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Lowes Folds To Bigotry And Pulls Advertising From TLC's All-American Muslim

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Lowes Blows

OMG! We can't believe this is actually happening! We can't believe we actually have to write about this nonsense! We can't believe companies like Lowes would actually LISTEN to this nonsense!

TLC's reality show All-American Muslim, which follows five muslim families living in Michigan and documents discrimination they face on a regular basis, is facing discrimination from advertisers!

After cowardly buckling to protests from the cray cray's of the Florida Family Association, Lowes has pulled their advertisements from the show because the FFA believes:

All-American Muslim is propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."

Ugh! Get over yourselves!

When will people like this wake up and realize not everyone holds the same "traditional values". Not only that, but these nuts are trying to claim that a particular religion is of a particular danger to "American liberties". Have they forgotten that this country is founded on Freedom of Religion!?!

Yes, that means citizens are free to practice any religion and worship (or not worship) any God they want! Do you get it, FFA?

No? You're still blissfully ignorant and living in your own little blissfully ignorant world where only you're right and everyone else is wrong? Oh okay, that explains why you're intellectually incapable of learning anything from "The Learning Channel"!

What is sad is that these people who are unwilling to view the world from a different perspective ARE the problem with the world. Whether you're a terrorist attacking the American way of life or an American intolerant of a person who looks and speaks differently than you, you are spoiling this great planet for the rest of us who are just trying to get along.

After citing "offensive" moments in the show, such as a Muslim police officer stating he is an American (who rightfully asserts there are "no ifs ands or buts about it"), the FFA campaign, calling for other intolerant viewers to complain to advertisers, reads:

"Clearly this program is attempting to manipulate Americans into ignoring the threat of jihad and to influence them to believe that being concerned about the jihad threat would somehow victimize these nice people in this show."

Not only do we COMPLETELY disagree with the Florida Family Association here, but we think we'll be choosing Home Depot for all of our home improvement needs from now on.

We'd like to encourage any of our readers who feel the same way to write Lowes and express your disappointment in the company for folding to pressure based entirely on fear and bigotry.

If you want to read the Florida Family Associations argument in full, click here and let them know the only "clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values" is THEM!

Are U upset by this? Share your thoughts below and let the whole social media world know that #LowesBlows!

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131 comments to “Lowes Folds To Bigotry And Pulls Advertising From TLC's All-American Muslim

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  1. 101

    Re: JennyJJJ
    Another American idiot!
    Inform yourself!

  2. 102

    The Florida Family Association are a bunch of bigots!
    They are also anti-American!

  3. 103

    Re: MVPnis – Hey moron! Guess what? I am a proud MUSLIM woman who has a fucking CLITORIS ! What planet do you live in??? Seriously, where do you get those ideas, over 10 billion muslim women have their face mutilated by acid?? Google images?Really? HAHAHA oh yeah and 50 billion women have been mutilated? 50 BILLION??? LMFAO we are 2.1 billion muslims in the world, you fucking moron! Honestly though, you made me laugh so hard when i read your comments !! We don't stone Gay people you moron! You people do! A piece of advice, do your research before opening your filthy mouth and talking shit about something you obviously don't know shit about! Ooh better, why don't you get a job or just read a book, it's a better use of your time. Eh, i'm sure someone like you is a sad and lonely person who doesn't have a social life, never graduated college and doesn't have a job, well, GO EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!!!

  4. 104

    LOWES IS RIGHT. They are not afraid to voice their legitimate concern about the Muslims. Newsflash (for those that don't read the news). Muslims don't play nice with others. The fact that some live in the US "peacefully" is all fine and dandy, but they would be the first ones to join there majority of terrorist friends when push comes to shove. Look at history look at current events. Muslims are a big problem in global unrest today. If they are truely American, then they can prove it by standing up against the hatred that true Muslim fundamentalists recite "death to America" etc.. I don't see them making shows about that though. Until then I don't care what a Muslim is whining about in the US. The hatred of their people and religion is proof that they are not to be trusted until proven otherwise. Wake up. This is fact. You can pretend to be a nice and PC as you want but you would't last a week walking around in Syria or Lebanon with an American flag, or for other reasons PEREZ.

  5. 105

    Re: QueenM – Your vile words show you are from a hateful breed.

  6. 106

    Re: Lexiibabii – I'm sorry about your sister but the fact that she was killed by a muslim doesn't mean all muslims are alike. people kill people all the time, christians and jews kill thousands and no one says anything. in palestine, people are murdered, children, women, everyone. people who don't know how to defend themselves because they have nothing, they took everything from them. how do u explain that? huh? The other day I watched a video where AMERICAN soldiers, yes american soldiers, they were shooting a man who obviosuly didnt do anything, he was just trying to hide, they shot him dead and they cheered after that. seriously, how fucked up is that?? what did that man do to deserve this? What did all the people from palestine do? huh? don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting terrorism done by islamists, those people are ignorant and know nothing about islam. islam is a religion of peace, enough said!

  7. 107

    Re: Widadita – Thats the point I was making Lol you can't judge a group of people over something one bad person did. My boyfriend is muslim. I plan on converting at some point. I guess you missed my point. I know theyre a peaceful group. I dont know exactly how you would get I think otherwise. Maybe you didnt read my whole comment.

  8. 108

    What is appaling is the ideas and standards set by this way of thinking. Crimes are committed daily by people of all walks of life. Some acts of terrorism happen in our own backyard by people that profess to be Christians! No entire religion or group of people should be judged based on the acts of a few loons. As far as Lowe's goes, yea they do have a right to pull their advertising. However, just because you can do something does not always mean you should.

  9. 109


  10. 110

    PEREZ I COULDNT AGREE MOREE ! i love you so much more noww !! everyone is eual y'all !

