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Professor Suing NYU After Getting Fired…For Giving James Franco A Poor Grade!

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nyu prof fired for giving james franco a bad grade

Former NYU professor Jose Angel Santana may still have his integrity, but he DOESN'T have a job anymore!

While pursuing his graduate film degree at New York University, James Franco received a "D" in his "Directing the Actor II" class for missing 12 out of 14 classes…and soon thereafter his harsh-grading professor was fired!

Professor Santana has filed a lawsuit against NYU in Manhattan Supreme Court, in which he's requesting that the school give him his job back!

Here's what he had to say about it:

"The school has bent over backwards to create a Franco-friendly environment, that’s for sure. The university has done everything in its power to curry favor with James Franco."

And here's what James had to say about the poor grade during an interview last year:

"I did the work…I did well in everything else."

While we obviously love James, and we understand that he was busy shooting 127 Hours while at NYU, his professor has the right to grade him poorly for missing the majority of his classes! That should NOT result in him getting fired!

What do U think? Should this professor get his job back???

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44 comments to “Professor Suing NYU After Getting Fired…For Giving James Franco A Poor Grade!”

  1. 1

    It depends on the school's policy on attendance. At most university level schools, the prof doesn't care whether you show up or not, you are only grades on the required assignments and exams.

  2. 2

    They should have told the Prof they were "giving" Franco grades so he knew.

  3. Audra says – reply to this


    I know my college the professors have the right to give you a failing grade or drop you from the class if you have missed more than 4 classes in the semester and in all of class attendance is taken. So it really doesn't matter that you did well in the class even if you weren't there teachers have the right to give you a sh!t grade James Franco…

  4. 4

    Don't believe it just because the professor says it is so. The school is not allowed to discuss personnel matters (so they can't comment) and this professor has already violated ethics and legal rules by disclosing a grade given to a student. So he is starting out with severe credibility issues. He had to have had bad reviews or a lack of quality scholarship. And unless he can prove that NYU is firing Latino professors on a regular basis (and no one is syaing that here), please DON'T play the race card. There is plenty of racial prejudice and discrimination that goes on in the US (and everywhere) that it demeans those who are being discriminated against when someone tries to cover their poor quality work with a race-based defense

  5. 5

    I bet James Franco couldn't compete on NBC's new game show "Who's Still Standing". It premieres tonight! Can't wait!

  6. Honor says – reply to this


    When I was in graduate school I was told if I didn't want to show up find some online courses somewhere. "Directing the Actor" sounds like s/thing you might have to show up for. This poor Prof obvi. didn't have tenure and didn't realize the politics in the academic world. Franco is NYU s star quarterback lolol

  7. 7

    Yeah, when you only turn up to 2 classes out of 14, you should be grateful for a D.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    The grading makes sense I had teachers who graded based on attendance also. His right.

  10. 10

    Are you joking'?? of course he has to get his job back!! just because its james franco doesnt mean he's different from everyone else..he clearly deserves that grade, he missed out on almost all of his classes.. there's no excuse.. what a crap university!!!

  11. 11

    and NYU's policy fails the student who misses a majority of classes, so James was lucky…he is acting really poorly, its hard for really good and decent teachers/professors to get jobs and have security…he really screwed this guy over…not cool…

  12. 12

    He deserves to be graded the same way as everyone else. If other students that missed class were also graded harshly then he deserves it as well.

  13. 13

    In reality if you miss 12 out of 14 classes, doing nothing — YOU fail! The Professor clearly got fired because it makes NYU look bad & they want to please Franco. He deserves that mark IF he did not hand anything in for grades and skipped the [assumed] exam. James should have withdrawn from that class before it was too late….

  14. 14

    Well, I know that for smaller classes in grad school you do have to show up. In a class where there is only 10 -15 people and interaction and discussion is necessary you can't just not show up. If he was busy filming, he should have taken a leave of absence or something, but he should really not expect special treatment and it sounds like that is what NYU did. I don't doubt Franco is a smart guy, but again, just because you're smart doesn't mean you should get a good grade, you have to show up, interact and do the work.

  15. 15

    Celebs get special treatment at the expense of the whole fucking world. What else is new

  16. 16

    Of course there are some courses where attendance is necessary. I do find it kind of sad though (for professors) how it's just as easy to get an A in their class whether or not you show up as long as you have the material. Kind of makes them obsolete. I felt like I was just teaching myself in college especially when the TA's barely spoke English. I just found the Professors worthless and they had the nerve to put their own students down because we didn't seem as "eager" as the African students they visited. How about life actions speak more than words and emotions professor.

  17. 17

    The professor isn't wrong in what he did "IF" he made it clear in his syllabus he would be docking points for missing classes.

  18. 18

    Thats bullshit, 12 out of 14 should be an F+++

  19. 19

    every school, and class has on the syllabus the amount of days absent you are allowed (other than for emergency reasons) that you will be failed. The fact that he received a D is even NICE. Just because he is an actor doesn't make him any different of a person. He can't just cruise by and get a degree easier than the rest of us can. He should have to abide by the same rules as every other student. The professor should NOT have been fired.

    and btw i love james franco.

  20. 20

    Some schools, like the one I go to, do not allow teachers to grade on attendance. You're graded for the work you do and how well you do it! So yes, one could be fired for that… but who knows if that's really why?

  21. 21

    Re: sprinkesrdelish – Not "every school"

  22. 22

    He's lucky he got a D if he missed that many classes. Art professors in general can be very unforgiving with attendance and even more so for grad students.

  23. 23

    Just wondering why James Franco signed up for a class that he knew he would mostly not be able to attend. You don't show up for class, you flunk. That's how it is for the rest of us. If that really was the reason the teacher was fired he should sue. But was that really why the teacher was fired? Don't know.

