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Garbage Announces 2012 World Tour!

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Garbage is doing it big in 2012! Not only are they releasing a new album they're also taking their show on the road!

Shirley Manson & Co made the announcement on their Facebook page early Sunday morning:

Ladies and gentlemen

It is our great pleasure to announce for the first time in 7 years the first two confirmed performances by Garbage will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 11th and in Moscow, Russia on May 12th 2012.

We are beyond thrilled to revisit Russia where we have played to incredible and memorable crowds over the years, where we have seen so many wonderous things and met so many lovely fans.

These are the first dates to be confirmed on our world tour of 2012 but we rush to assure Garbage fans all over the world that there are many more dates yet to be announced. Stay tuned. We will announce them here as soon as they are confirmed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. It is the outpouring of such incredible enthusiasm that propelled us to make this new record and to get back out on the road to play for you all again.

We can never fully express our gratitude to you for supporting us so we can continue to do the things in life we love to do the most.

Love and thanks from all of us.



Will U be catching Garbage when they come to your neck of the woods???

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Garbage Announces 2012 World Tour!”

  1. 1

    A "celebrity juice!" article I actually find informative. ;)
    Looking forward to that tour, Garbage is one of my favourites. And shit, girls, if you're looking for a role model, throw away your 'RiRi' and 'Gaga' crap, and give Shirley and the band a listen! Brains and Balls and Bloody Fucking Gorgeous!
    "Stupid Girl" is classic.
    "Vixen" and "Queer" are hot as hell. Great music to shoot pool to. (ahem)
    And "VOW" is what Lady Gaga tried and failed to do with her song, "Judas."

  2. 2

    And wow, whaddaya know, I'm "first."
    Back in the day when there were 300+ posters on one article, that was pretty damned exciting for some people.
    I guess now, not so much.
    P.S. About "Vow" and "Judas," if you're interested, give them both a listen. And then tell me: Which song do YOU think would work best to train little girls into behaving like hookers? In which video is which chick dressed like the (supposed) "ho of all hos" Mary Herself, dressed like a skank, wearing leaky makeup and washing a man's foot?
    (Brainwash! Brainwash! Brainwash! Brainwash! Brainwash! …)

  3. 3

    unfortunately, kids today like crap like gaga and rap, glad I was a teenager in the 90's Garbage is a great band

  4. 4

    To the comment below: I DO LOVE LADY GAGA!!! LOL But i also LOVE HOLE and GARBAGE!!! My 2 favourite bands growing up! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM AND WORLD TOUR!!!! THIS IS HUGE!

  5. 5


    These pop princess bitches can step the fuck aside, for the GODDESS OF ROCK HAS ARRIVED!!!!!

  6. 6

    Re: Family_Guy
    I stand by my Gaga statement. She writes immaturely, and has little to zero understanding on just how much her music and videos are affecting the minds and appearances of little girls and tweens everywhere. She relies almost entirely on style over substance, and her record companies and video directors/choreographers, etc., are - quite frankly - using her as BAIT.
    (Hence, the entire Jesus as "Savior"/Judas as "bad guy"/Mary as the "prostitute" who should be "saved" by Jesus, but prefers to (ahem) "suck it up" and wash feet with Judas storyline crap.)
    Note: That shit is everywhere, man. Look for it in almost every single pop/crap (and for that matter, some rap) song and video. Bitches and hoes and prostitutes and hookers… all waitin' for that perfect man "Jesus" to come save them.
    (But in the meantime, gettin' fucked up the ass by "Judas.")
    Mainstream pop and country now has Christianity propaganda all over it.
    And that's only ONE of the reasons I despise Gaga. In a way, I feel sorry for her, because she hasn't a clue. Hasn't a clue as to why they're actually using her to propogate that bullshit.
    For you see, it's HIM they're actually waiting for.
    But He's a few years late.

    Anyway, moving on. :)
    HOLE! Damn, loved them too. "Doll Parts" !
    That CD got me through some really rough days.

  7. 7

    I love Garbage. Saw them on their last tour. They kick rock n roll ass live!