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Courtney Stodden Poses For An AIDS Fundraiser Photo Shoot

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And then went walking around the Grove in El Lay.

Because you know, one good deed deserves another some paparazzi shots taken of it.

Yesterday, Courtney Stodden strolled around the Grove with her grandfather husband Doug Hutchison in a glamorous full length dress. While some may feel it's a bit much for a walk through the mall, we're just happy she owns an outfit that covers more than 20% of her body!

Anyway, she wore the glam wear out after coming back from shooting an AIDS fundraiser photo with a handful of other "celebrities" to make an art piece for a New York showing.

Um, could others see these celebrities or was Courtney the only one??? We kid, we kid. We're happy she's doing something positive with all the attention she is getting. Nice to see her put it to some good use.

Check out more shots of Stods from the photo shoot mall in the gallery (below)

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31 comments to “Courtney Stodden Poses For An AIDS Fundraiser Photo Shoot”

  1. 1

    Is she lifting her leg to pee on him?

  2. 2

    Pretty much looks like a silly girl wearing her mother make up bag. and he's pulling on her arm as she pushes her chest out, maybe even he sees what a tool she looks.

  3. buck says – reply to this


    Courtney seems like an excellent choice for an AIDS fundraiser. One look at her and that should stop any man from wanting to put his little weenie inside another man thus stopping the spread of this discusting disease. ( yes i know you can get AIDS through hetrosexual sex but it all started with men trying to jam themselfes into other men )

  4. 4

    Stop it, stop it, stop it. NO MORE PICTURES OF THIS BROAD. She's nothing to the world. She's of no interest. She's a do-nothing. Stop it!!!!!!!

  5. 5

    Re: westilah – You could be right. Now that the novelty of banging a teenage porn-queen wannabe has worn off, maybe he does see what a joke she is and how much he looks like an ass.

  6. 6

    They whole thing is creepy.. but what's really creepy is how he holds on to her arm in every picture.. like she secretly wants to run away and is screaming for help and he is holding onto her like she is an inmate! CREEPY!!!!

  7. 7

    Re: buck – AIDS has been found to have its origins in central African ape and monkeys. It is most probable that it transmitted to humans through the butchering of bush meat. Another suspected cause is through Hepatitis vaccines tested in Africa in the 60's that were made using monkeys. Homosexual sex is not the origin of AIDS.

  8. buck says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – thanks for the clarification….man on man butt sex for all then!!!!

  9. 9

    Whats up with these ugly stripper heels? Someone tell her those look trashy.

  10. 10

    At least she is wearing some clothes……

  11. 11

    Re: Irvinegirl – don't you mean that towards Kim Kardashian…..

  12. 12

    There's something a little uncomfortable about how he grabs her arm. It looks like it's in a very protective and overbearing way… like how a pissed off dad grabs his teenager.

  13. 13

    ack! she looks HORRIBLE!! like a gremlin, omg i feel so embarrassed for her…

  14. 14

    OK, first of all - White handbag with black gown…ewwww. Second, what is with the hand at the elbow shit. EVERY GOD DAMN Picture of this creepoid has him holding her arm. This is nothing romantic about these two and he is just pure sceve. Please Mario….if you have any decency…STOP GIVING THEM ATTENTION. She should be in school and he should get a job. EWWWW.

  15. 15

    I saw an interview with her — she's ABSOLUTELY dumb as a fricking rock. How sick that she gets press for being a complete idiot. I'm about to give up on the world becoming a better place. It's doing nothing but going downhill.

  16. 16

    snaggle-tooth rock

  17. 17

    Why is this man continuing to dress his young wife as a cheap hooker and parade her around town??? I keep thinking this couple is hilariously trashy until I remember how young she is and that she truly doesn't know any better. Because of her sick parents and sick husband, she continues to think this crap is ok! Where is child services when you need them?

  18. 18

    It looks so CREEPY how he holds her arm!! the body language of these 2 is really obvious, he is dominant and controlling, and she is too naive and submissive but she is happy of the attention and money she probably receives. I think she dresses like a 30 year old so that the age gap between them dont look so big, but it doesnt help, i think that he probably payed her parents and the girl so that she would marry him, or she is in drugs and he is her drug dealer? there is something definitely wrong, when this girl finally realizes how disgusting they look together it will probably be too late, he will probably move on with another 12-13 year old child to have sex with , and she will feel used and abused but nobody will care, because she wanted this to happen.

  19. 19

    Why does this nasty skank always have her legs up in a photo, habit?

  20. 20

    there is NO WAY this bitch is a teenager

  21. 21

    Who the hell is this disgusting twat? Enough of her!

  22. 22

    She's dressed like someone much older and slutty, he's dressed like someone much younger and relevant. They're perfect for each other!

  23. 23

    She is a teenager. She used to be friends with my neice when they were in elementary school. Her parents (mother) was very weird and controlling. She got pulled out of public school around middle school age when she started getting teased for dressing inappropriately for her age (yes back then)…she got homeschooled until they (parents) took her to Hollywood to be a star…Everything else is gross tabloid history. I feel totally sorry for that girl. She was molded by adults to be what she is today.

  24. 24

    i think she's the most beautiful woman who has ever lived…she's hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25

    Haha! I'm starting to love this girl. Her behaviour is so entertaining to me. She is certainly not dumb, she knows what she's doing.

  26. 26

    Thanks for the clarification Rosebud99.

  27. 27

    Courtney Stodden… AIDS fundraiser… Trashy Gown + Hooker heels… They are making it too easy for us now.

  28. 28

    Makes sense. Courtney Stodden is AIDS.

  29. 29

    Re: Pammi1 – She wasn't taken to Hollywood, Hollywood was brought into their home. She took Doug's online acting workshop. He knew damned well she was a minor from the start, and her mother has said she'd maker her daughter famous, no matter what it took. I'm in the same area, and I bet you and I have some of the same sources. I think child protective services should absolutely step in, problem is, they ARE legally married now, with the CONSENT of her sick parents! So there might not be anything they can do. I shudder thinking about it.

  30. 30

    Re: Everything popular is wrong. – No, she doesn't. She's being told what to do and how to act by the alleged 'adults' in her life. Her parents, and her purchaser.

  31. 31

    What cracks me up most is that SHE is actually making an effort to dress nice and he is dressed like a homeless man.