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How To Survive Getting Stranded In The Snow: Drink Beer!

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Strangely enough, some brewskies were this man's saving grace!

Alaska-native Clifton Vial got into his car last Monday night to go for a drive, but ended up almost freezing to death when his pickup plunged into a snowdrift!

Clifton was stuck in his car for about 60 hours, slipping into a fleece sleeping bag liner for warmth and only occasinally starting the truck to run the heater and listen to the radio. He managed to avoid getting frostbitten, even in temperatures plunging 17 degrees below zero, but the only way to keep himself alive fully was to find nourishment in the only edible thing in the car: BEER!

Luckily for him, he had a few cans of frozen Coors Light in the car, which he ate sort of like a snow cone. Finally, last Thursday, after his boss sent out a search party, Clifton was found and rescued. But if it hadn't been for those Coors, there might've not been a Clifton to find.

We smell the beginning of a new campaign! Get on that, Coors!

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5 comments to “How To Survive Getting Stranded In The Snow: Drink Beer!”

  1. 1

    I thought alcohol thinned blood? I'm not sure how great of an idea that was. Especially if he was trying to stay warm!! ~just sayin~

  2. ay.me says – reply to this


    Alcohol definitely slows down the heart and at times can drastically decrease blood flow… which would actually make you freeze faster. i'm pretty sure he survived because of the periodic heat. this is not sending a very good message!

  3. 3

    Rocky Mountain water.

  4. fdsf says – reply to this


    Alcohol does the exact opposite of "help you survive." It will actually leave you worse off than before. Hopefully no one actually takes this post seriously. It will actually increase heat of extremities BUT decrease the body heat of your core which is why you are left worse off than before

  5. 5

    Whatever genius graphic artist illustrated the Rocky Mountains as shown in the ad hasn't been to the Rocky Mountains. Egypt maybe.