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Megaupload Music Video Returns To YouTube! More Drama Ensues!

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Yup! YouTube just said F-U to Universal Music Group!

To recap - earlier this week, a whole bunch of celebs banded together to support file-sharing website Megaupload through a controversial new music video (above), which was almost immediately removed from YouTube after UMG cited it for copyright infringement.

Then, Megaupload CEO David Robb announced plans to sue UMG in an effort to counter against Internet censorship.

Now, the Megaupload music video is back up after YouTube told UMG that they'd need "further information" to keep the video off their site.

We're hearing that UMG didn't actually send a takedown notice to get the video removed, but they're claiming that they have a contractual agreement with YouTube that allows them to take videos off the site "based on a number of contractually specified criteria." Guess that didn't apply in this case!

Thanks for supporting the cause, YouTube! We'll expect to hear more about all this megadrama soon!

What do U think? Team UMG or Team Megaupload???

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8 comments to “Megaupload Music Video Returns To YouTube! More Drama Ensues!”

  1. 1

    So it's internet censorship because they don't allow you to assist people with stealing music?

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I really do love megaupload. And if all those celebrities don't mind them using their work, why should we?

  4. 4

    this vide is just brainwashing .. wtf

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Support live artists and those that make a living from live music, or forever suffer by listening to ill funded pap. I kid you not. You get out what you put in. The decline in quality tunes has been alarming. Pap fed would not know the difference. Just listen to any Pink Floyd album and get back to me.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who's greased who's palms? Anybody? Just wondering. Megaupload has made buckets of cash according to some articles. I can't believe these artists are lining up on the wrong side of this in my opinion. This has to be hammered out in courts. The middlemen should be way farther down the money line than the artists and co. This is wrong. The net should be used towards good, not to steal from the efforts of others. Everyone can be made happy here eventually.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Thieving digital schills. Everyone else makes money on this but the artists, their labels and others involved with creating music. Pirates, I tell ya. Walk the plank of the court system in terms of justice.

  8. termo says – reply to this


    Ah god, are you guys commenting here just plain dumb?

    7 comments and they seem to be from retards. Sorry but I had to reply…

    Lets start by comment number:
    1. Stealing what? It was censorship, Megaupload paid 3 million to make the video and they hold a license for it. UMG could not explain why they took the video down. They abused Youtube take down system to take down a video they did not liked, which they AGREE dont hold any copyright. Its not the first time they say they have took down videos to which they dont hold a copyright. So yes its censorship. We are are still waiting to hear why they took it down, Youtube reinstated the video because UMG could not explain either.

    Comment 6. Siding with the wrong line? Are you kidding, the music labels are the ones that profit the most and they are not needed anymore. Artists can publish their work without a label now, its the digital world now, you can be famous without having to pay the middle man, they know it and the labels are scared to death by this fact. Internet is their worst nightmare. No wonder they want to kill it with the SOPA law.

    Comment 7? Yea sure, artists are all so poor, they even have cash to go to McDonals, maybe we should set up a PayPal account and donate them some money. Yeah now lets get real, if you consider having 5 Aston Martins and a 10 millions house in Beverly Hills, then I want to be a poor artist as well.