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Melanie Griffith Pulls A Baldwin! Goes Diva On A Flight

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Celebs! They're just like us!

Although, not really…

Recently, Alec Baldwin was in the news for getting kicked off a plane for playing Words With Friends after a flight attendant asked him to turn off his cell phone.

Well, now it looks like Melanie Griffith is just the latest celeb to go diva on a flight.

The actress infuriated passengers waiting to board an LAX flight when she pushed her through the crowd, yelling out:

"I'm a first-class passenger…I'm allowed to pre-board!"

Um, yeah, when you're ON TIME!! The problem is Melanie showed up so late to board her flight, she was way past the deadline that allowed to board early.

The funny thing is that the other passengers weren't buying her 'tude and refused to stand aside for her. One man actually turned around and snapped:

"'Then you should have been here on time! Now you can wait like the rest of us.'"

Ha! That's right! Who does she think she is??

Just stand in line and suffer like the rest of us!

[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Melanie Griffith Pulls A Baldwin! Goes Diva On A Flight”

  1. 1

    The other pasangers didn't understand, that if Melanie stands too long, the staples in her face give way

  2. 2

    Gee…I wonder WHY she was late …probably 'in the washroom', IF ya know what I mean - 'snort snort' . Fugly Old Hag -HOW Antonio can stand waking up to this botoxed, plastic FREAK I will never understand…..He is truly a saint !

  3. 3

    'First Class' doesn't mean one has CLASS - take a lesson, Melanie, ya Fugly Hag !

  4. 4

    I can just hear her: ' Don't you KNOW who I am ? ! '…..Um, no ………

  5. 5

    If they needed glycol to de-ice the wings, they could just pull it from her face/neck/body…the woman has more plastic in her than a LEGO set !

  6. 6

    Hag is what ? 63 years old now …?

  7. 7

    Miss Golden Globes 1968 sure has no manners …….

  8. 8

    She has a BIG NOSE ……

  9. 9

    Ummmm…. your purse is open, Hon, and your 'vials' are falling out……You need them for that freeway you need to travel later ….

  10. 10

    And then he donkey-punched her and just sliced right through her bloody beef curtains. . . . .

  11. 11

    Gawd, it's really hard to look at her disfigured face; thankfully she has all the money in the world to buy that industrial strength stage putty & thick make up that covers most of the nooks & crannies….

  12. 12

    Re: Be-Atch – He's always in "Spain" filming a movie; he's done like 975 movies since her last disfiguring facial disaster…

  13. 13

    ive never been in first class but if i ever do im sure ill be letting everyone know… out the way losers im in first class and u are not…good on her lololol

  14. Wheel says – reply to this


    I would have told her to shut the fuck up and wait in line!

  15. 15

    Re: Wheel – Me too!! Then I would have stood there and laughed at her pitiful stuck-up self!

  16. 16

    "when she pushed her" ????? —- U FUCKING ILLITERATE, INCOMPETENT PIECE OF SHIT! Hire an EDITOR!!!!! And, U FUCKING IDIOT, there is no "deadline" for first class passengers. They get priority boarding at any time during the boarding process. U TRULY ARE THE STUPIDEST BLOGGER ON THE PLANET!!! And, Melanie who?

  17. 17

    …ah. ah. ah. ah……..u ignorant coont !

  18. 18

    Flying First Class stinks sometimes… because of you fellow passengers. Was in line once with a business partner and this bitch in a fur coat and upturned nose (seriously!) pushed us aside saying, "this line is for first class". We were like, "yeah, we ARE first class, and so are these badass sweatpants".

  19. 19

    RE: Pam's TBSB : " He's always in "Spain" filming a movie; he's done like 975 movies since her last disfiguring facial disaster "…
    . . . . .
    LoL - Yep & All under the guise of "we need the money honey" …

  20. 20

    God! So much haters… I think she really thought she had priority. People can be wrong, you know that right?