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Anti-Gay Politician Donates Sperm…To Lesbians In New Zealand?!?!?

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anti gay politician donates sperm to lesbians in nz

And this week's hypocritical award goes to…

According to the New Zealand Herald, anti-gay Alabama politician Bill Johnson has been caught "donating sperm to lesbian couples in New Zealand" behind his wife's back. WTF!

We're hearing that he's been helping out with "earthquake recovery" in Christchurch, NZ…but really he's been spending his time "assisting" women in same-sex relationships who want to get married.

Here's what the Herald had to say about it:

"Three of the women are now pregnant, and Johnson has assisted another three with donations in the past month. It is believed he has been in communication with at least another three women to discuss sperm donation."

When asked if he knew that his sperm had gone to women in same-sex relationships, Johnson said that he did not know, and when asked whether or not that mattered to him, he said "I'm not going to answer that question."

We're glad to hear that these women will finally be able to have babies of their own…but we do NOT appreciate the hypocrisy, and we think it's disgusting that this politician is doing all this behind his wife's back.

To make things right, he should apologize to his wife, grant her a divorce without argument if that's what she wants, and then he should change his views on same-sex relationships. If he does ALL OF THAT, then yeah…we'll seriously consider forgiving him!


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7 comments to “Anti-Gay Politician Donates Sperm…To Lesbians In New Zealand?!?!?”

  1. 1

    And this week's no one cares award goes to… perezite crapton

  2. 2

    So if someone doesn't support gay marriage because of religious views they aren't allowed to help gays in any way? Thanks now I know.

  3. 3

    he just likes to JERK OFF xDDD just kidding… nice he's helping other ppl :) I do believe there's no such thing as bad or good ppl xD just ppl who do mostly bad or good things XD

  4. 4

    Politicians are a weird breed. Who wants ANY of them to represent us? Seriously. They just get bought off by the insurance, oil, and pharmaceutical companies. Then they take the money, hire strippers, have anonymous sex in public bathrooms or apparently… jerk off for lesbians. That should create some normal healthy children.

  5. 5

    This is why I never take guys like him and Santorum seriously. I don't believe that most of these guys are as "anti-gay" as they claim to be. It is all about securing power and money from the 3% of bigoted voters who support anything that is anti-gay and pro-faith. These guys are nothing but used car salesmen giving the 3% what they want. It's a small market, but they get their money from it and they secure their power.— As far as the sperm donation goes, it is his body. I don't really think his wife needs to be involved in his decision to donate. How do we know he really did this behind her back anyway? I read nothing saying she didn't know, other than your claim that she didn't.

  6. 6

    That's weird and border-line perverted

  7. 7

    I wonder if the lesbians knew!