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Transgender Teen Documents Transition On Youtube To Spread Awareness!

| Filed under: Inspiration

Not only is Owen Middleton going through a transgender process, but he is also showing everyone in the world the transition — while spreading awareness and just down-right awesome human beingness as well!

Being so young, it's unfortunate that Owen already knows so much about the misunderstanding people have about the process and the people undergoing that process.

Owen is doing his part to educate those willing to listen.

He educates on everything from the differences between sex, sexuality, and gender, to discussing his feelings and physical changes testosterone therapy is producing.

It's straightforward, it's honest, and it's incredible. We applaud everything you're doing, Owen, and we wish you nothing but the best in life and with your change!

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32 comments to “Transgender Teen Documents Transition On Youtube To Spread Awareness!”

  1. 1

    I staunchly support others' rights to live the way they choose, even if I don't agreee with it. Courage is found in hearing opposing views, not trying to conform them to your beliefs, and letting each live their own life. I wish you, Perez, would do a better job being a little more neutral on smoker's rights and republicans. We are not all bad:) God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  2. 2

    Brave young man. All the best to you Owen, as you have a long and challenging journey ahead of you.

  3. Bee24 says – reply to this


    This is so wrong and messed up on so many levels. It's unnecessary and actually quite sad. Oh well…

  4. 4

    If ur born a boy stay a boy
    If ur born a girl stay a girl
    Why are these ppl trying to change who they are?
    They never heard the song Born This Way.

  5. 5

    k.. so is that a girl becoming a guy or a guy becoming a girl?

  6. 6

    Re: HAWTSTUFF – that is the most ignorant comment i have ever read.
    you should be ashamed.

  7. 7

    This is just sick. These freaks need to be locked up, not encouraged.

  8. Bee24 says – reply to this


    Not directed at the person in the post in particular…
    You can try to make your voice deeper, grow a beard, etc via treatment but that will not change the fact that you are a female who is dependent on drugs to make you appear a certain way - it only masks it and in a way allows you to simply hide behind a wall and avoid confronting your real issues. You were "Born this way". Work with what you have. No one is saying you have to wear a dress and conform to gender stereotypes, but a person is going way too far if they want to continuously take drugs and have surgery to try to change their sex. Usually, a person has identity issues and insecurities. How will this solve the core issue/ any underlying issues?
    This girl will always be a female. That cannot be changed. You cannot always get what you want and its not always good to get what you want either.

  9. 9

    Re: Bee24 – Just a question for you (and there's no malice or sarcasm intended - I'm just curious about your opinion): if an individual isn't hurting anyone, why does it bother you how someone else chooses to live their life? There are lots of choices other people make that I don't understand or agree with, but ultimately, it's their life and their choices don't impact me or my life. I've never really understood why people get annoyed with someone else choosing to do what makes them happy in their own lives.

  10. 10

    Re: Bee24 – You seriously need to do your research on the shit transgendered people have to go through to even become who they really are… They have to go through special counciling for sometimes years and years and have to get permission to even go on these medications. And after everything said and done this country claims them as a different sex… They legally are recognized as that gender. So next time you fuck someone just remember they might have been a boy/girl before… That's how amazing these surgeries are these days… Oh and by the way as far as that lady gaga song goes lol you do know that she encourages trams people to be who they are as in the person they want to be lol people's ignorance is hilarious to me

  11. 11

    If womanly people have an issue with these people why are Theron perezs site lol he is gay everyone!

  12. 12

    Re: Jennylynnielynn – Lol wtf totally didn't post this lol

  13. Bee24 says – reply to this


    Re: Meggie246524 – I know that people choose to do what they want and that cannot really be changed, however, it's "annoying" to see because this really does not need to happen. There are underlying issues that should be addressed (intensely) rather than opting to do something so extreme.

    Re: Jennylynnielynn
    Yes, I am aware of the message Lady Gaga intended to send with her lyrics in "Born this Way" (you're born this way whether you are L, G, B or T), however, I find that very ironic in this case (literally and otherwise) hence the quotations and why I even used that phrase.

    "And after everything said and done this country claims them as a different sex… They legally are recognized as that gender."
    You seem to be using the terms "sex" and "gender" interchangeably which they should not be because they mean completely different things. Sex - male and female. It technically cannot be changed. Your DNA cannot be changed. Gender on the other hand is more about whether a person is masculine or feminine (see: gender roles/expectations and stereotypes) as opposed to male or female (sex).

