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14 comments to “Toni Braxton Cancels Recording To Console Lil Sis Trina; Gabe Solis Caught Cyber Cheating!”

  1. 1

    I don't know… is it cheating if you call a 900 number? Or jerk off to a web cam girl? Unless he was planning to meet up with this girl, I don't think it was that awful. Guess is should be more careful who he cybers with next time… lol.

  2. 2

    ai, why so much drama? who doesn't?

  3. 3

    Not cool if you are married!

  4. 4

    sounds like hes learned his lesson… its not really cheating its just getting a thrill of some sex stuff alot of men do it for a thrill not like hes touching anyone .. maybe she could leave for awhile till hes crying and begging and if he isnt doing those then dont go back and also cut off his ….. internet…

  5. 5

    The thing is, it was stupid, plain and simple. My a fuckin magazine, dude and jerk off to that! Why humiliate your wife? Why can't men just use the head on their shoulders sometimes instead of the one between their legs.

  6. 6

    its only like jacking to porn. which all men do. its just more interactive /

  7. 7

    her name is TONI BRAXTON!

  8. 8

    Who gives a rats about these ghetto rats? Pure Trash if you ask me….

  9. 9

    I've seen him on the show. He has absolutely no shame, conscience or respect. He truly is a disgusting being.

  10. 10

    WOW!!! Scandalous! Just from watching the show you can tell what a slimey little pig he is. He's just grimey and overbearing. It puzzles me why she even stayed with him after the years of infidelity…..she must've seen it coming….

  11. 11

    Oh please, enough of this cyber cheating bs. Its not cheating if you pay for one of those webcam viewings. It's not cheating when you look at porn. So its not cheating if your showing another girl your dong over the internet..and the skank that recorded it and decided to share it with the world should get pummeled. We don't even have privacy in our own homes anymore..what a joke. Technology is just another way for people to spy on us. He was engaged in a PRIVATE 1 on 1 chat..she should be sued. It amazes me, people instantly jump all over the guy, and what not but completely ignore the people that will record and leak this crap to the media FOR MONEY.

  12. 12

    mmm he's cute too!!! wanna see more!!! plus he always complains on the show he doesn't get enough!!! and he was doing it to himself not actually physically cheating with someone
    no big deal…he was just whacking off!!! everyone does it!! hello

  13. 13

    I guess it wouldn't be so bad if his dumbass hadn't already been caught cheating on her.. if you watch the show, you know that they were going through some stuff. Hopefully she will leave him..(and come over to the lesbian pool. j/k)

  14. 14

    I love these sisters…they are elegant and handle themselves beautifully. I cannot understand WHY this idiot keeps cheating on his amazing wife and WHY she keep putting up with it! On their show, she sd he cheated 5 of the 8 years they were married and HE was bugging her phone to check up on her?! There is something seriously wrong with a woman who would put up with such nonsense. You know the .com sister would not put up with that mess…she needs to talk to this one and help her get strong enough to say enough is enough!