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Creditors Out For Jermaine Dupri!!! Lamborghini Repossessed!

| Filed under: Legal Matters

jermaine dupri

Ugh, this is never warming news…

After failing to make the rest of his payments on his $330,000 Lamborghini, Premier Financial Services have decided to sue the producer.

Apparently he paid $70,000 when he first got the car and continued to make monthly payments of $4,000 but somewhere along the line, he dropped the ball.

So now not only has he had his car repossessed, but he's under legal pressures now too. Ick!

Well, we'd love to say we sympathize with the guy, but it's kind of hard to when you make the choice to get a car like that… riight??

[Image via Kat Goduco/WENN.]

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4 comments to “Creditors Out For Jermaine Dupri!!! Lamborghini Repossessed!”

  1. 1

    Hard times all over the place. I bet he can't buy his boyfriend anything cool this Christmas.

  2. 2

    That sucks; I can sympathize. I'm a small business owner, and when I was doing very well, I got a Jaguar. I managed to employ a four people and pay my taxes. A decade later and during this recession, I still have the Jag, because I BOUGHT it (I didn't lease it). Including repairs, I calculated driving this car has cost me about $400 per month. I take good care of her, and plan on another decade of ownership. By then, it'll have 150K miles and will have lowered my cost to about $250 per month, even if I have to rebuild the engine. It's beautiful, fast, and I love it. And it's less expensive than leasing a Camry (also a good car). If Mr. Dupri bought it because he loved it and expected it to hold some semblance of value, I feel for him. If not, better luck next time.

  3. 3

    Ohh, how the 90's Clintonista hip-hop heros have fallen. I would guarantee that by the end of this decade 95% of these overly arrogant B-Boyz will be broke. You know, you should not feel sorry for PRODUCERS like this, because he HAD plenty of cash (in the multi millions) to pay off the auto in one shot. But I suspect, that he blew all his cash on bullshit. Its the same story as Alyiah's boyfriend, Damon Dash who was worth at one time well over $300 million.

  4. 4

    aaawwwww darn o_0