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Miley Cyrus Gets Drug Advice From Whitney Houston On SNL

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As reported earlier, Miley Cyrus got a lot of attention at her 19th birthday party.

So, SNL decided to have a little fun with the incident.

On an episode of The Miley Cyrus Show, Bily Ray is concerned about his daughter.

So he calls on Whitney Houston to give Miley some advice.

The diva gives Miley some contradicting and spaced-out advice on dealing with drugs, telling her to say yes no to crack/cocaine.

She's a bit upset when she finds out Miley is only using weed.

Maya Rudolph returns to SNL and gives a great performance as Whitney.

Check out the video above and see Whitney's words of wisdom.

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3 comments to “Miley Cyrus Gets Drug Advice From Whitney Houston On SNL

  1. 1

    miley cyrus is ACTUALLY 20, not 19… she's trying to get away with something super super fishy here if she's claiming she's only 19.

  2. 2

    Obviously math isn't your forte "Sams". 2011 minus 1992 is 19.

  3. 3

    this is not even miley in the video and she is 19 you actually dont know when her birthday is she was born November 23 1992 do the math