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Adam Carolla To OWS Protestors: You're "A Bunch Of F-cking Self-Entitled Monsters"

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This is coming from the guy who used to host a show that featured big-breasted women jumping on a trampoline.

Adam Carolla opened up his big mouth and shared his opinion on the Occupy Wall Street protestors calling them "a bunch of f-cking self-entitled monsters."

During his little rant, Adam said:

"There's something that's come up in this country that didn't used to exist. And that's envy. We're now dealing with the first wave of participation-trophy, empowered, I feel so good about myself, everybody's a winner, there's no losers … that's who we're dealing with now.

"What we created is a bunch of f-cking self-entitled monsters. People are so far out of it in what they expect and what they think realistic is and the set of rules that pertains to them versus the other guys."

It's easy to generalize an entire movement, but we have to wonder if Adam knows exactly what the OWS protestors are fighting for?

He might want to do some research before he speaks up again.

Wanna listen to what he has to say? Click "play" above - we warn you, very NSFW language.

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60 comments to “Adam Carolla To OWS Protestors: You're "A Bunch Of F-cking Self-Entitled Monsters"”

  1. 1

    He is 100% right and P{erez once again you are a hypocritical piece of shit. How much are YOU making from all your shitty websites and advertising. Its sure as hell u ain't in the 99% that's a given. People think the world owes them a living but that's not the case. Perez, you make a living leeching off other peoples success and talent./ You really are a negative force in the world. I am seriosuly praying fopr Karma and hope u get ur just deserts cos you make me fucking sick.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    He knows exactly what they stand for….NOTHING! He hit the nail right on the head. If they were so worried about the economy why are they costing tax payers millions?? Why are they not out looking for a job as hard as they are protesting against those who have jobs?? They made choices in their lives that got them where they are NO ONE else made those choices for them….they chose their OWN PATH!!! The 1% they are so worried about pay 50% of ALL the FEDERAL TAXES paid in this country!! AND THEY HAVE WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF TO BE WHERE THEY ARE AND DESERVE EVERY PENNY THEY EARN! THEY EARNED! THEY EARNED!!! Hear that…THEY EARNED IT!!!!

  4. 4

    Newt Gingrich Said it best
    All the Occupy movement starts with the premise that we all owe them everything. They take over a public park they didn’t pay for. To go nearby to use bathrooms they didn’t pay for. To beg for food from places they don’t want to pay for.  To obstruct those who are going to work to pay the taxes to sustain the bathrooms and to sustain the park, so they can self-righteously explain that they are the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything…Now that is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country, and why you need to reassert something as simple as saying to them “Go get a job, right after you take a bath.”

  5. 5

    He's right. Have you even read their manifesto? An early draft demanded a forgiveness on all student loans & debt, while the final draft demands ALL debt to be forgiven - credit cards, mortgages, loans, debts etc… Why does OWS expect this?? It's crazy! They also want us to open our borders, guarantee wages even if unemployed, free college educations, and end credit reports. They are out-of-their-minds, Marxist idiots. I'm hoping for a long, cold, snowy winter!

  6. 6

    I have no idea what the OWS movement is ( I can guess) but he hit the nail on the head here. There is a whole new generation of self entitled, hysterical, self victimised whiners, growing up on a diet of fake reality TV, getting something for nothing and cheap tabloid type mentalities. The age of if you want something you work for it is over. Now its all about give it to me because Im special or fuck your christian God or if you dare disagree you are a nazi. Its sad and dangerous. I suppose its better than whatever this generations kids will be like.

  7. Wheel says – reply to this


    I'd have to say he's right on! Lets start worrying about manufacturing products outside of our country and stop this 1% waste of time!

  8. KNH01 says – reply to this


    He's completely right!! These people are a waste of space. Quit complaining and go get a JOB!!

  9. 9

    adam said it all.

  10. 10

    It amazes me on how dumb he is….wait, no it doesn't.

  11. 11

    this is the american idol generation.everyones mommy has told them they can sing and that thier the greatest thing ever.then when someone tells them they suck they cant believe it.its the true me me me generation.

  12. 12

    Carolla is 150% right. If these self-entitled snots want wealth, let them go out and EARN it. Nobody owes them anything.

