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The Only 2 X Factor Performances You Need To Watch Are THESE!

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This is her competition to lose!

We just hope America does the right thing and VOTES for Melanie Amaro!!!

She absolutely owned last night!

It's been so beautiful to watch her grow each week and to become a star in front of our very eyes!

She's got the whole package! A phenomenal voice, great stage presence and a beautiful spirit and personality!

Watch her confident and beautiful rendition of the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston classic When You Believe (above)!

That tone! Her pitch! Pretty flawless!


And check out Melanie's performance of Adele's Someone Like You (below). We wish she would have moved more, but yet another great performance. She has yet to deliver a bad one in the competition!

Check out our thoughts on the rest of the performers… after the jump!
Check out our thoughts on the rest of the performers… after the jump!
Check out our thoughts on the rest of the performers… after the jump!

- Chris Rene: After Melanie, he was our favorite performer last night! He really has gotten better and better each week! And he really shone on his original song! The T.I. song was solid too.

- Rachel Crow: After Melanie and Chris, she was our third favorite. And we pick these three to make it to the top 3. Nothing On You was an EXCELLENT song choice for her. We LOVED seeing her do a current song! She delivered! Unfortunately, we did not love her take on Music And Me. At all. We're just waiting for that Disney show, though!

- Marcus Canty: He was in the bottom two last week and he will likely be in the bottom two again. His Chaka song was the best of the two he did. But both felt a it cheesy. Very Vegas!

- Josh: He just doesn't do it for us! BUT, we know there's an audience out there for the type of singer and performer that he is. Having said that, he bore us through his Beatles song and the Rihanna performance just did not feel right. He'd be our pick to leave the competition tonight!

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10 comments to “The Only 2 X Factor Performances You Need To Watch Are THESE!”

  1. 1

    Sorry, but Melanie is booooooooooring!!!! She never moves on stage. Good voice, but nothing unique about her. Dime a dozen. And what's with hiding who she is for so long. What else is she hiding. And she needs to quit with her little speeches about herself, it comes off as desperate.

  2. 2

    I loved Josh. I love his voice and I thought he sounded amazing and different on his songs. We shall see…

  3. 3

    Melanie is a great singer, but she will NEVER sell more records than Chris Rene.. Truly dissapointed in you Perez, that you did not recognize Rene's talent, when everyone knows, he OWNED it last night in his second performance. I guess clueless is blissful!

  4. 4

    Melanie is a great singer, but she will NEVER sell more records than Chris Rene.. Truly dissapointed in you Perez, that you did not Post Rene's 2nd stellar performance. Everyone knows, he OWNED it last night in his written, and I will say it, 2ND SINGLE of his future album, "Where do we Go from here". Sorry not buying your opinon on this one mijo..

  5. 5

    She is blowing her chances by these little emotional outbursts after she sings. It is becoming boring. Anyone who changes their accent half way through a contest, loses my vote as well. No way she will win - her voice is fabulous, but the day of power singers are over. There are enough of them out there as it is. Two guys should be battling it out at the end.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    My sincere compliments to the crew at X-Factor on the stunning set. She looked like she was singing from the middle of the universe. Fantastic.

  7. 7

    Perez Hilton is completely ignoring Josh Krajcik. I can understand why. Gay men have always loved female divas. But seriously Perez, give Josh the credit he deserves or you will completely lose any credibility as a critic.

  8. 8

    JOSH NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!! What the heck is he going to do with a 5 million dollar contract??? Absolutely nothing.

  9. 9

    I'm watching the results show right now and Marcus is in the bottom 2. He responded with "Again?!". Yes AGAIN Marcus! That boy doesn't realize he's lucky to still be on that stage!
    Anyway, excluding Marcus, I like all the remaining contestants. Melanie is amazing, we need a new Whitney, sans the crack. But I am a little tired of her emotional speeches.
    Rachel Crow could definitely be the next Raven Symone.
    Chris Rene is one sexy mf and I like that he writes his own songs. Of the bunch, he's the most original.
    Josh is cool. He's like the everyman. He's just a tad too intense. I agreed with Simon that he seemed crazy with some of his facial expressions. Maybe if he chilled a little or put a touch of humor in his performances, he would not appear so constipated.
    I don't know who will win. I'm trying to picture who would look the coolest in a Pepsi commercial….

  10. 10

    Great recognition, Perez! Melanie's confidence and swagg is beginning to catch up with her amazing voice and the majority of the critics know it, and hear it!
    Josh and Chris are talented too. But lets be real. I would be shocked if the X Factor Producers, Pepsi, the record label is going to give 5 MILLION dollars to a recovering drug addict who just tweeted about "smashing veins" this week! He's a high risk for that type of investment. It will be interesting to see who wins. But whoever it is, will be "CLEAN". Afterall, they will be the FACE of X Factor, an iconic PEPSI commercial, and New Label Artist.