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Bullied Teen Jonah Mowry Speaks, Responds To Claims His Video Was Fake!

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In his own words!

Following the false claims made against him and all the hate thrown his way since his emotional video about being bullied went viral, 14 year old Jonah Mowry took to YouTube and wrote the following in the description to the clip above.

He says:

To all my friends and supporters,
I made this video 4 months ago just before school was about to start. I was 13. It was a very emotionally dark time in my life. I made the video at 4:00am in the morning; I hadn't been sleeping at night for a long time, too many things going on in my head. I was dreading going back to school and I had not come out to my family yet. Only my closest friends knew. I didn't know how to say what I needed to say. All I could think about were all the bad things that had been happening at school last year, every year for that matter. I just couldn't bare to go through that anymore. I was done being fake happy, pretending hateful words didn't hurt, done hiding it from my family.
So this video was made for my friends that had moved on to High School who were worried for me, to say to them that I was going to take a stand, and to the haters at my middle school that I'm not going anywhere. I am who I am. I posted the video here and told people were to find it. That was it.
My friends were moved by the video and thought I did something important. I was encouraged to upload it to my Facebook page so more people could see it. Maybe it could help someone else going through the same thing. So I linked it Dec. 1st. My Parents saw it for the first time Dec, 2nd.
Then….. all this happened.
I never expected in a million years that it would have such a wonderful impact on so many people. I am truly humbled and truly thankful for all the love, encouragement and support from people all over the world. It's been incredibly overwhelming. I don't know what to say. Thank you so, so much!
Lastly, yes you have seen me happy in a couple short videos replies I posted; I would think that would be a good thing , and yes I do have friends, my High School friends, and I have made friends because when I came out they realized that they had hurt me and that they fealt sorry. The video is real, and true.
In the last few months everything eventually came out in the open, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders; I'm happy, I'm excepted for who I am, I'm more confident and feel stronger every day.
Thank you all, Love and peace to all who are hurting.
Jonah Mowry"

And there you have it!

Stay strong, Jonah!

You are brave! You are special! You are inspiring!

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42 comments to “Bullied Teen Jonah Mowry Speaks, Responds To Claims His Video Was Fake!”

  1. 1

    What a cool young man. Who would call that fake?? It was obviously full of real emotion. If that was fake, then the kid is one hell of an actor!

  2. 2

    Good on him.

  3. 3

    Jonah , you can help so many kids so PLEASE keep doing what you are doing. Let's give a round of applause to "You Tube" as well because WOW, you tube has helped get your voice and face out there. See the real Jonah who is human and cries which is A OK. Sweetie, you hang in there….I'm a Grandma so I can call you sweetie. lol BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

  4. 4

    I love this kid, his story and his happiness!

  5. 5

    BTW, do some research,,, where he and his buddies make fun of/ bully fat people.
    i'm just sayen

  6. 6

    and he's still a whiney little punk. MAN UP kid, like yourself first, and fuck everyone else

  7. 7

    He is such an AWESOME guy. I cried when I first watched this because everything paralleled my middle school years. People my age (in their 20's) forget what it is like to be that age. Being bullied for something that you can't change is the worst feeling a young boy can feel. As the son of a pastor, I felt trapped. If I had a video like to inspire me, I would have made it through those years with without the depression, self hate, and guilt for something I couldn't change or do anything about, no matter how hard I tried. Yes, people are dying of Aids, Cancer, hinger, and lots of other horrible issues in our world. But that doesn't minimize the horrible anguish that is felt by these kids today. I sincerely hope the bullying stops. Its not right.

  8. 8

    when you can't even spell simple words right, you deserve to get made fun of.

    8th grade and can't spell, you have bigger problems than you think.

  9. 9

    The problem..the above statement sounds way mature and well crafted. The video of him smackin his gum and saying it was all love now…defeats the purpose…he needs to take that down and do a real video with these words and sentiments…coz as much as I want to…I ain't buying it now…don't jibe!

  10. 10

    Good for him! His video brought me to tears and to imagine that anyone would try to accuse him of faking that is extremely sad.

  11. 11

    Re: raypearson – Aww, Ray, he is just a child. Thank goodness he took all the kind comments and didn't pay attention to the mean ones. Incidentally, the way you talked so proudly of your grand-children and your own children proves to me that you are a decent human being but you enjoy messing with people's heads. You are not the big bad boy you like to portray are you? It's o.k. your secret is safe with me.

  12. 12

    Re: zombies8mybrains – That's what I was thinking. He should start working on his English skills. If the rest of his studies are as bad as his English, his future isn't very bright no matter what people think of him as a person.

  13. 13

    Re: HeyJay469 – Exactly! All these people shedding tears over it. There's a sucker born every minute. Didn't have me fooled for a second. Who doesn't get bullied? Grow a pair and move on with your life.

  14. 14

    Man, Even the YouTube kids of today know all about spin and damage control. He should seek some help and support within his circle of friends and family (which he claims he has) and quit performing for the public (and for media attention). He'd be healthier if he goes outside to play.

  15. 15

  16. 16

    beautiful young man who is just amazing.

  17. 17

    come on, people, how well will you spell on lack of sleep and so much emotional anguish. gezz. and of course the vid was real. if it wasn't he deserves every acting award out there.

  18. ingab says – reply to this


    sterk klipp… sykt at noen mobber barn i 2.klasse! det er bra at han har det bedre nå, og håper han får et kjempe fint liv! :)

  19. 19

    I just love that boy!

  20. 20

    Wow the videos really gained alot of views.
    When I last saw it, it had 2k likes and like 715 views.

  21. 21

    You AREa beautiful person.
    Stay strong.