  13. 13

    Stop being a two-faced faked liberal here, we know you are not, you don't really care about those people or animals.
    He is right, nobody owes nobody anything, if you don't work your asses off to get what you want, just don't bitch about it, nobody's gonna hand everything to you.
    Thinking of this, the only victim who died in all the Occupy movements here in Canada was a woman in Vancouver, and she died of overdose….What a big help for the cause…

  14. 14

    Perez: Sometimes you just sound so dumb. Why don't you stay out of political matters and only post celeb news? You're embarrassing yourself otherwise.

  15. 15

    Adam is right. This is what happens when you bring your children up to believe they are all "special" and equal. I blame this on scoreless soccer leagues. If you don't have a goal to reach in life, you will never strive to attain it. These people need to learn hardwork and determination. Life is about building the boat, not about simplying being on the boat . You will never value the boat if you didn't earn it. All of the lessons of life you earn with that hard work, daily grind it's what makes you the best person you can be. Those spoiled little brats who think they deserve a upper management job right out of college and refuse to work in the mailroom and work their way up. Maybe they should stoomp their feet some most and whine until mommy gives them what they want.

  16. 16

    I agree with him. Even if I didn't, he is still entitled to his opinion.

  17. 17

    You are all missing the point. The self-entitled monsters are the corporations of Wall Street who took $700 Billion of tax dollars to bail out their incompetent asses. None of the corrupt CEO's went to jail and most got bonuses with your hard earned tax money. Stop watching Fox News and get yourselves educated!

  18. 18

    Why is it that every time under priviledged people protest against something, people say they just want a hand out? No! They simple want an even playing field! It's amazing, the comments in here. Many of the people protesting are young college graduates who can't find work and have found themselves up to their necks in debt trying to get an education. They are frustrated. To say that they just want a hand out is a grossly unfair statement to make and shows just how out of touch the commentors in here really are.

  19. ay.me says – reply to this


    Finally… someone put them in their place. He's not the one who needs to do research before he speaks up again. Half the time you ask the protestors what they're doing, they can barely answer you.

  20. 20

    he should stfu and be glad he has a job because he's a talentless idiot - can't wait til he's on the way down and comes face to face to all the self'entitled little monsters and they eat him alive.

  21. 21

    Seriously? You said, "It's easy to generalize an entire movement, but we have to wonder if Adam knows exactly what the OWS protestors are fighting for?"

    I wonder if YOU know, you ignorant pig.

    At least this guy had a job and employed people.

  22. 22

    Adam C is a dumas%, not because OWS is right, but because his argument isn't based in facts.

  23. 23

    I love Adam Carolla but sometimes he does sound like a crochity(sp) old man. He's hilarious though and I miss him on loveline. I don't think all the protesters are envious of wealth. They just don't want the banks to ruin America again. Some protesters are just bored hippies looking for something to protest about.

  24. 24

    I find the OWS protestors annoying more than anything else as I actually live in NYC and deal with them everyday near my office, but they are no where near as entitled as the rich GOP douchebags who want more free money off the backs of the little guy via the bush tax cuts. Adam Corolla supports robbing working class people blind, so he is the fucking monster, not inconsequential pot smoking hippies banging on drums.

  25. 25

    I agree with him. Anyone who cant seem to understand what he is talking about is probably the group of people he is talking about.

  26. 26

    When you piss in bottles instead of porta pottys then yes…..something is wrong with you….

  27. 27

    Re: RAY2RAY – it's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH..

    Welcome to America you idiot!

  28. 28

    Have you heard what some of the OWS people say? They do not even know why they are out there. The last time I checked if I wanted something I had to get out there and find a way to get it. These people are just the latest wave in people feeling entitled.

  29. 29

    Re: designer girl – You mean Obama gave all the money to the banks…….

    we all know the point……you don't

  30. 30

    You're one to talk about "research!" I agree with everything he says. You're just jumping on the cause because everyone's afraid to say what Adam's thinking because the OWS might turn on you. They are way self-entitled. It bothers me that coming off the heels of rebellions in Egypt and Libya with people who truly were being taken advantage of by their government that people in the US somehow think they're victims too. It's garbage really.

  31. 31

    Re: HAWTSTUFF – While I agree with almost everything you wrote, this isn't all about the "leftists." Not all Democrats are actually for OWS…

  32. 32

    I think Adam Carolla pretty much explained what is wrong in this world. People feel entitled to things they think they don't need to work anymore cause they can get free money from the government. People overspend and then just say I'm not going to pay for it I'm going to file Bankrupcy (spelled wrong sorry) so I don't have to pay, You know what your doing and that is stealing like going into best buy and just taking a television and not paying for it. The rest of us have to pay for it or the home you walked away from. I get there aren't many jobs but you could get one at McDonalds if you want until you get yourself a better job. I am 26 yrs old and I have NO DEBT because I spend within my means, I know what I can and cannot buy.

