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Ryan Murphy Talks The Second Season - And Beyond - Of American Horror Story!

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We COULDN'T be more thrilled!

Not only did Ryan Murphy and company hit it out of the park with last night's season finale of American Horror Story, but today, he has revealed that the series will be a yearly anthology, each run with an entirely different house or building, and characters, and if any of the cast returns - and some will - it will be in new roles!

According to him:

“The (haunted) house is done. Every season of the show will be a different haunting. That’s always been the plan. Every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and end, and all new characters and setting. We’re still negotiating with a handful (of the performers) about returning. We’re also meeting with new actors whom we’ve targeted roles for. I will say that Connie and Dylan will not be playing the leads of the show in the second season. We’d love for them to come back and do something, maybe a smaller role or a cameo. There are all kinds of different American horror stories to tell. There are serial killing stories, prison stories, true crime stories…Each year of the show is designed to be a little miniseries unto itself. The only thing we’re not open to doing is a season on vampires."

"We too loved those characters and will mourn them and miss them. But the aspects of the show that people love, including the mystery and love story, will be there, albeit with new actors and characters. But you know, this has always been the plan from day one. We just weren’t interested in doing another season with those people trapped in the house…I’ve always wanted to do a kind of Mercury Theater approach, with a (rotating cast) and each year do kind of like a little novella. There are a lot of actors who have their own careers and don’t want to make a five-year commitment. This gives people who haven’t done TV before an opportunity. Our shooting schedule is like three or four months every season, so it’s like commiting to a film really. I get a lot of calls from film actors who want to dabble in TV but don’t know how to do it. Being on a series where all of the characters’ stories are done after a season is a way in for them. That’s been the plan from the beginning with this show.”

And FX president and GM John Landgraf continues:

“We make longterm deals as a matter of course. We haven’t yet picked up the option on anyone. It's a great fall Halloween show. The intent on the network side is for it to become a Halloween tradition for people who love the genre. I was very confident from the beginning that it would work. And the idea of starting from Ground Zero and rebuilding the entire show every season is exciting.”

So bold!

But exactly the kind of move that will really keep this series fresh!

We think we've got a modern day Twilight Zone on our hands, folks!

But good lord, PLEASE - find a way to keep Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto in next year!

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24 comments to “Ryan Murphy Talks The Second Season - And Beyond - Of American Horror Story!”

  1. 1

    Ryan Murphy annoys me to no end. Can he ever just let his shows play without revealing what will happen in them? He is CONSTANTLY spoiling Glee and now AHS.
    I'm not a fan of Glee, I can't stand it, but if I was a fan, I'd hate having a director/writer blabbing about it all the time, and now he is doing it with his other show, which I actually do like.

  2. 2

    Re: asdfg1 – agreed…

  3. 3

    The entire cast blew me away. I want to see them all next season, in one form or another.

  4. 4

    Comparing AHS to Twilight Zone pretty much makes you look like the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. It is nothing at all like it and it definitely cannot even compete with Twilight Zone. He hit nothing out of the park. The season finale was pure garbage and a total let down. It made it obvious that most of what Ryan says is BS and that they never had a clear path for the show, they came up with stuff as it went along. It was disjointed and all over the place. It had too much going on, with no real story or ending. The series started out pretty good and went downhill from there and ended up being a show that was just trying to shock people and pretty much stole everything from movies and other tv shows. No originality at all. I'm very disappointed with the ending and wish I wouldn't have wasted my time watching the series.

  5. 5

    Amazing show freaking loved it.

  6. 6

    Ryan murphy has fucked up again, yet again, once again, all that shit was a waste of time. i still want to know y the fucked they are stuck in that damn house, and when is that evil anticrist baby gonna be killed. but now that the idiot didn't even tie up the plot holes and they wont be any more of jessica langes great acting, im done with this piece of shit, damn ryans a fucking idiot basterd.

  7. 7

    guys, I don't see why you're so upset. There's really nothing to be done with that house and cast since everyone's dead because now we know what's going on. There's no mystery anymore… but I will miss Tate and Constance and I hope they will come back. this is the best show I've seen in a long long time!

  8. 8

    AHS was a great show, almost made me forgive him for Glee. I am very dissappointed tohear about the one season format for the show. If the season one finale is their idea of lot resolution I don't know if I am willing to invest in another season.

  9. 9

    i want evan peters!!!

  10. 10

    I really hoped that it would have played out to each season having new people move into the house! That way new story lines could be introduced while keeping the same great cast!! I cant fully wrap my head around the concept of different places.

  11. 11

    You know what? I have loved every episode of AHS, even the finale, but now hearing they are going to do a different place and a different story every time proves to me that Ryan Murphy is an ADD piece of shit. Stick with what you have! We LOVE the cast!!!
    I want to see how the gay couple lives with the Harmon couple in the house, and how Tate and the "Dark Entities" Hayden controls go along.
    The story of the Murder House isn't done, and for god's sakes, Little Michael and Constance haven't even started a story yet!
    Ryan Murphy always starts out excellent and then does cheap cop outs. I guess what I thought would be different is the same thing over again.

  12. 12

    I'm disappointed because I don't feel like we've been given a chance to fully know any of the characters and now they're all null and void. I wish they had of crammed more into the first season or continued for 22 eps. Just to round it all off nicely… and THEN, start all over again! I have too many questions that will never have an answer!

  13. 13

    I hope they keep Tate, Constance and Moira. The actors were fantastic.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Re: megannn1234 – ME TOO!!! hahahaha

  16. 16

    Re: Nika89 – What about Tate's little psycho offspring?? I mean there's got to be something that happens with that.

  17. 17

    Maybe Constance can move with the anti-christ baby, that'd be a sure way of keeping Jessica Lange in!

  18. 18

    I'm not buying it. I don't believe that they originally planned for this to be a revolving door show and everything was planned for the season since the beginning. For example, Frances Conroy, who plays the old version of Moira, was cast as a guest star, yet appeared in most, if not all of the episodes, while Dennis O'Hare, who was supposedly part of the main cast, appeared in less than half of the episodes. Added up, his screen time probably wouldn't even reach 20 minutes, throughout the whole season.
    The series has been very messy so far, just like Glee. Ryan Murphy simply just doesn't think things through. The reason Nip/Tuck worked was because it wasn't serialized. He just can't handle long, drawn out plot lines, proven time and time again on Glee.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike American Horror story or Glee, and I was pleased to hear there would be a new cast every season, but the notion that this series is carefully laid out beforehand, from everything to production to plot, is just a lie.

  19. 19

    ARGH! I loved the cast! but im willing to make a deal, if Tate comes back in ANY shape or form Ill be fine :D

  20. 20

    So glad I will not have to watch Zachary Quinto debase himself and the gays with this his tired sweater over the shoulder walking talking stereotype Murphy is so insistent on pushing on everyone.

  21. 21

    ickynicky, no truer words were written about this show.

  22. 22

    just please bring Jessica Lange back as Constance. Love Love Love her. She's my Mommy Dearest fetish fix.

  23. 23

    I really do.love this.show!! Its something different and odd and the acting is.great. this whole one season per story thing could really go either way. I just hope they keep Even Peters. He is really Good at being Tate, and hes my favorite on the sshow.

  24. 24

    This is an amazing show. Totally different then anything else on. This whole one season per story could really go either way. I just hope that they keep Even Peters, he is really great at his role and he is with out a doubt my fab character. I also hope that this show does not disappoint me like Glee has been doing this season. Idk, maybe Ryan Murry has been to busy with AHS to see that Glee is falling short, just prey that does not happenher!!!