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Experts Says Brooke Needs '9 Months Of Rehab', Brooke Say 'No'

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Experts Says Brooke Needs '9 Months Of Rehab', Brooke Say 'No'

We been updating you on the situation around Brooke Mueller's arrested for possession of cocaine and assault in the third degree in Aspen last night.

The former Mrs. Charlie Sheen friends say she is beyond help and that a "Thirty-day rehabs won't work for her." Apparently the experts agree!

Brooke has been told by medical professionals and her family (and us) that she needs to enroll in an in-patient rehab facility for at least nine months, but just like her stubborn ex-husband she is refusing to go.

According to a source close to Brooke:

"Brooke has done rehab on her terms in the past. Thirty days isn't enough for an addict like Brooke. Brooke is calling the shots, and not listening to her family, or medical professionals that are telling her she needs to be at an in-patient facility for at least nine months, and not as a day patient, as she has done in the past. Anything less than nine months is a disservice to Brooke, and frankly, is a total waste."

Why refuse the help you need to be a healthy law abiding citizen? Well, it's not for lack of money, cause she has plenty, or time, cause she's unemployed. Nope! Brooke is lucky enough to be one of the lucky few in the right situations receive help. However, she is refusing long term treatment because she doesn't want to be away from her cocaine twin sons, Bob and Max.

Brooke, if you really wanted to help your children stop making excuses! Shut up, go to rehab for nine months and get rid of your addiction once and for all!!

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6 comments to “Experts Says Brooke Needs '9 Months Of Rehab', Brooke Say 'No'”

  1. 1

    Why the fuck is this chick stil allowed to have her kids????? If she was a no name, they would have been taken away long time ago!!! I always wonder about that when I hear about that kinda problems "celebs" have - and still, they have their kids around!

  2. 2

    Let her do what she wants. Just take the kids away.

  3. 3

    Let the addict dictate the treatment. Ya, that will go well.

  4. 4

    she doesn't need 9 months of rehab, all she really needs is a desire to get straight. IMO 9 month programs are merely a way to make big bucks, at a grand a day it adds up. she will NEVER quit until SHE wants to.

  5. 5

    She looks so much better in pictures than on video. When I see her on tv she definitely looks like a crack head with strange non-moving facial features (botox may be?). She also smokes like a chimney which is a common thing with addicts or people with mental issues. Hopefully she'll be completely clean one day.

  6. 6

    …oh, just give her a couple oz's and cut her loose on an island somewere….