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11 comments to “Holly Robinson Peete "Feels Awful" For Blago's 14 Year Jail Sentence”

  1. 1

    Only one Ive heard say he deserved 14 years was your hate filled ass

  2. 2

    so if you hint that you may be willing to accepts bribes for jobs, you get 14 years in prison..But Dr Conrad Murray can murder Michael Jackson and only get 4 years in prison..how does that make any sense??? It doesn't

  3. 3

    Child molesters in Illinois can't even be sentenced 10 years per state law but Blago goes away for 14 for talking big about wanting something for the Senate seat. Done all the time by politicians, might not be right but sure ain't as bad as child molesting!!!

  4. 4

    You're a bully Perez. Stop it.

  5. 5

    I respect her sentiments but he was trying to be nice knowing what he's done. He sounded convincing though.

  6. 6

    I am a resident of Illinois and have seen what he did to the state. He was so focused on Chicago-land that he left the rest of Illinois in the dust. Blago got the prison sentence he deserved. Blago did alot more than just bribe the senate seat, he abused his power as Governor and was found guilty on 17 charges of corruption. He is not a nice man (my parents had met him on numerous occaions and never had one nice thing to say about him). and I understand that should not indicate that he should be in jail, but the only time he apologized for what he did was the day he was sentenced to 1 years. A little known fact is that he refused to move to Springfield (the capital) and live in the Governor's mansion because he did not want to uproot his infant and move, so he flew to and from springfield all the time which used up the the citizens tax dollars.

  7. 7

    so hinting that you might accept bribes fin return for a job gets you 14 years in prison…but Dr Conrad Murray can kill Michael Jackson and get 4 years in prison.. how does that make any sense?

  8. 8

    As a resident of IL, I am not at all disappointed in his sentence.

  9. 9

    Maybe she should start "feeling awful" for all the kids at Children's Memorial Hospital that Blago tried to shakedown.

    I'm a life-long Chicago resident and yes, it's ridiculous to compare the sentence of Conrad Murray to Rod Blagojevich, but Blago's sentence *is* deserved. In fact, his wife should be locked up too for her part. A big issue I had with the Blago family going on these reality shows is that they're being all smiles for the camera, getting all of this sympathy, when they're really corrupt, horrible people who did a lot to harm the state of Illinois for their own gain. I do feel bad for Blago's children, but their father broke the law, deliberately and intentionally and needs to be punished for his actions. If he were the family man he wants the world to think he is, then he would've set a good example for his children and not resorted to bribery and illegal activities.

  10. 10

    anyone that feels bad for him or feels his sentence is too harsh clearly didn't keep up with what he did. i hope he serves 100% of his sentence. this state is too damn corrupt.

  11. 11

    chupiechu is right on target. It's proven fact that Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson and that he won't go to prison at all–instead, he'll serve time in the L.A. County jail and the sheriff said he [murray] will be separated from the other inmates there and released inside of 2 years [because the jail is crowded].

    Blagojevich, on the other hand, stepped on some powerful political toes, beginning with Michael Madigan and Madigan's clique. The result is that he's been sentenced to 14 years in Prison although the prosecution failed to prove he was guilty of any legal wrongdoing. There's definitely something cockeyed about the so-called justice system.