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Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Spread Has Arrived!!!!

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lindsay lohan playboy spread

But of course!

Did anyone really expect Lindsay Lohan to pose for Playboy and NOT recreate the Marilyn Monroe spread?!

The NSFW photos from the actress' spread in the gentlemen's magazine have hit the night, and, we'll hand it to her - regardless of who she thinks she's trying to emulate, she does look nice!

$1 million paycheck and no shot of her, ahem, 'lovebug?! Lame!

Check out all the UNCENSORED photos…HERE!

Check out all the UNCENSORED photos…HERE!

Check out all the UNCENSORED photos…HERE!

Check out all the UNCENSORED photos…HERE!

Check out all the UNCENSORED photos…HERE!

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116 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Spread Has Arrived!!!!”

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  1. 1

    To much photoshop if you ask me. It barely even looks like her!

  2. 2

    Hmmmm not bad

  3. 3

    Hef rejected the first ones because they were unairbrushable. I personally do NOT think she's good enough for Playboy, but smart move on Hef's part, everyone wants to see a trainwreck play the despiration card.

  4. 4

    nice puppies but not very sexy

  5. 5


  6. 6

    those are weak! too airbrushed. She cant be original and do her own poses and shoot. Didnt like her before, and dont like her after.
    1-10 I give it a 3.

  7. 7

    A million dollars for that? Sorry Hef, you got taken to the cleaners.

  8. 8

    She looks fantastic! I love the article headline too… very funny!

  9. 9

    Fair play to her, she looks good. I don't know why people are so harsh about her. She has an addiction, so do most of Hollywood, they just hide it better.

  10. 10

    Ew lmao she looks terrible and NOTHING like Marilyn.

  11. 11

    Eh, not impressed.

  12. SaraJ says – reply to this


    her body looks good but the pictures look very old. They edited them so much, it looks like they wanted them to look like were from the 40's. She would have looked better with glossy pics….and on another note I thought it was supposed to be full frontal?!?!?!

  13. 13

    We all know that shit was photo shopped like a mother fucker.. but that whole trying to look like Marilyn thing is so fucking stupid.. seriously you obsessed bitch.. you will NEVER be her.. or be anything like her.. and damn were we supposed to see something different? We have seen her tits all over the place before when she again was trying to be Marilyn.. this bitch needs a clue.. for real..

  14. 14

    Kind of anti-climactic. I wish she would get past the Marilyn Monroe thing. She is a beautiful girl, but I thought they looked a bit awkward.

  15. 15

    She looks like shit she's much sexier with the ankle bracelet…

  16. 16

    PS the look in her eyes is freaking crazy. Hahahahhaha oh my

  17. 17

    Porn is next…lol

  18. 18

    Re: Manda756 – articles in playboy? i didnt notice. when did they start that?

  19. 19

    who wants to see a naked skeevey pale white drug addict? Pass the eye bleach, please

  20. 20

    What's with her legs on photo 5? They're blended together. And her butt is totally liquified in photo 6.

  21. 21

    The photos look GREAT; too bad she doesn't really look like that….

  22. 22

    Why insult Steve Jobs? Poor taste..

  23. 23

    Re: yupyup13 – OMG is true!!! AWFUL editing!

  24. 24

    Besides the awkward hand in the hair and the bony butt, it's pretty. Damn you people with the air brushing. Was she a fucking dog b4? Jealous bitches. Acting like the woman is some 60 year old hag who had 6 kids. She's very ypung. Everything is tight and right. Don't be mad cause your boobs are on your knees honey.

  25. 25

    These images are beautiful, artsy. Very well done!

  26. 26

    These are computer generated! 5 million freckles removed - and everyone has seen her picachu getting out of cars with Paris. FIRE CROTCH!

