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Melanie Amaro SHINED Through Her X Factor Finale Performance…Even With Last Minute Changes!

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Melanie Amaro KILT IT last night! Absolutely!

But guess what! She was able to blaze through her performance even with last minute changes!

You see, she wasn't originally planning on singing Listen. Oh no, she had prepared for Nights In White Satin.

But then Simon Cowell went to her and, well, we'll let Melanie tell it best:

Listen was a last-minute change. We felt as though we needed to do something more. And I really needed a song that would describe my journey getting here. So Simon was, like, ‘We should really blow them away,’ and he never told me what he was talking about. And then he said to me, it’s ‘Listen,’ and I was cried, I was so happy.

If you listen to the words, you can see why the song means so much. It's like I had this dream in my heart that needs to be heard. And every time I sing that song, I think it's heard.

Gurl, we're glad you switched it! We totally agree with Simon, and everyone listened last night!!

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4 comments to “Melanie Amaro SHINED Through Her X Factor Finale Performance…Even With Last Minute Changes!”

  1. 1

    ESL - can't you hire people while you are on vacay who know ENGLISH??? Past tense of shine is shone. Look it up! Or are you too lazy to learn something new

  2. 2

    "and I was cried, I was so happy." wtf. who writes this shit?

  3. 3

    Maybe when you return from India you could take a few English lessons. Spelling, grammar and correct punctuation really can do a lot for a person!

  4. 4

    Melaboring wasn't all that. She is not unique at all. There are a ton of Melaboring's out there. Go Chris Rene!!! He is a star!!!