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Oh! So, Bravo FORCED Kim Richards To Go To Rehab!

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Well, it would have been more noble of her to have done it on her own accord, but the important thing is, she is getting the help she needs.

As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is one of their most valuable franchises - and considering the year the cast has had to begin with - Bravo wasn't taking any chances with Kim Richards when it became exceedingly obvious that she needed help. A network employee is claiming that Bravo intervened with Kim and insisted that she go to rehab.

According to the source:

“Kim was told by the people at Bravo that she had to get help and that help meant going into rehab immediately. The network people were worried about her and wanted her to try and fix her problems … After Russell Armstrong’s suicide Bravo is trying to making sure that nothing bad happens to the people on their shows. They don’t want any more tragedies on their hands.”

At least they are learning from their mistakes and doing right by their people. Course, we're sure Kim felt just a wee-bit pressured to go since they basically "told that if she wanted to stay on the show then she had to get help."

But the bottom line is that she is getting help. Hopefully, she will make the best of this situation and do right by everyone, but mostly herself.

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18 comments to “Oh! So, Bravo FORCED Kim Richards To Go To Rehab!”

  1. 1

    More noble? What are you talking about?

  2. 2

    Kyle, give Kim back her house….

  3. 3

    Wonky eye runs in the family.

  4. 4

    She needs to head back to witch mountain

    And stay there

    Love Kyle, hate Kim


  5. 5

    Andy Cohen and Bravo were profiting and making fun of these people before. It's sad that a death make them think differently. The only reason for this is $$$$$.

  6. 6

    Kim = Train Wreck
    Kyle = Controlling jealous witch, that's steals real estate in Palm Desert for $20,000.
    Thats almost a pair of sunglasses :)

  7. 7

    This is the most press Kimhas gotten in ages! She should celebrate and have a drink LMFAO!! So pathetic a grown woman who cant get over that her 15 minutes of fame when she really wasnt even that famouse have passed.

  8. 8

    yeah it went like this….hey drug addicted loser….we make tons of money off you and we like you on drugs, but now youre doing so much that it might actually hurt us instead of getting us ratings. so take your old tired leathery plastic surgery ass to rehab or we will stop the gravy train that pays for your drugs. oh thats right…we only pay you a few grand a show. whatever, we like making money so go to rehab or we wont give you your pittance

  9. 9


  10. 10

    So they had one chick (Taylor) Tell Bravo staff and everyone who would listen she was getting beaten everyday. (which of course I don't believe) But they DO NOTHING even though they are pretending now it is true. Now they say they MADe KIM r go to rehab even though BRAVO let a DR.(NASSIF) pretend it was mild non narcotic prescriptions drugs that were cracking her out and not addiction. I have stopped watching.Re: woofenstein – lols ( ;

  11. 11

    Getting sober can only help Kim, but she's delusional if she still thinks that RH is going to resurrect her acting career — a real life Norma Desmond! I feel so bad for her kids and for Kyle and Kyle's family — and even more so for Brandi for calling that spade a spade (even if she may have gotten the substance being abused wrong) only to reap the mean girls wrath of Kim and Kyle.

  12. 12

    Re: Whatevers!!! – Dude get over it! It's not Kim's house!! The house was left to all of the sisters. Kyle and her husband bought them out and took care of the debts owed to the house. Kim chose to cash out and not pay her part of the fees.

  13. 13

    most annoying no-personality loser i've ever seen. she ruins this entire group of housewives for me (she's not even a housewife). Bravo, PLEASE drop her from the series. she has no life, no personality, no convictions and ambition in life, clings to her kids, and is forever lamenting the 1 movie she ever made in her life.

  14. 14

    I agree that kim is basically a waste of time on this show… she is annoying! i am sick of seeing her act like a victim.. KIM watch five mins of yourself on this show, listen to your slurred speech and if you don't want people to think (know) you're an addict then get yourself off an internationally successful Reality Show!!!!!!!
    I know i might sound heartless here, but Taylor became (and continues to be) just as annoying.. she needed to also get off the show, get some help and come back when and if she ever became more mentally stable!

  15. 15

    Re: Pinky_love – Kyle, is this you?
    20,000.00…Kim is homeless.

  16. 16

    Considering this whole freaking seaon has been based on the lead up to Russell's suicide and it's been the Taylor Show, I don't believe Bravo gives a damn about the people on it's shows.

  17. 17

    love the show but sick of kim nastyness towards brandy!just because shes rite about the drugs and drinking!and for taylor she made her own mess she can get out of it if she wanted too!i say get rid of kim taylor and that new girl dayna i think her name is!

  18. 18

    It is about time Kim got the help she needed! She is a mess on RHOBH and needs to apologize to Brandy for her outlandish and rude behavior!