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Michael C. Hall Says Dexter Series Finale Won't Be A Happy Ending

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Dexter Happy Ending

We want a happy ending for you, Dex — we mean Michael! A happy ending for everyone!

But then there's this other side too… maybe we don't want such a happy ending. Maybe we want shocking. Maybe we want that underlying feeling of dread that's permeated through the whole series to finally surface and be faced!

Here's what Michael C. Hall had to say, while skating around too many specifics:

"There is a sense of resolution, but there is some pretty fundamentally earthshaking things that happen as well. I'm like Dexter's press secretary, so I have to saying something without saying anything. I don't know about a happy ending. I think the question is what happens to him. Is he done in? Does he do himself in? Does he get away with it? But even if he gets away with it at this point, there have been a lot of ramifications for his behavior already. What the final verdict will be for him specifically, I can't say. As for a happy ending, I don't think we're in that territory.

"I think we're meant to be skeptical about Dexter's claims of inhumanity when we first meet him. At this point, especially given Dexter's seemingly authentic connection to his role as a father and to his son. I think it's difficult to argue that he's without the capacity of human emotion. But his ability to compartmentalize has probably developed as much as anything.”

On a Deb and Dexter romance:

“The story has certainly been moving towards some sort of epiphany or recognition on her part. I think from the beginning, storytelling-wise, Dexter and Deb had a relationship that is as central to the story of the show as any. To the extent that they've been moving towards each other one way or another. That's been in the cards since the beginning. Obviously, we've been through things personally , but we remain dear friends and fiercely committed to our work as actors on the show.”

Either way, we demand resolution! None of that cutting to black, up in the air bullshizz!

It'll be hard to imagine a world without Dexter when it reaches it's end!

Are U watching this season?? Thoughts?? How should the end the show??

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18 comments to “Michael C. Hall Says Dexter Series Finale Won't Be A Happy Ending”

  1. 1

    Anyone but Harrison…..

  2. 2

    Capt. Laguerta stabbed Chief Matthews in the back….OFF WITH HER HEAD!

  3. 3

    Am I the only one who thought the kiss between Dexter & Debra was way out of line & uncalled for in the show?

  4. 4

    I know there are two more seasons to go so this would go better with the very last season.

    So the last season ever like series finale should have the main problem be Deb finding out about Dexter's dark passenger. I think she should be finding things out throughout and then has a very hard decision, does she give her brother in which could boost her career big time? should she confront her brother? Does she ignore it? how could she ignore it? I think that would be just a great ending to the whole show and of course they make it very twisted and intense as usual

  5. 5

    After last season they can't do a repeat of a similar ending. I do LOVE deb though I am so glad they are still friends. If Deb ever left the show I'd have to!

  6. 6

    I had to cancel my subscription to Showtime, so I haven't caught anything this season other than the first episode. What the hell are the writers thinking if they're going in the direction of Dexter and Deb having a romantic relationship? They'll have a lot of digusted and skeeved out viewers if they do that. Though, they'd know they'd be gettting the ratings of everyone tuning in to see that nasty shit.

  7. DD82 says – reply to this


    Re: My Husband is Missing – you do realize that was a dream, right? Weird stuff happens in dreams sometimes….

  8. Laura says – reply to this


    (im only on episode 5 of this season) but i would like it to end with him getting caught, going off to prison, he and deb did hook up, and she was so disgusted by it that she ends any type of relationship she has with him, leaving him w/o anyone really, other them himself and, of course killing the people with him in prison. oh, his son dies some way (so he has no redemption to look forward to), by his hand? this also causes his imaginary dad to leave him too. too easy?

  9. 9

    First off, they can't possibly end it that badly because they're already signed on for two more seasons. Second of all, Deb & Dex kissing was a dream of hers - NOT REAL, so it's really not that weird. And if you listen to what her therapist tells her about why she may feel that way about him, it's completely plausible because he's the only guy she's ever been close to that's never hurt her or died. And they're not biologically related (not saying it wouldn't be weird), but it's probably something Deb is thinking about when it comes to how she feels about Dexter. I don't think they're going to kill Harrison, but you never know, it could happen. If you watch one of the previews for the finale, Dexter injects himself to save Harrison, so I think Dexter may get hurt, but they can't kill him off, obviously. When it comes to Travis' demise, it could go either way; Dexter could see the light & let the police get to him, but I think that Travis kidnapping Harrison would spark a nerve and give him more intent to kill him.

  10. 10

    Re: My Husband is Missing – no, you're not the only one. I thought it was gross and I hated it!

  11. 11

    I love the show, but not this season. Colin Hanks doesn't make a good villain and he dragged the show down. I hope the show picks up in the next two seasons so it will go out as a memorable series.

  12. 12

    I LOVE this showI Maybe Deb will find out about Dex. I hope nothing happens to harrison hes so cute and even though it seems like Dex rarely spends time with him lol

  13. txmrs says – reply to this


    For the series end: during the season Deb should become more and more suspicious of Dexter and his secret comings and goings. Dexter will become more and more conflicted about his "dark passenger" and being a good father to Harrison. Deb begins investigating Dexter and in the final episode walks in to a "kill Room" just after he has killed his last victim(La Guarta). Deb is horrified as Dexter tearfully confesses the truth about himself. He begs her to kill him to stop him because he can't stop himself. Deb is crying and saying she can't do it. Dexter tells her he can't let her turn him in so he lunges at her with his knife and she shoots him. Dexter falls to the floor and Deb rushes to his side. Dexter smiles at her and thanks her and tells her to take care of Harrison. For the first time, Deb is able to see her dad's ghost and her tells her "it's ok, I've got him now" and that he's proud of her. Smiling, through tears, she watches as the ghosts of Dexter and her father walk away. Just then, Baptista and the other Miami police officers storm in and we see Baptista put his arm around Deb and lead her from the room. Zoom out on the scene.

  14. 14

    Re: txmrs – You just made that up right? because there's no WAY in hell this will happen when there's still two seasons to go lol and if this DOES happen i swear on everything i'll stop watching if Dexter turns into a ghost for 2 seasons.
    BUT i do think Harrison is probably going to get killed or at least hurt and linger it to next season leaving us to think he died, after they killed off Rita something like this wouldn't shock me lol

  15. 15

    I also cannot afford Showtime, so will have to see what happens on the fan sites.

  16. 16

    inb4hekillshimself/hischaracter dies.

  17. txmrs says – reply to this


    Re: justtospeaktruth – The article says SERIES finale not SEASON finale.

  18. 18

    People, grow up. Ha. It was a dream of hers…and they are not blood related. AND it's a damn tv show.