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Merry Kristmas From The Kardashians

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It's that time of year again and as per usual, the Kardashian family are stirring a lot of controvery with their annual Chrismtas card.

Remember the year they let Ryan Seacrest - aka the man behind the start of their reality empire - be in their family holiday photo? This card leaves the controversy of that one in the dust.

The whole clan got together for one mega-holiday shot, which doesn't really scream Christmas, but does make a pretty bold statement. Two, to be exact.

First off, you'll notice in the close-ups how ALONE Kim Kardashian is. At first, we thought Kris Humphries , her hubby of 72 days, was photoshopped out. Actually, it turns out this was shot right AFTER their divorce was announced, so there was no need for any help in editing.

Then, get this. The Kardahisn Kristmas card is actually in - wait for it - 3D!

With the proper optical wear, you can see every detail of Kim, Khloe Kourtney and the others right in your face!

That just SCREAMS Happy Holidays! LOL!

What do U think? U like the card?

Oh, check out the gallery (below) to see more close-up shots of the fam!

[Image via Nick Saglimbeni .]

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86 comments to “Merry Kristmas From The Kardashians”

  1. 1

    This is the most distorted use of photoshop ever! They made Kim taller that Kloe, and if that younger one was on the top step she would be as tall as Lamar. And why does everyone look angry? And that big empty chair - does that represent Humphries?

  2. 2

    Is it just me or do they all look extremly angry and they all look over photoshopped. isnt christmas supposed to be happy? they look like they have something severe shoved up their asses

  3. 3

    They look ridiculous! What about festive spirit…they look like someone died

  4. 4

    All this card screams is PHOTOSHOPPED!!! They are all slimmed down and lengthened. It is not a very cheerful sight.

  5. 5

    All this card screams is PHOTOSHOPPED!!! They are all slimmed down and lengthened. The Kardashian family is not a very cheerful sight.

  6. 6

    It would be cool if you posted fan christmas cards. I dont give a shit about that family.

  7. 7

    Whoever photoshopped this should get a HUGE bonus!!! He took at least 10 punds of Kim and probably 20 of Kris. The card itself is ridiculous - MAJOR FAIL!!!!

  8. 8

    i actually like this pic BUT its not a xmas card

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Mason looks adorable & he fits right in he knows how to pose just like the rest of them. It's a great picture.

  11. rory! says – reply to this


    Why is it necessary for them to make a stupid anti-festive looking card anyway?

  12. 12

    wow. what a waste of a perfectly good tree to make this garbage! they all look constipated!!! and those poor young girls they're exploiting!! young mason better grow up slowww!!

  13. 13

    yes theres no way kris jennar is as tall as khloe!!! PHOTOSHOPPED!!! in the worse way

  14. 14

    Love the pic…not as a Christmas card though.

  15. 15

    If it wasn't for bad taste,
    the Kadashians would have no taste at all

  16. 16

    This is the most depressing Christmas card ever. They all look so pissed off.

  17. 17

    14:59 and counting……

  18. 18

    This family is such a joke.

  19. 19

    Seriously WTF is wrong with this family? They are so disgusting

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Re: MR Pete – hahahahahaha couldn't have said it better myself

  22. 22

    It screams something alright, but what I hear sounds more like the Katrashians snickering behind the piles and piles and piles of money all the idiots keep handing over to them every time they tune in, buy, or follow the twits from these twits.

  23. 23

    Why the hell are the skinny girls photoshopped to look even skinnier?

  24. 24

    If they ever make a new Fantasy Island TV series, they can cast Kim Kardashian as "Mrs." Roarke, and the little kid with the frown in the picture as Tattoo. TV GOLD!!! PS: the Kardashians still suck.

  25. 25

    Looks like the photoshopper gave Kourtney Kim's ass by mistake

  26. 26

    Three tits. Bout says it all doesn't it.

  27. 27

    Is this the Christmas card from the Kartrashians or the Adams Family? omg I'm confuse

  28. 28

    They have such a nice looking family!

  29. Mermo says – reply to this


    How come these fat asses end up looking like models????Ohh yes..PHOTOSHOP

  30. 30

    what the actual fuck

  31. 31

    love mason

  32. JVE2 says – reply to this


    This picture is ridiculous! I mean come on! This really spreads the holiday cheer! They all look like they're going to beat someone up! Even the baby is mean muggin'!