  22. 22

    I'm happy for him! :)

  23. 23

    i understand what everyone is saying, maybe he is a fake, who knows…but at the same time, honestly who really cares, even if this kid is a fake, he has for sure helped so many kids out there who are feeling like this right now. Isn't that what we are all trying to do, stop bullying???

  24. 24

    Re: zombies8mybrains – Good call Hotshot! Now let's look at what your sentence should have looked like, you being an English Major and all…
    "When you can't even spell simple words properly you deserve to be made fun of.
    Eighth grade and you can't spell, you have bigger problems than you think."

    His excuse: He's in Grade 8!
    What is yours? Retard.

  25. 25

    Re: youreadumbass – Precisely what I was thinking. Those who demonstrate poor grammar should not be throwing stones at those who cannot spell correctly.

  26. 26

    don't get me wrong, I'm completely against bullying and I seriously hope that this kid wasn't faking about being bullied but, I don't understand why the same kid has another youtube channel (RandomTV201) with him in videos such as "HUGE" (making fun of bigger people) and "SYLVIN LEARNING CENTER" (making fun of people who can't read). Just sayin' I think he needs to clear a few things up if he wants people to stick with him and no believe the rumors.

  27. 27

    Re: Beautiful Disaster311 – Grow a pair and move on with your life? Really?… The events in our lives have psychological affects on us as people and we cannot always control these affects. The bullying clearly had a traumatic impact on this CHILD, the fact that he has the ability to stay strong and inspire so many people is really an accomplishment…as far as everyone getting bullied, it is extremely ignorant to pass that off as an acceptable social norm…this is part of the problem!

  28. 28

    You were once in hiding.
    And you felt hurt, weak, misunderstood and unappreciated.
    Now you came out.
    And you feel strong, energized, happy and seen.
    Don't turn into a metaphor… the duck who turned into a swan.
    I've seen them around.. don't be the bullied who became the bully.
    Look around and find someone that you can mentor.
    You've been there and you know how dark that place is.

  29. 29

    Make up your mind Jonah:
    Video #1 - Jonah says he only has one friend left in MS as the rest moved on to HS.
    Video #2 - Jonah says he is actually very popular at his school and has lots of friends.

    In his Written Clarification - Jonah says video #1 was written to his high school friends who were worried about him. NOW… if you watched Video #1, it is written as if telling an audience that DOES NOT KNOW about the bullying, the cutting and that all of his friends (but one) moved on to high school.

  30. 30


    ARE YOU HEARING AND SEEING THE CONTRADICTIONS? Which is the TRUTH??? Really sad. These are behaviors of pathological liars.

    I THINK IT IS LIKELY Jonah HAS BEEN BULLIED, and has cut, etc… and maybe even has had worse done to him. He is apparently one messed up kid who really needs the right support.

  31. 31


    THE VIDEO #1 HAS EVOKED SOME AWARENESS about bullying… this is good. But the LYING and CONTRADICTIONS, and snotty attitude in the Video #2 shows a little jerk." youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zt5gvl5s2q4……

    SOOOOOO some good is coming of this "event" …

    ALL THOSE WHO FELT COMPASSION, do not be angry, as Jonah really does appear to need serious help. AND… the many responses are also helping other people who have been bullied to have hope…

    This ONE IS AWESOME>>> WATCH youtube.com/watch?v=0s7vrxXHcSg&feature=related.

    Keep having compassion and being kinder to others… it really does make a difference. Just because one messed up kid is getting his painful message out "sideways," do not let that detract from being compassionate for others. Each action or word of kindness will make this a much better world!

  32. 32

    sorry but I think he's just another attention whore on youtube and FB. Tons of them. His story lacks consistency and nobody can complain about bullying if you bully and belittle others yourself.

  33. 33

    This video was something I needed to see. My friend is going through the exact same thing. We are both in Grade 7, I am the only friend he can look to as anyone else he calls friend are just as bad as the ones who enjoy smashing his face into walls. This shows me I really need to stand up to the task as a support beam, I have been there before for him but I really need to take a step forward and fight back. He has also considered suicide And I am the one he tells, no one else. Thank you.

  34. 34

    Maybe we can mentor these kids into being less arrogant when they are the ones on top. Maybe that's why it seems like the original video is disingenuous.

  35. 35

    God Bless this precious child! I wish I could just hold him, and tell him everything will be OK, Where are his Mom and Dad? Someone needs to be there for him!
    The children who bully Jonah are the products of bad parenting! We have to stop the hate in this world! Shame on anyone who judges another human being! I wish I could help, I feel so bad for this sweet child.

  36. 36

    Thank God things are better for Jonah!

  37. 37

    I LOVE HIM. Stay strong young man.

  38. 38

    Yep, I looked at his videos as well and he bullies and makes fun of fat people. What goes around and all that. Not right that he got bullied at all, but stop doing it to other people. Same for you Perez. Stop bullying people

  39. 39

    Hey Raypearson. He's a KID! Your not so please understand that kids have a roller coaster of emotions they are going through. He's a little boy, I don't think callling him whiney is appropriate in any way. Sounds like your the one who needs to man up. Jonah did man up I would say. Only a man would show people how he felt like that.

  40. 40

    Very powerful. I am in tears. Very powerful! I am so moved. This young man has courage that is unbelievable. I really do feel for him and I do understand. I have a gay son and I fear for him everyday due to crazy people. I love how he put his words on a index card and the music just made his point even more stronger. Keep your head up Jonah cause it does get better after HS and know that people are behind you that you don't even know and yes you are worthy and yes we want you here…xoxo

  41. 41

    Re: raypearson – he is clearly in the process of "maning up" and he's doing it the right way. IE. not turning the hate inflicted on him on everyone else. love yourself and treat people the way you'd like to be treated. thats the real way to man up amigo

  42. jik says – reply to this


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