  27. 27

    I jerked off real hard to this, it was good, thanks Lindsay xxx

  28. 28

    The shots look good … LL has a nice figure, but for some reason, as I was looking at the pix, I felt badly for her. What a difference a few years can make in a person's life -

  29. 29

    The pictures are beautiful, which can only mean that they photoshopped/airbrushed the hell out of her - which is evident if you look closely. That said, why does her stomach suddenly look normal? She had some lipo done years ago, hence why it always looks completely flat and unnatural. At least her breast looks good, the breast implants are much better than the first pair, they look natural. I usually find bald vaginas quite disturbing as they are too childlike in appearance, but the airbrushing made it look like a painting, so I must say all in all it looks very nice. I just wish she would stop with the Marilyn Monroe obsession, it's unhealthy - and creepy.

  30. 30

    poor lindsay. god bless her. hope she'll be better soon. look at demi & britney they're doing really great without doing any desperate moves.

  31. 31

    Theres so much airbrush, she looks like something out of the wax museum. Guess when you look late 30s/early40s and are still in yours 20s, theres only so much that can be done. I doubt anyone who doesnt presubscribe will go out of their way to see this.

  32. 32

    She would look a million times better and unique if she went red again! She would have nailed this photo shoot..

  33. 33

    Re: trinigirl123 – She might not have 6 kids, and she might be young, but she is not far from 60 look wise. Her drug and alcohol abuse has taken its toll, she has physically aged beyond her years.

  34. 34

    Looks okay but way too much airbrushing. I know it had to be done with her freckled body but you can tell they over did it with her legs and tummy too, but I am sure all models are airbrushed anyway. She could use a tan though, too pasty IMO…still not as trashy as I expected, almost pretty. I just don't like this girl so this isn't helping me like her any more.

  35. 35

    I think her body looks good, the boobs look real. The pics look extremely tinkered w/ and I am wondering if that is why every picture had blood red background. Also it is my understanding the Mag s/times inflates the price in which the talent is paid, it helps the issue get hype and the "star" stock go up? I wish her the best!

  36. 36

    She still looks somehow dirty and repulsive.

  37. 37

    I like the way Perez Watermarks them so no one can copy his STOLEN pictures. What a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. tasha says – reply to this


    Between the airbrushing and photoshop pretty much anyone would look alright. lol Such a shame that someone that had so much potential is now nothing more then a trainwreck.

  39. 39

    AIRBRUSH MUCH? kinda floppy, she is not now nor ever has been Marilyn Monroe. what a skank

  40. 40

    Re: Sannnn – cuz she's a pig

  41. 41

    She looks HOT photoshopped and all!!! lol

  42. 42

    Re: IKARUS – Lol no I mean if you look at the last picture on unrated perez it has the headline for her Playboy spread. It says something like "Silver screen siren, inmate 51516, …" made me laugh!

  43. 43

    She looks really good but in some pictures she looks sad. Sad is not sexy. And I don't think the images are overly photoshopped at all, I think what they did is over light (expose) everything in order to wash out her skin a bit and cover up a lot of the freckles. I'm not sure this was the wisest thing to do for her though, but at least she doesn't come across as trash in the pictures. Lindsay, get your shit together girl!

  44. 44

    She is HOTT!

  45. 45

    She does have a pretty nice rack. Natural I believe.
    So why would anyone go out and buy this now that the photos have been posted?

  46. 46

    Have to admit she looks great……

  47. 47

    As a raging male I should feel something by those boobies, but I don't. No amount of photoshop can save this skinny-fat white trash. They could have thrown a wig on a mannequin, struck it in the same poses and captured the same amount of life.

  48. 48

    the pictures are pretty.

  49. 49

    you can put lipstick on a meth whore but its still a meth whore

  50. ClubM says – reply to this


    All the haters are ugly fat fucks that would never look good naked are with clothes on…she looks GREAT!!! and I love her cause she don't give a fuck what people think and she's a Marilyn Monroe fan like me ;)

  51. 51

    Her photoshoot is just as photoshopped as any other hollywood celebrity or model…but I agree the whole Marilyn thing is overrated, it would have been nice to a more personal take on it but alas lindsay is in love with the idea of being a sex symbol/drunk/whore/druggie (which i don't believe makes you a bad person, just all of the things above)

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Re: HILRAY – spoken like a true meth head. #spun lol!

