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Juicy Joe Giudice INDICTED For Fraudulently Obtaining Driver's License!

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Things are about to go from bad to worse for Juicy Joe Giudice!

The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey

star Teresa has had more than his share of legal troubles, and was indicted yesterday by a grand jury with charges of fraudulently obtaining a driver's license in his brother Peitro's name, having impersonated him by using his birth and marriage certificate!

WTF was this guy thinking?! And with his history of legal troubles?

Nothing more obnoxious than someone who thinks he's above the law! Especially since he has a wife and daughters to think about!

Well, we imagine he'll have lots of time to think about them - if he ends up with 11 years behind bars, as he very well could!

Such a shame.

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Juicy Joe Giudice INDICTED For Fraudulently Obtaining Driver's License!”

  1. 1

    I'm dying to see what Teresa says about this. She floats in her own hairspray bubble hiding from the truth on the show. I wonder if it's hit her that her kids may not see this "man" until they're all teenagers/adults. From how he is on the show they're better off.

  2. 2

    you could at least copy and paste correctly

  3. 3

    Let's see - Illegal aliens get driver's licenses all the time - what happens to them - NOTHING!!!! Yeah - Joe is a douche but 11 years would be overdoing it!!

  4. 4

    He is SO hot!
    I'dd suck his dick right off

  5. 5

    What a class act

  6. 6

    Maybe he turned himself in
    Wanted to get away from Teresa and those little divas she created
    I'M sure he would do real well in prison, he is one hot looking daddy

  7. 7

    They are interesting people, all right.

  8. 8

    he seems to disregard the law in his pursuit of money - think he's a little gangsta!
    he should have gone to jail for forging his ex partners signature on financial documents
    maybe he'll do a bit of time for this one
    now that the spotlight of the show is on him, I wouldn't be sruprised if more things come out on him- former partners, former mistresses–who knows
    I remember seeing him on the show peeling off a bunch of cash from a large roll of bills for Teresa to go shopping
    anyone who deals in cash that way doesn't want any record/tracking of what they're doing- credit card statements- cancelled cheques etc. usually because most of their cash is not from legal sources
    so since I saw that..I have never trusted him

  9. 9

    Theresa needs to kick his ass to the curb!! He's no good- TROUBLE

  10. 10

    This fat A hole deserves at least 5 years in the slammer. TreeApe Giudice his wife knew all along that he did this I am sure & probably encouraged him. I am Italian & from New Jersey Too (Bergen County) & these gavones make Italians look like retards. She is a pig, their kids are spoiled and nasty & he is a drunken, rude, stupid slob. Get them off that show send him to jail & no more book deals, shows or anything for Teresa. No new cookbook like "Incarcerated Italian".

  11. JVE2 says – reply to this


    If this man is in the mob or whatever he is really bad at it because it seems like he gets caught all the time for things he does wrong! LOL They should let him go….

  12. 12

    Teresa is so stupid, she'll never get it.

  13. 13

    Lets just get real here….dude is NOT going to see much if any jail time. Not that he doesn't deserve it - don't get me wrong here. I bet in another 18 months or so we'll read that he got a fine and served 12 minutes in a county jail or something stupid like that. I personally think that Joe embarrasses the shit out of Teresa so she goes into her denial "I know the real truth" place so she doesn't have to admit she married a total loser.