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Will Hillary Clinton Ever Run For Office Again? Bill Says …

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NO?! What?! NO!!!!

Yesterday, former President Bill Clinton sat down with the ladies of The View and of course, the topic of his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, came up. As the country gears up to get into the 2012 election, the ladies were curious if Hillary, who ran against President Obama last term, would consider running again in 2016.

Sadly, Bill shot down the rumors of his wife's run, reiterating her platform that she didn't even want to go for the Oval Office the first time. He explained:

"You have to take her at her word, she didn't want to run the first time. She's tired, she needs time off … I don't know what the future holds. She doesn't think she will ever run for office again."


Girl, if you are tired, take a nap! Take a four year political hibernation if you need to. But don't tell us you don't want to run for the Oval Office again! Don't tell us that being the leader of the free world is not in your 10 year plan! We need you, Hillary. We have nothing but faith that you will bring a strength to the White House that only a Clinton can. And think of the path you will be paving for next generation of women! Don't let them down!


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18 comments to “Will Hillary Clinton Ever Run For Office Again? Bill Says …”

  1. 1

    Could she possibly look more like a LESBIAN??? Yes of course with a flannel shirt!

  2. 2

    One down… the rest of the Obama admin to go.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Of course, she would NEVER RUN FOR PRESIDENT! That is what she told all of us in NY when she ran for Senator! In a state she NEVER LIVED IN BEFORE! AND of course, she won…. POLITICIANS LIE. and sadly, much as I disliked her, I would have rather she had won over OBAMA. She at least does not do this 'retaliate' crap and CONSTANTLY BLAME THE REPUBLICANS FOR EVERYTHING!

  5. buck says – reply to this


    Thank God!!! Now we just have to figure out what to do with this obama guy

  6. 6

    she won't get a vote from me. sorry, you lost it.

  7. 7

    Re: justtfax
    "She at least does not do this 'retaliate' crap and CONSTANTLY BLAME THE REPUBLICANS FOR EVERYTHING!"
    I have to repectfully disagree, justtfax.
    I'm sure you have forgotten the "vast rightwing conspiracy" against her hubbie while he lies to the grand jury.
    But I do agree, I'd rather have Madame Hillary "I'm-More-Progressive-Than-Obama" Clinton
    than BHO, for no other reason than she is an American.
    She's still an "Arab Spring" disaster.
    The Dems can't even come up with one other name to replace BHO.
    Stunning really.

  8. 8

    "Madame Secretary, three days ago, President Obama declared in a speech in Kansas, that America doesn't work and has never worked.
    Do you agree with this statement?"

  9. 9

    I think she wants to enjoy her retirement but what a loss for the US..

  10. 10

    Re: BAEEAB
    "I think she wants to enjoy her retirement but what a loss for the US"
    I can list a dozen reasons why I miss George Bush and a half-dozen reasons why I hated him for certain "Compassionate Conservative" decisions he made.
    Can you think of two things that Hillary personally accomplished and why America is better off for being an elected official, 'cuz I want to hear about it?

  11. 11

    What's amazing is the amount of $$$$$ Hillary's campaign still owes
    There were many , many small businesses that have never been paid for services provided
    The Clinton Foundation has millions, and millions of $$$$$ that could be used to pay off her debt, but let the little guys go unpaid
    Shame, shame

  12. 12

    I am sure she is sick of working for this clown Obama. She probably wants to seperate herself from him politically because she knows he has no freckin idea how to run a country and all he knows how to do is read speechs, blame everything, take vacations and campaign.


  13. 13

    This makes me so sad. I think she could do this country so much good as our leader. I was so disappointed that she got pushed aside in the last election, because apparently even so called liberal folks would rather see a man in the seat of power. Obama is a joke compared to the Clintons.

  14. 14

    Bill speaks for his wife .Some leader! She lets him wipe his feet on her all the time. Stop the killing of innocent people to gain male approval Hiilary, the pre historic woman.

  15. 15

    I can just imagine what foreign leaders think when they have to deal with this left-wing throw back from the 1960's. She is a perfect example of why the rest of the world has lost respect for the US. Please retire to a commune in Vermont.

  16. 16

    didn't see it but imagine all of the View women except Elizabeth were tripping over each other to kiss the A$$ of this lying serial philanderer!
    would have been highlarious watching the so-called liberated gals like Joy and Whoopie especially fawning over one of the world's most famous misogynists

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Her sudden lack of facial sag and wrinkles looks GOOD.

  18. 18

    He said! but i wanna hear from her!