  54. 54

    It's airbrushed to death, but she looks good and it's tasteful. Not bad. Nice boobs!

  55. ClubM says – reply to this


    Keep Marilyn Monroe Alive Its Such A Beautiful Homage To Her Way To Go Lindsay….You Look Sexy Hot Loves It!!!!!!!!:)

  56. 56

    The first time I saw her topless I though it was a bad picture, but now, many topless pictures later, it is clear that she has no areolas. I didn't even know that was possible.

  57. 57

    Who cares about some silly Playboy pictures! She's doing this because she's broke and needs to try and to re-start her career which has been done for years and it never works.
    How old are you people that care that much about nude photos. So Pathetic!

  58. 58

    Lindsay is not nor never has been "ADDICTED" to anything but FAME; the multi-billion a year12-Step religious cult treatment industry is behind labeling everything "ADDICTION"!

  59. 59

    Re: Bloody Jenny
    She's not the one who decides. The art director does.

  60. 60

    Oh, and by the way: Playboy photos ALWAYS go through a lot of Photoshop.

  61. 61

    Definately not Playboy worthy. She is way too stiff and looks un-natural. Playboy could have spent a million dollars in better ways..

  62. 62

    Holy mother of photoshop..

  63. 63

    She has great boobs

  64. 64

    By the way, Perez, these are leaked, illegal pictures. Sure you want to present stolen material ?

  65. 65

    Her face says "I hope i'm doing this right, I need to pay my lawyer" . The pics are okay, could of done better if she wasn't imitating MM. Totally Photo shopped her ass and completely airbrushed.

  66. 66

    Oh Gawd… I can smell the fish from here ! This airbrushed 'Ho is disgusting…and, NOBODY in HollyWood will be buying this copy of PLAYBOY - they have all seen the coked-laced cooter of hers ! She is pathetic…and ABSOLUTELY NOT SEXY !

  67. 67

    She is SO FUGLY these days because of all the drugs she consumes….she is disgusting ! Her cooter ain't noth'n to write home ’bout !

  68. 68

    So…this is what Gerard Butler, that gay guy Adam Levine from Maroon 5, and about a 10000 other men, and some women, have sampled. Ho Hum .

  69. 69

    Re: BossLady430 – LOL ! So true. Nobody was hping for a btter shoot than her lawyer ! Gotta pay off those leagal bills, the cooter way !

  70. 70

    The only decent part of her body is her boobs and I think she has a lovely complexion here. Her head just doesn't look like it belongs on her body, her eyes look expressionless, and her butt seems way too disproportionate to her breasts. She would look great if she laid off the drugs and gained a bit of weight in her hip area.

  71. 71

    I'm sorry but she is NOT sexy at all IMO. She's not a very good poser..her leg is just kinda laying there dead off to the side..lol…I swish she'd get off the whole Marilyn Monroe thing it's very pathetic and disturbing that she's so obsessed with her. Marilyn was naturally sexy..no effort required BUT she was mentally ill a sad character…a sad life. It's ok to admire her beauty and her rise to the top, but she shouldn't be idolized.

  72. 72

    Hey Hilton, did you get a boner? lmao. I bet you screamed, went running to Momma, she rocked you to sleep and told you everything would be alright, it's called a vagina. Surprised you didn't file this under icky, icky poo.

