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50 Vs Madonna Or 50 Vs Interscope?

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50 Cent seems to have a beef with Interscope.

The rappers latest single, Girls GO Wild, was set to release on December 31st.

Interscope had released the news as well as the artwork for the single.

Now fellow Interscope artist Madonna is scheduled to release her Girls GONE Wild.

50 voiced his concern on Twitter, saying:

Man Interscope put out the single art saying its coming out on the 31st but its not coming out. I'm not putting my album out till we are all on the same page.

These people are gonna make kill one of them. Now Madonna's single is called GIRLS GONE WILD. This is some bull sh*t.

This is nuts to me. I try to do everything I can to keep my cool you know what? If they don't care I don't care I'm putting out a video now.

Sounds like 50 has a problem about whose girls are going wild.

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “50 Vs Madonna Or 50 Vs Interscope?”

  1. 1

    He's an idiot. There are a ton of songs with the same name. Did Madonna bitch when Rihanna made a song called Take A Bow? Both versions were number 1's. And Girls Gone Wild is just a rumored album track on Madonna's album, not necessarily a single. 50 sounds like he's jealous his career is in shambles and Madge will be Interscope's top priority.

  2. 2

    Either what JP said or Interscope would rather focus on M's record

  3. 3

    Wait, he still has a career other than selling vitamin water???/

  4. 4

    Black on White Trash vilence !

  5. VVG says – reply to this


    I do enjoy 50… but if he had a big gay brain he'd be all up Madonna's business with a feature and she'd be riding that hot sexy pile of man right to the top of the chartz. Uch. I should be her MANager.

  6. 6

    Lady Germanotta's new single will also be Girls Go Wild.

  7. 7

    madonna who is 50 yrs old is coming out with a song called girls gone wild?? puke!! no one wants to see you madonna go wild, your a bitch with a bad attitude and a fake accent.

  8. 8

    myles88 sounds very mature.

  9. 9

    he might want to start wearing tin foil on his head as it seems someone is stealing his brain waves ..and ideas

  10. 10

    THERES NO PROBLEM HERE CAUSE MADONNA SINGLE IS OUT… it wont be part of her album anymore according to insiders… and its not his fault or her fault…its INTERSCOPE……….. and madonna girls gone wild was a rumour…noone knows if that exist anyway , the song wont be part of amdonna album so guess 50 cent has no problem….. but wasnt their fault.interscope should know aboutthe songs…50 and madonna are friends

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Didn't something similar happen with Hard Candy / Candy Shop?

  13. 13

    Lady Gaga is the undisputed queen of music. She is the absolute queen of pop. Lady Gaga has taken over the music scene. She fucking rocks. :) :) :)

  14. 14

    This is total bunk. Madonna's confirmed first single is "Gimme all your luvin" realeased via press release by Interscope today. Additionally, Fidy and M are in completely different categories and would not compete on the same level. And whoever wrote about Lady Blah Blah is not right in the head.

  15. 15

    nobody cares about his mumbling shit anymore. His last hit was when? Face it, youre music careers finished. Rappers are ten a penny. And you aint even a good one!

  16. 16

    Re: tellall – oh really? Marry the night has flopped BIG TIME worldwide. Thats 3 flop singles in a row! HAHAHAHA Ugly bitch is done. Kisses.

  17. 17

    oh boo hoo me im gonna loose my temper and hurt someone and its gonna be all thier fault. They are gonna "make me" kill one of them cuz you know it will be all their own fault. im getting angry and its all your fault. I cant pay my taxes so ill burn my house down and it will be the IRS's fault. i cant control myself and its all your fault. go away 50 you loser. for someone whose been shot so many times, humble never really set in, did it?. tool. VIVA MADONNA and Myles88 lets see how well you hold up incomparison when you are 53. Madonna is smokin hot and you hate her for it. she can write a number one song while taking a dump. what can you do?

  18. 18

    Re: jamesG
    Such an apropos observation, since most of the stuff she writes sounds like a "dump."

  19. 19

    Re: Alladin Sane – please try harder if you are gonna be sarcastic. that was really stupid. what are you 8? bet you think youre really clever too (roll eyes).

  20. 20

    Re: jamesG
    Like I'm really going to take advice on how to be sarcastic from someone who not only butchers the English language, but resorts to tired and dated internet clichés (i.e. "Please try harder" "How old are you?" "rolls eyes"). After reading that, there's no need for me to THINK I'm clever…you already proved I am. :)

  21. 21

    Re: jamesG
    PS. Learn the definition of sarcasm before you begin preaching again. I wasn't being sarcastic. Her songs do sound like crap!