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Family Guy Chronicles Occupy LA Arrest

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Patrick Meighan, writer for Family Guy, was a protestor for Occupy LA.

He was one of the 292 protestors that were arrested by LAPD during a raid at City Hall.

Meighan states that LAPD forcibly brutalized the nonviolent protestors and destroyed their belongings.

The writer states that he contributed the canopy over the Occupyers' First Aid tent and watched LAPD destroy it.

Meighan tells the story of how his particular group of protestors was broken up:

When the LAPD finally began arresting those of us interlocked around the symbolic tent, we were all ordered by the LAPD to unlink from each other (in order to facilitate the arrests). Each seated, nonviolent protester beside me who refused to cooperate by unlinking his arms had the following done to him: an LAPD officer would forcibly extend the protestor’s legs, grab his left foot, twist it all the way around and then stomp his boot on the insole, pinning the protestor’s left foot to the pavement, twisted backwards. Then the LAPD officer would grab the protestor’s right foot and twist it all the way the other direction until the non-violent protestor, in incredible agony, would shriek in pain and unlink from his neighbor.

He goes on to say that the police officer that arrested him was merciless as well.

Continuing with his arrest, he says he was held at $5,000 bail.

Normally, California misdemeanors are around $200.

When Meighan had his money in hand, the police refused to release him until he stayed 25 hours.

The maximum is 48 hours.

His main focus is how corporations have not been arrested instead of peaceful protestors.

Specifically, he targets Charles Prince and other business that are "Charles Prince" like.

He shared the angry letter through his Blogspot.

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7 comments to “Family Guy Chronicles Occupy LA Arrest”

  1. 1

    these idiots really ought to occupy a FUCKING JOB. professional bitchers and whiners. always want something for nothing. leeches

  2. 2

    Have we learned nothing from the show Cops?! If they ask you to do something, and you refuse - they will make you! Big surpise! Like cops don't have hard enough jobs… but why think of anyone but yourself…

  3. 3

    What did they expect disobeying a direct order from a police officer? Dumb@sses.

  4. 4

    Well they had to clean up my public park somehow. How am I supposed to take my kids to play when fecal matter and urine are everywhere in the mass of bodies.

  5. 5

    Not sure where you're getting your info, but that guy in the middle is not the creator for Family Guy, nor is his name Patrick Meighan. His name is Patrick O'Dowd. You may want to verify your information before posting people's pictures on the internet..

  6. 6

    ESPECIALLY when you are writing a post about someone getting arrested, etc.. the actual person in this photo is a US Marine.

  7. 7

    Occupy Wall Street needs to shut its stupid mouth.
    How dare they count every person in the ninety-nine percent they talk about as in with them.
    They do not have a right to speak for me.
    I like the rich.
    Many of them started with nothing or almost nothing.
    Steve Jobs and countless others became VERY rich after being very poor.
    They did not complain.
    They had ideas and went with them.
    The top one percent creates jobs.
    Our companies, stores, firms and on and on that employ millions were not started by poor people.
    They were started by the wealthy.
    Now, OWS states that the rich are our enemy.
    Great, go against those who create so much.
    Occupy Wall Street has got to be the most stupid bunch of idiots to ever band together.
    They have no real clue as to what they are doing.
    In Los Angeles, they accomplished nothing and left a mess that cost the city a lot of money.
    In Seattle, OWS blocked docks and tried to prevent people from going to work.
    Yet, they claim they want people to go to work.
    The entire Occupy movement is a joke.
    They talk for the entire ninety-nine percent, but of those ninety-nine percent of the people, about ninety percent are working.
    I live in Beverly Hills and I'm doing fine.
    I don't need Occupy Wall Street to tell me what to do.

    George Vreeland Hill