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Bullied Teen Jonah Mowry Is Doing Well And Happy!!!!

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We were so deeply moved by the above video, of 14 year bullying victim Jonah Mowry bravely sharing his story with the world. Not just recounting how difficult it has been for him but also revealing how strong he is and how much he has to live for! That optimism in the face of adversity is so inspiring!

Jonah and his video really shook us to the core of our being and we took it upon ourselves to post it on ALL our websites, our Facebook, our Twitter - and we even Tweeted it to just about every celeb we followed!

The amount of support Jonah has gotten is overwhelming!

He has given the world a great gift with this poignant video!

And, he HAS saved the lives of other young souls who will hopefully follow his lead and stick it out! Suicide is NOT the answer!

We are very happy to report that Jonah is doing very well and happy!

Jonah uploaded his bullying video in August, though it just went viral. He has this other YouTube channel where he's been having fun lipsynching to some of our favorite artists, goofing around in other vids, and just being the very special kid he is.

We've also been chatting with Jonah on his Twitter account and through DM. He is so touched by all the love being sent his way. He tells us he is truly in a much better place. Happier and with friends that care! Plus, he is also getting some counseling - something we'd recommend to anyone going through difficult times.

The internet can oftentimes be a big bad thing. But, in times like this, it can be quite beautiful!

We also invited Jonah to our birthday party in March (all expenses paid by us) and we can't wait to meet him and for him to enjoy all the cool performers and get to meet all the celebrity guests! It should be some much-needed major fun! Because that is what life is all about - having fun! And sticking around long enough to enjoy all the fun to come!

Life is not fun every single day. But it is a great gift and you are special! Know that!

Share Jonah's video with your friends!

It gets better! It really does!

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120 comments to “Bullied Teen Jonah Mowry Is Doing Well And Happy!!!!”

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  1. 101

    Re: popculturePhD – Grow up. You don't think hurting kids won't just naturally pick someone else to make fun of? That's how the cycle repeats itself. That's psychology 101. To look at him and say.. "hey.. that teenager made fun of someone else so the video must be fake" is ridiculous. Nobody likes to be the weakest so it's a natural human tendency to find someone else that you believe is worse than yourself. That's why reality TV works so well in our society. The fact that he states in his original video that he doesn't love himself would only support this.
    You have to love yourself before you can love others.

  2. 102

    Re: raypearson – You're not a victim. You're an idiot. Trust me, there's a big difference.
    Also, you have proven my point yet again. Numerous people have called you out on here, and rather than fight back, you use a defense mechanism you would find in a five year old. Have some self respect.

  3. 103

    i think the seriously disturbed kids who need the most help, dont reach out like this. they keep it quiet. its the kids that are becoming detached and uninvolved that need to be asked if everythings okay. these kids putting out videos are already outgoing. they are in less danger. whats going on with the quiet ones. its the ones hiding in the corner that need support, maybe even mopre. not so much these attention seekers. i think the attention seekers also make it harder for the shy ones when it comes to this subject because not every kid wants to talk about it. not every kid wants its up for everyones examination. they are still figuring it our for themseleves. its not anyone else's business. respect their privacy too.

  4. 104

    Re: joethehobo – why would I waste my time "fighting" you idiots. You've made your own mind up and it is set in concrete. Your specific comments to me show just how delusional you are.
    Reply or not as you wish, I'm done playing THIS portion of my game. I know that you'll claim that you called me out and you won. OK what ever floats your boat. As I said IT'S a GAME and I'M way ahead on points BUB BYE

  5. 105

    i bet you feel stupid with his smart ass new video posted about how he faked it… This kid is going to be killed now by someone who really feels this way… He could have carried it off with dignity and respect.. but instead he makes a lip smacking video about how everyone loves him and he really does cut himself… I personally fell disrespected…

  6. 106

    Re: adamG414 – Where does he say he faked it (or the video he posted?) If so, that is a shame.

  7. 107

    I can't believe all the negatIvity and hate coming From so many people! Some people truly disgust me, if this kid was your son, brother or cousin would you be so cruel? It doesn't matter if he is gay or straight he is a kid in pain and needs help!

