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Rooney Mara Thinks Her Guest Spot On Law & Order Was 'So Stupid'

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Rooney Mara Thinks Her Guest Spot On <em>Law & Order</em> Was 'So Stupid'

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is waaay too smart for a show like Law & Order!!

Before she hit it big, a young Rooney Mara had an appearance on Law & Order. An experience the ungrateful actress calls describes as "So awful. So stupid."

What was it about the episode's content that made it so "stupid?"

The stunning actress described her plot as totally unrealistic, saying:

"Me and my boyfriend—although I [didn't] look old enough to have a boyfriend—went and beat up these fat people, and at the end of the show you find out that I used to be obese and I hate fat people. It's ridiculous. Who would ever do that? Who would beat someone up because they're fat?"

Um… are you serious?

Rooney, we realize you are totally gorgeous — and it sounds like you've always been that way — but sometimes fat people DO get beat up just because they're fat!

It may surprise Rooney to hear that people are attacked simply cause of the way they look ALL THE TIME.

If she hadn't offended to show's producers enough the actress went on to say that she don't understand why the show is that popular, adding:

"People are obsessed with that show. I don't get it."

Hey Rooney, you're done shooting, you can stop acting like a Lisbeth Salander!

[Image via WENN.]

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46 comments to “Rooney Mara Thinks Her Guest Spot On Law & Order Was 'So Stupid'”

  1. 1

    Way to appreciate what opportunities you are given. Rooney it's a fat girl's name.

  2. 2

    Mario got a black eye for being fat. oh wait, or was it for being a bitch?

    and she sounds hella dumb. Never dis a show youve worked on. First rule of acting my dear.

  3. Uruha says – reply to this


    Fat people get beat up for real? I thought that was only gay people.

  4. 4

    First time in 6 years every been 1st. Whoo Hoo. Thank you Rooney for being such an ungrateful freak.

  5. 5

    Wow. She really sounds full of herself.

  6. 6

    She better ask Megan Fox about trashing the people who gave you your big break. I didn't see her Law and Order episode so I don't know if it sucked or not, but the bottom line is they gave her a job, she took their check, and I am sure she used it on her resume.

    Then again, maybe she feels she can talk shit because she really doesn't need these acting gigs. If my Dad owned the New York Giants and my grandfather owned the Pittsburgh Steelers, I guess I would be feeling myself too!

  7. 7

    She isn't saying fat people don't get beat up dumbass!! She's saying a person who WAS fat wouldn't go beat up other fat people. It's an unrealistic story and a dumb show with dumb storylines. I completely agree with her. It's not ungrateful. She was probably saying it with a big smile on her face remembering her first TV job. Sheesh people!

  8. 8

    Re: dewman77 – Doesn't Law and Order often get their storylines from true events? So how is it unrealistic?

  9. 9

    well i dont like her show i think it was rubbish which by proxy makes her rubbish..
    lately alot of stars been biting the hands that fed them..

  10. 10

    Well…it couldn't have been any worse than the Nightmare on Elm Street remake.

  11. 11

    Art Rooney must be rolling over in his grave. What an embarassment to your family's name. I understand that Rooney Mara grew up in a prevledged life but how could she say something so stupid??? There is a reason that Law & Order is so popular - they basically tell true stories straight from the headlines. I hope she never works again because of her comments. Yes hon, fat people get mistreated, harrassed, & killed!

  12. Kelz! says – reply to this


    "Me and my boyfriend—although I [didn't] look old enough to have a boyfriend…" If this chick is 26 yrs old and her guest spot was in 2006 (as it says on other websites) then she was 21 years old at the time. FFS, bitch aren't you conceited.

  13. 13

    Wow, I love her even MORE now. She's is the pinnacle of hotness. She is the uber dream-girl.

  14. 14

    Also, to all of you bashing her . . . Chill the FUCK out. Go ahead, allow Fat Head here to instill his distaste for others upon you. 1) Law & Order IS absolute garbage and 2) you don't even know the context from which this excerpt was taken. Stop letting this crusted anus influence your thoughts. Grow a mind, sheep. God forbid someone outside of the internet's biggest bully speak their mind. The HORROR!

  15. 15

    Why do they make The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo anyways? The original one is amazing! No need to butcher it…

  16. 16

    Re: Nika89 – from what i remember, the swedish version did not follow the book at all and from advance screenings, people are saying this version follows the book much more closely. just because americans are remaking it does not mean it's going to be some crap show. david fincher is the best, and rooney already got a golden globe nomination for the role. i wouldn't call that "butchering."

  17. 17

    You should fire the ESL writer you hired to write your blog for you. . .

  18. 18

    That plot is ridiculous so I dont blame her at all.

  19. 19

    i love law and order svu, but i have to agree that the episode "fat" was pretty stupid.

  20. 20

    I understand where she's coming from. It's the old fallacy that bullies only bully people because they themselves are insecure, or that homophobes are only homophobic because they themselves are closeted gays. Of course, perez completely believes both of those, so I can see why he wouldn't think that episode's plot was unrealistic.

