Not a baby having a baby. I think you need to think of it as her being blessed, Theres tons of women out the that can’t even have a child, maybe you should consider that, Farrah. And yes you are a shit stain.

  93. 93

    'farrah' obviously doesn't know how shes dealing with.. the kardashians and demi are strong woman who in my opinion are amazing role models! no need for shit like daaaat!

  94. 94

    btw.. kourtney u look so good for 32 years old.. but dont u have a boob job and a buncha botox? GET OUTTA HERE!! lol

  95. 95

    Re: hanzabee – lmao did you just call demi lovato and the kardashians ROLE MODELS? i seriously hope you were being sarcastic or you are seriously insane

  96. 96

    first off, KK has plenty of money to support another kid if she wants… who is FARRAH to say anything ?? Looks like Farrah wants to be in the spotlight since her 15 minutes been up!! #teamKARDASHIAN … all these haters need to jump off already.. always taking sh*t about them.. DONT HATE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL RICH AND BEAUTIFUL #REALTALK

  97. 97

    Demi Lovato isn't working for Sears or promoting anything!! Anti-bullying is something that is VERY important to her because she herself was bullied in school which is the whole reason why she went to treatment in the fist place. This just shows how real Demi is! She stands up for her friends! And not ALL of the Kardashians are fake! Okay, Kim might be, but Kourtney isn't and Khloe DEFINITELY isn't fake! You all don't even know them, so grow up and quit judging people before you even know what really happened!

  98. 98

    mind your own business demi go fucken eat its what ur good at fat bitch

  99. 99

    cant believe people actually stick up for thee ladies! if you ladies didnt want haters u would potray another image fucken idiots. their rich and beautiful?? what so beautiful when u have had work done kim doesnt even have facial expressions haha their rich?? because of reality shows. pls get yourselves real jobs