  14. 14

    Re: Bee24 – Touché… You are correct I shouldn't use that interchangeably I also believe that sex and gender and two different things and I know lots of transgendered people feel the same… After all a transsexual is different from a transgendered person so yes I will admit my incorrectness… However what I said about them legally being seen as a particular sex is true however when it comes to medical documents of course to be treated in the correct way then the born sex as well as the knowledge of being transgendered is needed… I personally have dated a transgendered person before and it is a struggle and it is a change they need to make for themselves and no one else… They have struggles like every other person in this world… You need to see and talk to a transgendered person to understand and even then you might not fully grasp it… I don't get angry at people who don't understand, it makes me sad…

  15. 15

    Re: Bee24 – Hmmm. Are you willing to consider the possibility that our scientific base of knowledge is not yet advanced enough yet to fully understand the correlation between the mind & body and there's the possibility that transgendered people may not have psychological issues that require counselling; but rather a genetic "flaw" whereby the brain's chemical makeup is not in sync with the body's genitalia. Perhaps this genome hasn't yet been identified, which means that although we may not yet fully understand the cause of "transgenderism", that doesn't mean that the underlying issue isn't biochemical in nature - we may not have enough research yet to pinpoint it. If this is true, then denying these individuals physical transformation because of our absolute belief that it's a psychological issue rather than a physiological one would be quite cruel. You may be right, I may be right, or maybe we're both wrong and there's a combination of the two or another alternative entirely. Just food for thought.

  16. 16

    Re: Bee24 – A person is not just their body. They are not just flesh and blood. There is a complex system of electrical impulse, delicate connections of how things are, for lack of better phrasing, 'arranged' that makes a person who they really are. The body may say one is male, but the mental/brain impulses say they are female. There are certainly people of one gender who tend to look more the other gender, the same goes for brain chemistry. They are not freaks. None of us are. Everyone is put together to be who and what they are, but so many tiny, closed minds keep them from it, because they can't handle what is, to them, 'different'. It is as complex as what leads you to your religious affiliation, your political party, etc. Everyone's wiring is different.

  17. 17

    So brave! Live the life you want and be happy!!! All the best to you! Stay strong and remember: all that matters is how you feel about yourself and that you are HAPPY!!

  18. 18

    Re: Bee24 – The moment you quoted Gaga, you lost all your credibility. I understand that you're not trying to hurt anyone, but your comment is very ignorant. Read about this - and learn.

  19. 19

    Re: Meggie246524 – I love your 3rd comment, to the point where I'm actually smiling while writing this. Absolutely brilliant, it is as if you read my mind. You said it all.

  20. 20

    I am in total support of his right to choose his lifestyle, but does he have to put all his business on Youtube or any of these other websites. I know one thing, his ass better not be whining about bullying and people violating him bc they recognize him from these damn movies. You are not really spreading awareness at some point, you are just drawing a target on your head.

  21. 21

    Re: AlchyAnonMS – Lol everyone puts everything on YouTube lol… And he is deff not the first or last trans person on there lol not even close… And they rarely talk about other people and their feelings… They usually just inform of new changes…

  22. 22

    ….and how is this celebrity news?

  23. 23

    Drunks and drug addicts have so called DNA and chemical imbalances, and we send them to rehab. Those who suffer from mental illnesses are convinced on certain matters that are not true and very often institutionalized. If what some of you are saying, that wanting to be a different sex is a genetic makeup or deformity, and it's not a choice, why should transgenders be treated any different?

  24. 24

    Re: reunite89 – There are tons of different things people deal with that people don't go to rehab for… That are Chemical imbalances… Your argument is ridiculous… What about hermaphrodites? How should they be treated? In your mind… They have a physical and I'm sure mental contradictions…

  25. 25

    Best of luck Owen!

  26. 26

    How the fuck is this inspirational? This kid needs to shut up n go to sleep he has school in the morning. Its not normal for a boy/girl his/her? age to consider changing their gender or anyone for that matter, They need serious help if thats the case

  27. 27

    This is great and really good to see anything that raises awareness for trans youth - BUT you act like he's the only one!? There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of trans youth documenting their transitions on youtube, and have been for years… Wondering why this guy has been selected for press invasion?

  28. 28

    Owen is so well-spoken & intelligent. I wish the best for him. That he's taking the time & effort to educate us is awesome & so useful.

  29. 29

    Let's simplify things:

    If you're born with a dick, you're a male.
    If you're born with a vagina, you're a female.

    If you "feel" otherwise, some psychiatric help is in order. Cutting off body parts or pasting different ones on will not change anything. It's your mind that's messed up. Get some help.

  30. 30

    Re: Mr. Strat – I will say this again…. They have to go through years of therapy to get approved for any of the injections and stuff… They already have gotten that kind of help… Get informed

  31. 31

    IMHO, life is too short. I often wonder if Chaz will be singing "Will you still love me tomorrow?" after the change is complete and he realizes he married a lesbian.
    Change your mind, not your sex. You can still have your dreams. I mean, in a different world, Marcus Bachman could become First Lady without any alterations.

  32. 32

    Doing this as a teenager is just ridiculous. Live life a little, then decide.