    Plus I don't even get what they are fighting for anyways? Yea those people get a lot of money but a lot of them work their butts off to make it, they went to college, worked through the ranks and made it to that salary. They need one person as a leader to explain what they really want or this thing will last forever.

  33. 33

    Re: designer girl – Well maybe you should educate yourself on the fact that if it wasn't for the 700 billion bailouts our whole economy would have collapsed. You would not be singing that same tune if you went to you bank to draw out money and they couldn't give you any because everybody refused to pay back their loans.

  34. 34

    wow your fans are overall terrible people. i'm surprised so many neocons read a celeb gossip site

  35. 35

    He's is correct.

  36. 36

    Re: bridgetvoid – Did Mommy tell you you were special????? Poor Bridget; living in a dream world of self entitlement that not only wasn't earned, wasn't deserved either just because you were born. Grow up sweety.

  37. 37

    Re: RAY2RAY – Wow, there's some hostility. Maybe you should do some serious self-examination to discover what the hell is going on in your world that's making you so hostile. Oh, and get some education too, okay!

  38. 38

    I agree with the protestors points that the financial markets, MNC's, executives, etc, have become inefficient and slovenly and that executives of companies are highly corrupt and inefficient. I agree that the way the market is set up now does not work anymore and we have to change the way we do business. The way business is being done has gotten completely out of hand.

    They are also protesting the handouts Wall Street received from the government to prevent companies from going under, which is completely unfair. This is our tax money and the government just gave it to businesses that messed up our economy. What is fair in that? They didn't earn to get bailed out, they caused a huge mess. Should they get off scotch free, while we're stuck with the bill for their screw ups?

    What ticks me off when I see protests is when celebrities show up to protest with the masses…what the heck are you protesting for? You are benefiting from the very things the Occupy movement is protesting against. It's complete hypocracy!

  39. 39

    Re: lacey1 – Do you even know what an "even playing field" is? And why should there be such a thing? So you can achieve something you don't deserve because you didn't work hard to get there? Want to build your self-esteem: make your own opportunities, don't rely on someone else making it easy for you, work hard, then you can feel good about yourself.

  40. 40

    The guy is right! I want a free Mercedes and to tit fuck Kim Kardashian..but nobody owes me these things. If they did I would too busy tit fucking Kim and not typing in this hole.

  41. 41

    1) He used to be funny. Now he is just a pissed off older guy bitching about everything.
    2) Everyone saying "go get a job" how about you try applying for jobs and see how far you can get. It's not that people don't want to work, a lot of them honestly cannot find a job.
    3) To the people saying "people want their student loans payed off for them by the government." Other countries automatically offer free education. Why? Well, it probably has to do with wanting intelligent people from their own country to work. They want to educate their citizens so they can compete with other countries in education. People who want to go to college here should have the opportunity.
    4) The Rich should have to pay more taxes. How many fancy cars and homes do they need? They should be willing to pay a bit more so it can go back into the community. Everyone here deserves education, health care and things other great countries have.

  42. 42

    Adam is right. These protesters are a bunch of whiney losers who need to get a real job. No one owes them anything. If they hate the rich so much why arent they protesting all those movie actors and sports stars etc… Our banks are owned by foreign governments anyway also to include our buildings and bridges. If they want to get pissed off go protest that we areneing systemiclly owned by foreigner buyers who call the shots.

  43. 43

    He is 100% fucking right!!! I'm sick of the protesting gut-suckers, I don't make much $, but they sure as fucking hell don't represent me.

    I swear, soon there are going to be people who rise up and protest AGAINST these fucking protesters saying that we are sick of their time wasting bullshit as they trash public squares and muddy up our parks.

  44. 44

    He's 100% RIGHT!!!!! Noone wants to learn, or work for a living anymore. If you dont make enough money change jobs, go back to school, network, do something. You might as well beg on a street corner with a can. Thats what the OWS movement is. Gusy on wallstreet work their asses off. Stress out constantly and are smart with finance and numbers. Not all are sketchy. Yes they make a ton of money.. but go to college to get into it then if u wanna be rich. dont become a teacher or work retail. Kids werent brought up right in the 90's. MTV reality TV generation Paris Hilton started all thsi shi* with the little dogs dressing them up , louis vuitton bags, huge expensive sunglasses. NOW little kids get mani pedi and facials??? WTF are u parents doing with your kids!!! I grew up in the 70s and 80s and I just made it out alive. Generations before me, complete and utter waste of brain cells.

