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The Christmas Klaine Scene That Didn't Make It To Air!

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Hey, Ryan Murphy! What gives?! We tune into your Glee Christmas special. We grin and enjoy every blessed moment of your version of Judy Garland's Christmas Show, and then you don't deliver the goods?!

How dare you, sir!

Apparently, there was a Klaine scene cut out of last night's episode of Glee that fans were dying to see (and rightly so) after this still (above) was released a week before. Anger and rage swelled on the Interwebs as Klaine shippers searched for answers as to why the scene was ommitted and what the hell was in that little box!

Keep calm and read the answers to your burning questions below:

First, the scene was cut due to time constraints. The episode was running long and something had to give. But it just wasn't Darren Criss and Chris Colfer's moment that got the ax. Santana’s big “Santa Baby” performance was also cut, but that will probably be released online sometime in the next week or so. As for the Klaine casulaty, you'll be able to see that on the DVD set when it makes its way to the shelves.

Now for the big question - what was in the box?!

From what we hear, it was nothing short of the sweetest present ever. Had it ended up in the show, viewers would’ve seen Blaine give Kurt a homemade promise ring made with love and gum wrappers. Blaine explains that being a poor high school student prevented him from getting Kurt something from the Elizabeth Taylor collection, but that this gift comes with a vow to be forever his boy.

Holy crap, we're tearing up just by envisioning it in our heads!

Hey, Ryan! Why make us wait, buddy?! Could you just send that scene our way, please? We'll share it with all our other Gleeks - promise!

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13 comments to “The Christmas Klaine Scene That Didn't Make It To Air!”

  1. 1

    THANK YOU, PEREZ!! Thank you so much for posting this and trying to get us the lost scene! Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Ryan and Fox!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Why would they cut that scene?? That kind of stuff is important! A part of last night's show problems was that the musical numbers were far too long. If they needed to cut things because of time constraints, it should've been how long the songs were instead of important storylines!

  4. 4

    maybe they will do a flashback scene to show Blaine give Kurt the ring!!!!!

  5. 5

    maybe they will do a flashback scene to show Blaine give Kurt the Ring!!!!

  6. 6

    Only watched this show once, because people kept raving about it, and it happened to be the Christmas show. Sorry but this was the lamest most boring show I have ever seen on TV (there was another highly rated movie that I also thought was boring as heck and walked out on - but that is in a different category).

    Sorry if I offend anyone, just my opinion.

  7. 7

    Did anyone else notice the rip in the back of mercedes dress during the TV special duet with Rachel? Hellooo!!!! Is there a wardrobe mistress in the house? Otherwise the show was a fun rip, her , trip down the memory lane. Kudos to my wife for spotting the rip.

  8. 8

    Considering the fact that the pair got tons of screen time together, I think you can wait it out until the DVD release.

    Samcedes got practically nothing.

  9. 9

    What was in the box?

    His vagina.

  10. 10

    um that episode of Glee was the worst episode ever. It was ridiculously boring, completely unrelated to any other episode and just a waste of an episode. They seriously cut scenes because they kept the stupid black and white christmas special thing Artie directed? ridiculous.

  11. 11

    I would have much rather seen Santana singing Santa Baby (she's basically one of, if not the best, singers on this show.

  12. 12

    Why couldn't they end the episode with this scene????? The show was ok, but that ending was so stupid!!!!!!!

  13. 13

    Come on Perez, show us what you can do. Get your hands on that scene!