  33. 33

    it looks depressing

  34. 34

    disturbingly photo shopped

  35. 35

    They're creepy and they're kooky,
    Bothersome and spooky,
    They're all together pukey,
    Kim and Family.

  36. 36

    Why won't this family die already?

  37. 37

    The Kardashians are simple proof that Satan exists. Christmas card? You've got to be kidding. Someone exorcise these horrid cloven-kunted creatures but fast.

  38. 38

    I hope they all rot! LIARS!!!! FU Kim!

  39. 39

    So pathetic, narcisistas!!

  40. 40

    little Mason is one cool lookin' dude!!

  41. 41

    I can totally feel the Holiday spirit in this photo LOL! I wonder what is off in the distance that they are so angry at???

  42. 42

    Wait, are these real people or is another terrible wax replica? They should be embarrased by the blatant photoshopping. And seriously, it's a Christmas card not a Halloween invite. Would it kill them to at least look happy? Kendel and Mason are the only ones that look "fierce". The rest just look pathetic.

  43. 43

    most of the whole page of comments is dead on….

  44. 44

    Kris is so narcissistic it's apparent, she has made her self the center of attention, donning a look at me dress and is notable really the only one looking at the camera,,, as if she is saying- look at all my puppets. I use to like them, but now everything seems so fake, I'm so over it!

  45. 45

    I think someone told these misguided idiots that they were shooting the cover of Vanity Fair lol! Smize, bitches!

  46. 46

    I think the guys all have their hands in their pockets to make sure their balls are still there.

  47. 47

    Can someone please let the AIR OUT OF THEY'RE HEADS…. I MEAN ASS…

  48. 48

    A. Where are Jenner's kids? did he give those up when Kris stole his balls, or are they just smart enough to distance themselves from the K side of the family?
    B. It speaks volumes that the only person wearing color is Kris K. (I mean J??), and she also happens to be the ONLY one looking directly into the camera. Since she is the one controlling the media/stories on all these slut puppets, that makes sense, eh?
    C. Do they really say Merry Kristmas on their cards? If so, Kris has a God complex *(Which is probably already proven to be true).
    D. If Kris is God, the human race is in big shit trouble
    E. It takes a lot to have to philosophize these fuckers. I am obvi bored tonight…otherwise, i don't like them and don't partake in lining their slik, photoshopped pockets with cash bc I refuse to actually watch this show.
    F. I'm signing out bc I don't have the energy to get to K.

  49. 49

    By wearing that dress in a different color from everyone else and by making herself the center of the card, Kris shows she could not be more self-absorbed. I feel sorry for anyone who has to have this attention seeking, pathetic person for a mother.

  50. 50

    the younger ones are workin it!

  51. 51

    Did you really have to spell Christmas with a K ??

  52. 52

  53. 53

    I kind of liked it when only Kourtney wore the pants. Now everyone's wearing a damn pant. Aww look at Mason. The teenage girls look good. Look at Kim and Khloe, TWINZIES. This is a georgous pic, but it looks more New Year's Eve than Christmas. Mother Kardashian (Jenner) is the only festive looking one. These aren't Hollywood royalty, I would have had more fun with this, like everyone in an outrageously funny Christmas sweater, with lots more laughter. And maybe the younger kids making a funny "OMG I can't believe I'm wearing this." face. A regular family portrait, fine, but they're too serious in this Christmas shoot.

  54. 54

    LOL Wow they are such great entertainers

  55. 55

    I think its as gross as the one last year. They don't really look like a family. If this were a Vogue add for some designer I'd think it was appropriate. But they're segmented and look as though they hate each other. And its the fucking holidays, why aren't these people smiling?

  56. 56

    Wow. So this is the Addams family's interpretation of "Merry Christmas"? How… heartwarming.

  57. 57

    Re: rosebud99 – "And that big empty chair - does that represent Humphries?" - That sentence creeped me out. These people look like serial killers in this photo, it was almost impossible not to imagine them "taking Kris out" when I read that last sentence of yours.

  58. 58

    Re: judalonRe: itsokay – You're both very right about Kris. Nailed it.