  11. h93lo says – reply to this


    why is most peoples thoughts (judging on your comments) on islam so superficial? educate yourselves before you chose to voice your opinions

  12. h93lo says – reply to this



  13. 113

    Re: AB21 – O Please!!! When has a Muslim gotten on TV and condemn the killings?? NEVER hear from the Muslim community!!! NEVER!!!! Where are they telling the people oversees that we are there to HELP them!!! NEVER!!! So GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  14. 114

    O my God!! REALLY PERZ!! Just maybe the FFA knows something you dont!!! Then again you think everybody should come out of the closet, for the better of America! LOL!!!

  15. 115

    Re: nmaro1990 – Fuck off! You shit happens EVERYDAY you moron.

  16. 116

    Re: Widadita – You obviously didn't read her whole comment. Fail!

  17. 117

    No one cares about these people…..they are not important….

    my brother is not in Iraq making this country safer so we an have these people on tv.

  18. 118


  19. 119

    Re: pjpaula – I think you should read more about the differance between jihad and islam and the outsiders then go and judge before you talk

  20. 120

    Lowes like any other company has the right to do with their money as they choose… it's their business… now do i agree with it not so much… have i ever really shopped their no will i most likely not… I have chosen to support local business' instead of lowes or home depot it's usually cheaper and the customer services is so much better…

  21. 121

    It's so obvious that most of the people who commented here know nothing about Islam except for what they c on tv. I'm an Egyptian Muslim girl, we r not being tortured as some of u claim and we still have our clitoris loool, can't believe ur being so ignorant, there r extremists in every religion so assuming that all Muslims want jihad is just unbelievable, I expected more civilized comments from such a civilized country. It's like ur not even educated …Perez I like that even though ur not a Muslim, u stood against discrimination. We loooooove u here in Egypt. Visit again soon xoxo

  22. 122

    Just like America protects everyone's right to practice whatever religion they want, it also protects comapanies right to decide what they advertise. It's called freedom of speech. Get over it.

  23. 123

    This disgusts me. FFA spreads HATE! Clearly they do not practice what they preach…which should be love your neighbour (we are all gods children) Ridiculous!

  24. 124

    I suggest that those that are agreeing with the FFA go out and meet a Muslim. You'll quickly find out that an American-Muslim is no less American than the rest. People are people, regardless of religion. Not to sound fluffy, it's just the truth.

  25. 125

    While Lowe's has the right to choose which shows they advertises with, it has shown a lack of understanding and tolerance by pulling their ads for less than extenuating circumstances. Folding to the pressure of one-sided, intolerant groups is not the right thing to do. The comments on this thread about the Islamic faith being violent and oppressive to women etc. are generalizations of a tiny portion of extremists, that ignorant right-wing fear mongers perpetuate. I am blown away by the vile and idiotic statements people can make about something they know nothing about. I think that people also forget, this television program is trying to show that many American families, who happen to be of the Islamic faith, live "normal" and peaceful lives. Instead of hating, ignorant people should take the time to learn about other faiths and understand that while we are different, and may choose to hold a different set of beliefs, we are all human beings who deserve to be treated with respect. Lowe's can continue to stand behind their decision, but we should all educate ourselves before choosing hate instead of tolerance and understanding.

  26. AB21 says – reply to this


    Re: Yenkme – i live in the community, i attend lectures, and conferences where they publicly condem their actions, go listen to a friday sermon and see for yourself…and there has been numerous religious leaders on tv that have pal, youtube some of them, Hamza Yusuf, Suhaib Webb, Yasir Qadhi, Zaid Shakir, Siraj Wahaj, those are the top leading muslim scholars of america, and they condem any sort of violence and hate

  27. 127

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  28. 128

    In the 70's there was a white Christian group of college kids called the Weather Underground that blew up government buildings in protest of the Vietnam War. These few people did not set the precedent for all whites or all Christians. The nation was not in an uproar to target all whites or Christians. They were looking specifically for those few that were guilty of the crimes. However, there were many other whites and Christians who did not speak out against what they did publicly. Does that mean they agreed? We do not know what was in those other Americans hearts. Some agreed and some did not. However, that did not make them guilty of the crime. Today there are some Muslims that commit crimes and because many Muslims live their lives different than most Americans and we do not understand their way of life, we see them all as a threat as opposed to targeting the one actually committing crimes. Who are the one's truly inciting terror? Muslims in this "free" country are frightened to live their everyday lives because they are profiled as criminals before they are even thought of as people. They are trying to do good deeds and things pleasing to God. Terror is not pleasing to God. The word Jihad means struggle not war. A real Jihad can not be started by a true Muslim.

  29. 129

    We live in an ignorant world. For all the haters, why don't you open up the Qur'an (Koran) and actually read it. Rather than "preach" what your hillbilly parents told you. No one should discriminate against any religion, race or gender. EVER. I'm just disappointed we got marble put in our basement last week through Lowe's. Awkward turtle much? And kudos to famous personalities like Russell Simons and Mia Farrow for taking a stand for what's right!

  30. 130

    hey you racist, close-minded people…
    1) why do you even read perez? i don't understand….
    2) do the math. lets say 100 muslims are terrorists. hell, even 1000. that being said, there are OVER ONE BILLION MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD. so the chances of a muslim you know being a terrosits is ONE IN A MILLION.
    if this was 50 years ago, i guarantee you people would also be the ones racist against african americans, japanese, or even the germans. always looking for someone to pick on to make yourselves feel better.

  31. 131

    Companies pull their ads all the time. Lowes said it DID NOT make its biz decision based on one group or another. A company this big is just going to up and become bigots? Anyone listening or does it not sell news as well? Sounds like your fight is with FAA for their cray cray claims not LOWES.

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