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Did Tom Cruise Pay 200 People $3 A Piece To Pretend To Like Him?

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Reports out of Mumbai this week are suggesting that Paramount Pictures paid a mere $600 bucks to boost Tom Cruise's ego. It seems not enough people were planning to show on Saturday in the city, where Tom was slated to promote his latest movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

So the studio shelled out $$$ to get some really enthusiastic fans!

Don't believe us? Here is a direct quote from one of the "fans" on the scene:

"Tom kaun? [Tom who?] I don’t know who he is or what he does. We were told to come here by 1pm today and wait for a foreign VIP to come out of the airport gate and scream and shout when he came. None of us know who Tom is. There was a buffet lunch also for us and we were paid Rs 150 for this job today. We do this for television shows and other such events where crowds are required."

Lunch and a bonus?! Such a deal!

Of course, Paramount is vehemently denying the claim, releasing a statement this morning saying:

"Tom Cruise is a massive star and attracts huge throngs of fans as he travels the world promoting 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.' The only people paid were performers who danced outside the venue. The idea that fans were paid to cheer is completely ludicrous and entirely false."

Yeah, sure. Okay. We believe you. We trust that you wouldn't lie to us just to save your own ass.

So … can we have our $3 bucks and sandwich now?

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14 comments to “Did Tom Cruise Pay 200 People $3 A Piece To Pretend To Like Him?”

  1. 1

    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Stuff like that happens in India and most people will do things like that if they get paid and a free meal out of it.

  2. 2

    i don't believe it for a second. Tom Cruise is a little crazy, but beloved by the world for the last 30 years. that's total fabricated bs!

  3. 3

    Not surprised.
    His CULT teaches lying.

  4. 4

    I'm one of Tom's fans, I'm sure if he will be visiting our country millions of fans will be waiting for him, but in India when most of the people are poor, could be they don't have money to go to the cinema and watch Hollywood movies and they will do anything for free meal etc

  5. 5

    I lived in India for a long time and when discussion came round to celebrities in Hollywood, the hands down favorite was ALWAYS Tom Cruise! Even one of the major Bollywood stars, Shahrukh Khan, is called the Indian Tom Cruise! Though not my favorite actor, I find it hard to believe people did not know him!

  6. 6

    i don't see what is the big deal - Perez you grovel to these stars - turn off comments in your articles for some but not others - you're as much a peddler as these reps for Tom Cruise - even worse because you can't see your own flaws but point out others ! HYPOCRITE !

  7. 7

    Perez can't even give his Pink Sissy-Boy book away….

  8. 8

    ahhh HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAAAAAA gassppp AHHH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA can i have my 3 bucs and a sandwich oh god lololollllllllll im doubled over this stuff is hilarious!! HAHHAAAA

  9. 9

    of course it is true, I will bet my bottom dollar that they were provided with a diagnostic test while they were at.

  10. 10

    of course it is true, I will bet my bottom dollar that they were provided with a diagnostic test while they were at it.

  11. 11

    oops meant to say Dianetics test.

  12. Bevi says – reply to this


    I believe it. hope it was a good, hearty lunch. The 3 dollars won't go too far, but I guess it's the standard going rate for this kind of thing. And by the time they got to go home, they had a better idea of who Tom Cruise was. That little guy with the great big ego, the one with the maniacal smile and all those strange big teeth. That's all anybody really has to know.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    He's hot. I like him.