  21. 21

    Re: violethill – i liked the other version a lot but we'll see how good is this one i guess… I just don't like that Hollywood remakes movies that are not American

  22. 22

    Re: violethill – Have you seen the Swedish movie and read the book? Obviously not! How dare you give your opinion on things you don't know anything about?

  23. 23

    Lol..shes trying so hard to be an artistic attitude and she has that predictable serious actor personality yuck. Boring. Lol she was in a remake in nightmare on elm street now she's acting like sirs above it all. Shes not likable at all.

  24. 24

    Re: KarrieBelle – If you think the stories that appear on law and Order are that closely based on true events, you're on crack. That show is tripe and that's her point. It was a retarded episode and she had to still do what the script said and she's laughing about it now. I think it's funny she can laugh about it. It's like looking back at a horrible school production you were in 5 years ago with your friends and commenting on how embarrassing it is. Everybody needs to calm the fuck down on here and stop judging the fuck out of this innocent comment.

  25. 25

    1st no one at all knew who the hell this girl was 6 months ago. she should just shut her mouth and be truly grateful for any work she as got to do. it steps like being on law & order that got her to where she is today.

  26. 26

    Re: candy-lou – I've actually known about her, her sister, and the rest of her GIANT family for quite some time. Just because you're not in the know doesn't mean everybody else is.

  27. 27

    Ugh… I just hate when people say "she should just shut up and be grateful.."
    Wtf do YOU know about it?
    Just because you see her picture and read some out of context comment, you think you have the knowledge and right to judge her and tell her how she should act? So I suppose she has no buisness telling people about her point of view?
    If she really thinks it's a stupid show and her part in it was lame, she can talk about it all she wants for all I care.. it might be unwise of her, but it is her right.
    You are just a bunch of cyber bullies.

  28. 28

    Re: Kateekidding – she should shut up because at the end of the day she still took the pay check

  29. 29

    Re: pie107 – So nobody has the right to speak ill about any of their previous jobs?? Or does that rule only apply to actors? Unless she has signed a contract that states otherwise, it is her right to speak her mind. Get over it.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    It's one to laugh about an old crappy job you had, it's another to right out diss it to the media. If she had just laughed about how bad it was and said that at least it was a starting point, I could understand but she tore it apart and then insulted an entire very popular series and that's just a stupid move. She's a big deal right now because of one movie (that may be a huge hit or might not be) and she should remember that. All those "obsessed" fans may decide to skip it.

  32. 32

    Well, that was a smart move.

  33. 33

    it's hilarious she's embarrassed to have worked on such a mainstream show, considering how the girl with the dragon tattoo is one of the most mainstream phenomena to come out over past couple of years! don't know what the remake will be like but the original was poorly written tripe.

  34. 34

    Geez, bite the hand that feeds much?

  35. 35

    I remember this episode, it was on Law and Order: SVU. The plot was a little different than most but she definitely looked old enough to have a boyfriend considering she was playing a high schooler. A lot of actors have had roles on Law and Order early in their careers, she shouldn't think she's above it.

  36. fid says – reply to this


    Re: violethill – From what I've seen of the new one (clips and such) it is shot by shot the same as the Swedish one. The problem with North America is that the majority of the people don't want to read subtitles, so since Americans have so much money in film, they can just re-make it. This happens all the time, most of the time, the original is much better (i.e., let the right one in)

  37. 37

    what a bitch! if she didnt like the part when she read it, why did she take it…oh yeah…TO GET PAID!!!!!!!!

  38. fid says – reply to this


    Considering that practically EVERY actor has had some role on Law & Order, the show is an institution for actors and very likely has a big pool of writers and directors. It's a pity that this girl is insulting the show. She isn't an A-list actor yet and this film could very likely bomb in the box office (those who love the book swear they won't watch the re-make etc.) so maybe she shouldn't try stomping on people's toes? She's probably burned a few bridges.

    Most people who start their career in any field know it's a big no-no to insult your last employer, especially if it's a big company because word gets around. Even A-list actors generally don't insult the films they've worked on.

  39. 39

    Re: Death2Gaga – well said!

  40. 40

    That actually does sound really stupid. But what is also stupid is remaking a movie from 2009 just because Americans are too lazy to read subtittles.

  41. 41

    wow. she is so full of herself. law and order is a great show! and that story line is 100% realistic.

  42. 42

    Oh I'd love to sit down to tea with her and Kristen Stewart…oh and perhaps someone terminally ill to lighten things up.

  43. 43

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…

  44. 44

    Re: CHOLAREAL – I've seen and READ the book and film. So why don't you shut your mouth. I'm a HUGE fan of the trilogy.

  45. 45

    Re: fid – No it is not. Not at all. Why are you all non-americans acting like pretentious pricks about this movie? You haven't even seen it yet. The swedish film left out alot. Including Blomkvist's relationship with Erika, which is a huge part of the trilogy. Noomi Rapace was fantastic but everything else was lackluster. It was a television director.

  46. 46

    that was beyond tacky,… sometimes it's better to just shut the eff up. She isn't gorgeous.. she looks just like any ole pale faced girl you'd slap makeup on.. a dime a dozen.