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Every GLEE-Tail: WINNING! (And Losing…)

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But mostly winning!

Everyone was a winner at the end of last night’s Glee - including us, who enjoyed the sweet satisfaction (yet again) of knowing we CALLED IT!

Try if you must, Ryan Murphy, but you can’t pull one over on us.


When the air gets cold and the Thanksgiving episodes of every other series have aired, we know its time for Sectionals on Glee. In years past, some of the best performances of the show have been competition routines. Hell, Lea Michele still has to sing Don’t Rain On My Parade every time the cast tours. Last night’s episode raised the bar for sure, putting all the kids into the spotlight for some truly amazing musical moments.

With Glee club pitted against Glee club, things were fairly heated over at McKinely. With Rachel out of the picture due to last week’s ballot-stuffing plot device incident, the New Directions don’t love their chances against The Trouble Tones. Seeing as they’re in need of more members anyway, Finn suggests enlisting an old friend as reinforcement: Sam Evans, aka Chord Overstreet. While we fondly refer to him as Trouty Mouth, his new occupation as a stripper (ty, RM!) has afforded him a new nickname and a new level of shame. Rachel and Finn convince Sam to talk to his parents about transferring back to McKinely and after a pow-wow with Bo Duke his dad, he triumphantly returns. Which is good, because it definitely seems like Mercedes hasn’t had her fill of White Chocolate yet! Mmm!

Speaking of the girl with the most amazing weave ever (ever!), she and her Trouble Tones were pretty confident going into the competition. In fact, we don’t hear very much from the girls all episode, other than the sweet sounds of Beyonce and Gloria Gaynor. But what we did hear an awful lot of is whining coming out of Quinn. Blondie has had her heart set on getting that baby of hers back and she’s decided to expose Shelby’s one-night stand with Puck in order to do it. Swooping in to knock some sense into her was Sam (“rich white girl problems?” no duh!) and Rachel, which not only sent Fabrerry fans into a tizzy, but also finally got us all to the root of Quinn’s problem. Our girl Q just grew up too quick being all knocked up at 16. But now that she isn’t a teen mom anymore, she has a chance to be the smart, cool and pretty teenager everyone wants her to be, including herself. She sees the light, she puts the past behind her - praise the writers, we’re moving on!

Speaking of revelations, Mike’s Dad finally comes around and offers his blessing to his son and his passion for dance. This is after Mike Jr. almost breaks things off with clearly the love of his life and almost missed out on applying to some of the best dance schools around. Also, Tina’s scene with Mike’s Dad might have been her longest scene to date. Look forward to more of that when 85% of the cast graduates this year.

This brings us to the episode’s rousing conclusion. As we’re assuming you’ve already seen, the Trouble Tones had no trouble whatsoever getting through their number, though we didn’t know checking your earring was a dance move (caught ya, Amber). Then it was the New Directions turn and they gave Gleeks a taste of what is to come in January with a melody of Jackson family classics. It’s one of the routines the fandom will be citing as an example of the harmony this show can have when it lets all of it’s stars shine. Seven and a half minutes and we got a little Blaine (yum), a little Finn, little down-and-dirty Quinn; and in the end, it was their united front, their combined efforts and skills that win them Sectionals.

Like we said, CALLED IT!

In the end, all is right with the world as Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and yes, Sugar return to New Directions, with the promise from Mr. Schue and Rachel Berry that they will get a solo during each competition. (So, hope you enjoyed your moment in the spotlight Mike, Tina, Sam, Rory, Kurt, Quinn, Puck and Artie!)

Cue the group hug to Fun’s We Are Young! End scene! Bring on the holiday cheer next week!

A Few Side Notes:

A. That Lindsay Pearce girl is REALLY good! Buenos Aires? A+++! We hope that jab about only being a sophomore means we will get to see her again sometime next season! Brava!

B. Where … the hell … was Rod Remington?! Man never misses a competition – EVER! And those judges! After thought much?

C. Was that the last we’re gonna see of Idina Menzel?! 'Cause that wasn’t much of a send-off! We were kind of hoping she and Rachel would sing one more duet before she hightailed it back to Taye Diggs and her actual baby.

D. More Janet Jackson for Dianna Agron? Yes? We’re thinking … Rhythm Nation?

E. More Grant Gustin! More Grant Gustin! More CW hair!!!

And finally…

If we could get a WHOLE EPISODE where Darren Criss just boxes and sweats, that would be the best Christmas present we could ever receive. EVER!!! God, we nearly passed out! We lost all control! Swoon!

Whoever is casting that Rocky musical should watch that scene and cast him immediately. IMMEDIATELY.

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8 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: WINNING! (And Losing…)”

  1. 1

    Dear Mario,
    Some women, especially young women having their first baby like to wait until they are into their pregnancy to announce. They should have a good idea by then they are having a healthy pregnancy, not so likely to lose it and it will be healthy.

  2. 2

    Is anyone still watching Glee? ~yawn~

  3. 3

    I am. Loved this episode.

  4. 4

    it a great episode I wanted more Rachel but it was good, the last performance is one of the best Glee has ever done and Dianna Agron killed it last nigh!!!

  5. 5

    *was :D

  6. 6

    Great show. Everyone was spot on. Mario back off Darren Criss I got this. Kisses!!!
    Darren is hot!

  7. 7

    Where was Rachel in the competition number!?!??!?!!?!?!?!!

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