  8. 108

    Re: HannahDEDE – Thats where you're wrong. If you beat the ever living shit out of them. They will stop. You're trying to argue and rationalize being a pushover. Stop relying on sugar coated overly political correct society. As said, inflict pain on them and they will learn not to mess with you.

  9. 109

    Go to youtube and search "Jonah Mowry Lied" and see the other video he's posted. This was a HOAX. This kid's a little brat. I'm gay so this isn't homophobic. Hes a nasty little freak

  10. 110

    he posted a new video saying that he was jokin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 111

    Re: raypearson – This is not a game. Teens are committing suicide left and right because of people like you. You were bound to bow out sometime. I don't blame you. Now is better than later.

  12. 112

    WTF I am reading these comments and I am sure you people are grown adults. Its disgusting what you people write. No wonder there are so many nasty people in this world. You are no better then anyone else and by what your saying your actually garbage, trashy, and disgusting. Your the reasons why our country is so F***ed up! Your kids are probably the ones who do the bullying to which make total sense. The adults on here who are saying disgusting things shouldn't even have kids. Its funny how you can stay behind your computer and say all this nasty stuff. How about you get jobs! All the people saying all this crap should be reported! I know for a fact that if your kid was getting bullied you'd be reporting the person who did it unless you don't care about your kids which again makes sense by the comments. And MooMooMario prob some pig you need to go back to school and get educated. Your comment makes no sense you hate you tube for this? Really, your so disgusting and saying bullied and happy should be in the same sentence um did you read the whole sentence go back to school! Yuck you people are so gross! Bullying will never go away because of you TRASHY DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS that wrote the most disgusting stuff and thats a fact! Its so sad but its true!

  13. 113

    For those of you that feel the need to say such hateful things, well, this I say to you… I think a lot of you need to ask yourselves, "Why does this boys story of courage infuriate me so much? Why do I feel the need to say such negative things such as he's an "attention whore" or he'll "hang himself in a week'." You must be a pretty sad little person to have to try and bash a subject such as this. Perez doesn't not admit that gays are the only ones bullied, he just happens to be advocating for one- what's the harm in that? If you think that needs to change then get off your ass and advocate for who and/or what you believe in. Just remember, he's happy, you're obviously not if you have to try and put others that you don't even know down. I hope you sad little people find peace one day.

  14. 114

    Fuck You Jonah! i go your school, and in one your other fuckn videos you say everyone loves you! NO THEY DO Not! People at Lunch fuckn said, Cuz you think your all famous you can say shit to the people that said shit about you! Dumb Ass your being a fucken bully!!!!!

  15. 115

    Re: nicknolte – Where did I say the video was fake?

  16. 116

    Anyone who can sit on their ass and spew hate out of their mouths about this is a f*cking moron. This boy put his feelings out there and gave us a look into his soul and all u give back is hatered. Yes all types of kids get bullied. The point is STOP bullying. Stop hating. Do u really have nothing better to do then go on this website and hate? I bet u all do this at more then one site bc u feel so insecure in ur own lives. If u dont like what's posted here is an easy solution… Stay off the site. Just because he has other video's of him enjoying himself doesn't make this less real. He is a child. Why should he have to show he is hurt everyday. How many of us put a smile on when inside we are torn up? That must make a whole lot of people attention whores and fakes. Get over yourselves. see the good in this messgae bc if it helped just 1 kid it did a lot better then anyone on here hating. And NOVEL1 are u serious? Do u have any idea how extremely ignorant u sound? "Suicide is not the answer" is cookie cutter advice and boring. would u rather have small children be told "go ahead jump atleast its not boring"? All you guys are is cyber bullies. Even if this was all an "act" its done good. What have u all done lately?

  17. 117

    Re: TheRealJerseyShore – well then u must be gay since ur on this web site.

  18. 118

    People wonder why this world is so messed up, but no one is willing to be the better person and when people like Jonah come along so do the haters. It has to stop at some point. Here's some "cookie cutter" advice…live and let live!

  19. tadge says – reply to this


    Its tough for many kids in high school, including gay ones. the problem with being gay is that its encouraged to keep quiet about it, dont tell anyone etc, keep it a secret. that's why this kid is so brave. Jonah- i hope you are doing good and this message is helping others- i am sure it is!

  20. 120


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