  73. 73

    she looks good but I agree that it's not her at all. She's gaining and losing weight all the time so there's no way that her body looks like this. This is overly photoshopped because she doesn't even have freckles and she doesn't have huge lips. It'd be better to see her more natural and not Marilyn-like…

  74. 74

    btw Playboy has far better models than this one. They may all not be natural but they look healthy…why would you pay million for this?! but I guess she's sinking lower and lower because A list celebrities wouldn't do this, not even B list ones I guess

  75. 75

    Lindsay herself looks utterly gorgeous. But, I have to say, I'm kind of turned off by the whole Marilyn copy-thing that Playboy did. I wish they had just let her BE Lindsay. She's fuggin' gorgeous and doesn't need to BE anyone else but herself.

    Oh, and awesome boobs. Seriously. Perfect.

  76. 6one9 says – reply to this


    The short blond wig is fucking hideous!!
    Too much WHORE RED LIP STICK as well
    Hef's gonna be pissed these are ALL out before the mag is.
    Bye Bye sales!!!

  77. 77

    Re: January Jonez – I felt the same way! They made me sad.

  78. 78

    Re: Bloody Jenny – I agree, I don't get the Marilyn thing. It's been done oh so many times before. Then again, I never got the whole obsession with her. She was cool enough but I was never that into her…so maybe I just don't get it.

  79. 79

    Re: Be-Atch – you're obviously pretty jealous!! sounds like you're in a rage!!!! lol!!!! :-)

  80. 80

    P.S. where is my AVATAR???? HELP!!!!

  81. 81

    The pics look nice they made her look good. But lets face it, they airbrushed her to death! They also gave her a digital breast lift because if you see the pics of her when she is out and about without a bra her breasts are sagging mid belly. Technology can make ANYONE look beautiful and glamorous.

  82. 82

    She looks pretty decent in most of the pictures. I thought they were tastefully done until I got to the end of the spread. What is with the weird doggy-style awkward poses? She has no ass, why accentuate that? They look like cheap trailer trash home snapshots. Marilyn must be rolling in her grave.

  83. 83

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Such beautiful perfect breast! The kinds of boobs I'd like if I were straight! I like it!

  84. 84

    Her boobs don't look real……..her nipples are different in every photo…….no one has nipple that small and perfect…..disgusting that they photo shop in Playboy now….talk about making women feel like they are not perfect……

  85. 85

    great pics too bad that she didn't have a project to promote with this.

  86. 86

    They photoshopped the shit outta her! LOL! Flat ass hooker! I have to say though, they made her look good because she looks like a zombie in real life.

  87. 87

    this is a joke, right ?
    those pics are horrible !

  88. 88

    Her vagina may be rotten but her tits look amazing.

  89. 89

    damn….she is fucking beautiful.

  90. 90

    Re: yupyup13 – I NOTICED THAT TOO! photoshop fail.

  91. 91

    she looks amazing. fantastic. lovely breasts.

  92. 92

    Yes, it has been photoshopped. How is that shocking news? Did anyone really think it wouldn't be?

  93. 93

    Nothing more sexy then a meth head druggie alcoholic. PASS and Major fail on playboy!!!

  94. 94

    i love how everyone notices that her freckles are photoshopped but say nothing about her horrible tattoos. she has several on her arms and a few on her back too. all gone. kinda funny since the the tattoos on her arms are Marilyn quotes.

  95. 95

    She looks awkward in several of the pictures, but it's way better than I expected. I don't think it's going to save her career though..

  96. 96

    anyone else realize in the 5th photo down, her legs are photoshopped as one leg? there's no separation in her thighs??

  97. 97

    what a joke.these aren't photos of lindsay.they're photos of an actress posing as Marilyn. she should have posed as herself, and gone with it.instead she comes across as so uncomfortable with her body, she has to pretend to be someone else to photograph nude.

  98. 98

    Re: SlaveMeh – I agree, why can't she just be herself?

  99. 99

    Re: Office Drone – I was just thinking the same thing too. She needs to go back to having red hair.

  100. 100

    Im all for lindsay but i dont know about these pics she kinda looks trampy to me. I dont think these pic are going to help her any,but hey what do i know im just a guy. I guy on perezhilton.com

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