  45. 45

    Re: tbone1 – have you researched at all why the economy crashed? These so called "Hard workers" screwed the American people over. The way they "earned" this money should be illegal. They ruined our economy and didn't get so much as a slap on the hand. They did NOT deserve what they earned, and I will strongly disagree with anyone that says they did. These people should be in jail.

  46. 46

    What are you talking about? Most of the OWS don't even know what they're fighting for. Adam's right, and you're a douche.

  47. 47

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – What do you mean sometimes? When it comes to political matters, he always sounds dumb.

  48. 48

    Seriously, do the OWS protestors themselves even know what they are fighting for? Carolla nailed it!

  49. 49

    Re: designer girl – @designer girl. They took $700M because CONGRESS offered it to them. Why wouldn't they take it? If you filed for bankruptcy and someone offered you money to bail you out, are you saying you would refuse it? Wall Street has only gotten away with what they are LEGALLY allowed to get away with. If the OWS protestors want that changed, then they need to be camped out outside Congress and they need to get out and vote. Heck, since most of them don't have jobs they could make the change themselves by running for office. I mean, it's not like they are out there looking for jobs. At least going door-to-door promoting yourself beats hanging out in a park sleeping in a tent.

  50. 50

    Epic Rant! Listen up kiddies.

  51. 51

    Re: Irvinegirl – Again, you ASSume the people out there protesting never worked hard a day in their lives. Who are you to make such assumptions? And you bring up self-esteem? As f that has anything whatsoever to do with this.Do you know any of those people? Do you know anything about their life situations? Who are you to deem them unworthy and undeserving and throw your unbased generalizations at them? Again, these people are not looking for a handout. If that were the case, they would be protesting outside welfare offices begging for a check and food stamps. Just because someone isn’t in the top 1% doesn’t mean they are lazy and don’t want to work hard or need something handed to them. Do yourself a favor and get educated. Know what these people are really protesting about and stop expecting people to spell it all out for you!

  52. 52

    Can't stand this LOSER!

  53. 53

    Re: toleratingothers – $700 BILLION!
    The majority of the people thought it was a good idea at the time… but without any checks and balances… the robbers took some of that money too!
    And I live in Canada… our banks didn't suffer the same fate because we have more bank regulations than you. Less regulations mean more crooks.

  54. 54

    Re: Manda756 – $700 BILLION!The majority of the people thought it was a good idea at the time… but without any checks and balances… the robbers took some of that money too!And I live in Canada… our banks didn't suffer the same fate because we have more bank regulations than you. Less regulations mean more crooks

  55. 55

    Hi Is SO right. These pieces of shit, they push and push. Are told to leave their Tent Citys, they don't, then whine like little babies if a cop so much as touches them.
    Really, the movement when it first started, the people who spoke sounded intelligent,
    Now when someone from the camps speak, they have obvious mental problems….the leader of the oakland occupy is Mr. RunningBear…SO FULL OF SHIT

  56. 56

    I can see there are a lot of trolls on this site. Poke around and find Occupy official mission statement. Remember everyone, this is the internet and there is an employed army people out there that want you divide on this issue. For all the facts go to ustream for information on this movement. These are real journalist that are embedded that do not work for profit or any corporation. You will be amazed by what you are not seeing in the mainstream media. The world belongs to those that show up.

  57. 57

    AMEN Adam!

  58. 58

    Do not agree with you Perez. He's so right about the OWS protestors. They have completely lost sight of what they're fighting for and have turned into entitled little monsters taking over public property, disturbing residents, and not respecting other people's opinion. It's one thing to fight for something, but it's another to fight for something and be ignorant. Many OWS protestors that I have talked to are so vicious to those who do not believe in them. I respect your cause to protest wall street, even though I don't agree with it, but don't start cursing me out just because I do not believe in your cause.

  59. 59

    Perez, you really are a brainwashed idiot. He is exactly right. And no one can follow exactly what the OWS are fighting for, not even the actual protesters. If you don't pull your self-entitled, politically correct, misinformed head out of your ass and see things for what they truly are, your website is going to go to shit and people are going to see what a dumb shit you really are.

  60. 60


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