  59. 59

    I think they gave Kourtney, Kim's ass so that we all believe that Kin's is real. Nice try.

    Who are they trying to impress? Really, they are nothing but no talent, media whores. Go away! You can tell by the posts here that no one likes you liars anymore.

  60. 60

    filed under icky poo…krish photoshopped out lolol

  61. 61

    This photo is seriously drab!

  62. 62

    Nutters, every single one. Even the baby is giving me a Damian from the Omen vibe.

    B Gone, Kardashians, ya gross!

  63. 63


  64. 64

    This is when you have so much money and have nothing better to spend it on but a morbid 3D card to remind everyone just how useless and self center they really are.

  65. 65

    Is Seacrest selling the 3D glasses?

  66. 66

    Cold, fake, unloving…PERFECT for the Kartrashian family!

  67. 67

    THIS FAMILY IS PATHETIC AND DISGUSTING! You all look like you suffered a fucking stroke! This "lets looks cool and hawt" look might work for a high profile model in oron the cover of VOGUE, but this is something YOU BUNCH OF IDIOTS will never reach. Keep this shitty pic to yourself, why do you feel like putting it public? Who the hell yo uthink you are?? We do not want or need to be hearing about every fkn shit you FOOLS DO! ARE YOU NOT AWARE THAT YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A MAJOR JOKE TO THE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE OUT THERE????????

  68. 68

    I think Kris Humphries RAN because he heard he would have to be a part of this photoshop horror. SMART MOVE MAN, SMART MOVE. But you should have never married this talentless pig in first place.

  69. 69

    christmas is supposed to be happy and jolly..i would not be sending this out haha, photoshopping is good though

  70. @v@ says – reply to this


    How is this card Christmas-y?

  71. KHL says – reply to this


    are you sure this is a Christmas card? It looks more like a fashion shoot.

  72. 72

    I don't understand if you all don't like them so much then why waste your time and energy? hahaha sounds like a bunch of jealous fucktards to me. love the picture.

  73. 73

    Cool picture but not for Christmas. They all look mad. Even the little guy. God I hope they go away some time soon.

  74. 74

    So how much do you get paid, Mario, to promote the trash that is Kardashian? It must be so good that you feel that you can ignore the fact that the few readers you have left are sick and tired of this dumbass family. You're such an asshole.

  75. 75

    I feel embarrassed just by looking at this photo.

  76. 76

    It looks more like the Kardashian family is about to kill the Humphries family, rather than wishing their fans a Merry xmas… Wonder what they really looked like, before all the photoshop!!

  77. 77

    Is O.J. on the kardashian kristmas kard list?
    If not, he should be–just imagine how good this would look displayed on his cell wall. It sure would brighten his day.

  78. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Jezzikat – Those Kardashians have no soul, embarrassing even a poor snapping turtle.

  79. 79

    loving this pic! and little mason looks so adorable …

  80. 80

    i rally like it! its different!

  81. 81

    Only person that looks great and natural is Mason who looks really adorable with his pose! Christmas is suppose to be colorful and festive…not photo shopped, gray and dull!

  82. jham says – reply to this


    Oh come on now, you'd be menacing and serious too if you were guarding the gates of hell. Where's the three headed dog? I see Damien's represented. Is it me, or is it just disturbing that a child's face is contorted like that? Fitting the mom is wearing green as she's the pimp selling her children's bodies and souls. More like ANTICHRISTmas. These people are seriously messed up.

  83. 83

    I'm embarrassed that Kim wore that oufit. She looks like a HUGE whale.

  84. 84

    no no i admit the bub looks cute …

  85. 85

    dundundun..dun.dun…snap…snap..they're creepy and they're kooky..snobby & spooky…they are all together ooky……"THE KARTRASIAN FAMILY"…snap…snap…they're house is a museum…no one wants to see them…they really are NOT a real-um…"THE KARTRASIAN FAMILY"…dundundun….dun..dun..snap…snap

  86. 86

    This is so Christmas-like. Ha. And why are they all looking out, away from the camera? How stupid is that. Kim, I know you're trying to be all high fashion with your outfit, but you always look so overdone. It's pathetic how much make up you wear.