  24. 24

    I've heard about favoritism and extra privileges, but this really takes the cake. Celebrities are humans. Just because you might see them on a stage, in a box or on a screen, does not make them gods. I would expect a 14-year-old to treat a celebrity as a god, but certainly not a University.

  25. 25

    A student is a student, whether they're Mister Nobody or James Franco. If the school's attendance policy requires you to show up or lose your grades, no one should be exempt from it. It's hard to get into NYU's Grad Film program. Franco is a working and successful actor, if he can't be there, make room for someone who can really be committed to the program.

  26. 26

    Franco should have been in class rather than creeping out GH audiences and/or ruining the Oscars. If everyone was expected to show up and attendance was part of the grade, it's a disservice to the other students as well as the professor to punish the professor for enforcing the class's grading standards.

  27. 27

    Emma Watson was filmed Harry Potter while at Brown. A friend of mine in one of her classes said she showed up as much as she could, and she always found a way to make up the lesson or activity for that day if she couldn't be there. Regardless of the attendance policy, you shouldn't receive credit towards a graduate degree even if you were able to complete all the work. If a medical study missed 12 of his 14 classes about pharmacology, you wouldn't want him giving you a prescription even if he can use the Physician's Desk Reference to complete the assignment. Attendance policy or not, the professor should have the ability to give a grade based on the quality of work.

  28. 28

    I am a UCF graduate student and let me tell you - part of college is being able to teach ur self and then prove u know the material. Most students are working people who cant make all the classes. As Long as Franco read did well on all things graded…then who cares if he missed out on attendance?! U pay so much money to take these courses as long as you can prove that you know the material then that is ALL THAT MATTERS. If he knows the material then why give him a bad grade? this professor was just trying to make Franco look bad…this professor prob has a small dick, or is super short.

  29. 29

    In most Universities, it is standard to receive an automatic failure if you are absent more than three times if you don't have a damn good excuse for it. No other college student could get away with 12 absences in college and expect to pass that class with flying colors. Even if you did do the work. If you are not present in 98% of the classes, you fail.Period.Give the guy his job back.

  30. 30

    Of course he professor should get his job back!! I worked through college like at dog at the same school. I had to show up for class!!

  31. 31

    Absolutely get his job back. Shame on James Franco for missing 12 classes! And then expecting a good grade! Just because the other professors caved, doesn't mean everyone has to lower their standards. Shame on NYU! All they care about is the money. They should be sued.

  32. 32

    Normally, a professor has every right to grade a student however they see fit, and no on deserves special treatment in that regard. At my university, it has recently become policy that professors must take attendance and students found to not be attending are dropped from the class. It's really simple–if you're going to pay thousands of dollars to enroll in university, freaking go to class.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Never wonder how some people appear to do it all.
    Maybe they don't, but want the credit anyway.
    Team professor, unless the school has this kind of policy on attendance.

  34. 34

    I actually know someone who went to school with him and they said he was really nice. But of course a teachers going to fail you for missing that many classes…

  35. 35

    Geez, imigration kicks me out for missing less, its sad to see some people wasting education when there are people who don't have those opportunities.

  36. 36

    what a dope.

  37. LNW says – reply to this


    Attendance is part of the lesson being teached, if you miss that many classes you don't know what the heck is going on in class, therefore you should fail. Him only being in 2 classes out of 14 isn't going to teach you anything.

  38. 38

    when in university… almost all my classes, except for electives, had strict attendance guidelines. You miss 3, you fail. So James should have been happy with his grade. Clearly, he probably actually did well in the class.

  39. 39

    stick Franco on Jeopardy and we'll see just how smart he is!
    not the celebrity version with the easy questions- but regualar version of Jeopardy
    that will give us an inkling into his smarts
    have a feeling he's maybe not so much earning all of his grades but getting a bit of a free ride because of his celebrity in some courses–and in others he's actually deserving of his grades
    you know-the way athletes in university sometimes get special treatment and grades that they are not deserving of

  40. 40


  41. 41

    At my university we're not even allowed to put our names on assignments it's just a number to prevent bias.

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Black Swan – Our local university doesn't do attendance, but the papers, assignments, projects and exams are mandatory. They could care less if you show up as long as you do the work and hand it in, which can be hard to do right if you haven't been going regularly and listening.

  43. 43

    what perez forgot to mention is that james handed in the final assignment, the movie and all of the work. James' other professors have commented and said that he has attended all of the classes, even when his father passed away.
    I'm sorry if James missed a lot of class, but he was filming a movie that got him an Oscar Nomination.

  44. 44

    To be honest, I find all of this really ridiculous. His grades, his education, his personal life is nobody's business. They make a big deal out of everything, one small thing becomes a story. And the teacher is simply trying to find an excuse so he blames it on James franco. I think we all have to know that when we read a story, there are always things that we ignore and don't know about, so, commenting on those things is always risky. If I put myself in his position, I wouldn't like something from my private life (example: my grades, school) to be exposed. i would feel uncomfortable. it's as if somebody was stealing something from you that you wanted to keep to yourself. I'm not in the business, I'm not a public figure, but this unhealthy voyeur-appetite that most people have worries me. But i don't think he should worry about that because what his ex teacher said is not the smartest thing in the world. Anyway, just thought i'd give my opinion on that. I think it's great that he pursues his studies, but I will say that he shouldn't put so much pressure on himself to do so many things. working hard is good but too much work can be damaging for the soul, i think. and i hope he is not reading all those blogs about himself, if there were stories and rumors about me in the press or whatever,I would stay away from it and I wouldn't like to read any of it because I think it would drive me insane. anyway happy holliday!!! P;s S sorry for my english! :)