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20 comments to “It's Official! Howard Stern WILL Judge America's Got Talent!!!!!”

  1. 1

    perfect choice love him!!

  2. 2

    I won't be watching. Sharon knows the difference between a 1-2 hour PG rated family show and a TV14/TVMA rated cable/satellite TV show and can control herself, but I doubt that Howard "The King Of Lies and Overpaid Trash" Stern, who is on satellite radio and on cable/satellite TV pay-per-view, can control himself. This show will be moved to 10 PM, and then cancelled, and it will be Howard's fault. But Howard will spin it to make it look like Comcast/NBC's fault, and not his.

  3. 3

    GREAT MATCH, A no talent pimp judging no talent pimps and whores

  4. 4

    I thought we got rid of this guy when he moved to satellite radio. So glad I stopped watching this show years ago when Howie Mandel joined the panel. This guy is irrelevant, tired, and annoying…another crap choice NBC and why people aren't watching NBC any longer. Obviously, you do not know how to appeal to a target market.

  5. 5

    All you Howard-bashers are uninformed and misled about him. Open your minds, dumbasses…

  6. 6

    how the fuck are people so ignorant about howard stern? i predict people tune in because they hate howard and stay because they end up loving him

  7. 7

    Don't know Howard. Lets see. I actually like him but got fired from every regular radio gig he's had for being uncontrollable and saying/doing unannounced vulgar things. He likes to push the envelope and create Controversy . This is a prime time supposedly family show

  8. 8

    Will he ask the male contestants ,how big their cocks are"
    Will he ask the female contestants if they like anal
    like he does on the shit radio show

  9. 9

    Maybe he can promote his NO talent,Horse faced,gold digging,fake animal lover,
    Nacho blowing,"I don't want to be famous….Wife..BethONO

  10. 10

    Awesome - It's gonna be good !!

  11. 11

    @Fergie, you don't have a clue do you. You really don't. Yeah he got fired from all the radio stations he worked EXCEPT THE LAST ONE WHICH HE WORKED AT FOR 20 YEARS before he VOLUNTARILY went to satellite. Got to love all the haters than never listen to him. Not only will the show remain in its current time slot but you will see the rating skyrocket!!!

  12. 12

    Re: ilovejames – More people pay to listen to Howard on a daily basis than actually watch this show. More people pay to listen to Howard on a daily basis than probably watch your favorite tv show!

  13. blimp says – reply to this


    Bad move. I don't think the show will make it more than one season with out Piers anyway.

  14. 14

    i've loved Howard his entire career, even appeared on his show, but he has let his show suffer. He shouldn't've re-signed w Sirius. He is awful without artie. He is out of touch and boring now. I just cancelled my subscription yesterday, which is funny… how did i just KNOW? His show is gonna be a three hour ad for NBC.. snoozefest….. u shoulda just left, howie…

  15. 15

    YES YES YES! i will start watching AGT again now

  16. 16

    Re: ginadoll
    I miss Artie too…I agree the show is not as good without him! Even so…I love Howard! He will be great and the people complaining have no clue. No clue at all. I've never seen an episode of America's Got Talent and will definitely be watching now.

  17. 17

    I don't really know anything to comment on Howard S but I am just so glad that Piers is gone. Could be interesting I guess. We will see.

  18. 18

    If AGT wanted a crude, rude, foul mouthed egoist to be a judge on the show, they could've just chosen any random customer at Taco Bell & saved a lot of money in the process.

  19. Bren says – reply to this


    Too bad. AGT is about the only show I watch and I am extremely disappointed they've signed on Howard. He is the worst excuse of a man. He does not belong on a show like this, he is well suited to stay on a radio station for people who want to pay to listen to his crude, filthy garbage. No I am not closed minded, he is just not the right fit. Howie is the perfect example of what this show needs, It's not Howard.

  20. 20

    He is just a Dirty old Man who sold out..shame