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Uh Oh! Bradley Cooper Gets His Motorcycle License

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bradley cooper gets motorcycle license

Looks like Bradley wants to become Time's Coolest Person of the Year in 2012!

According to sources, earlier this month Bradley Cooper passed the test for his motorcycle license in El Lay.

Given the fact that motorcyclists are "39 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash," we'd be lying if we said that we weren't a little bit nervous about this.

We're sure Bradley will look plenty cool on his new chopper, but we need him in good shape for his upcoming action comedy Outrun!

Be careful out there!!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Uh Oh! Bradley Cooper Gets His Motorcycle License”

  1. 1

    Every time I see Cooper, I just always am forced to wonder how much his management team had to pay to have PEOPLE name him "Sexiest Man Alive". I just don't see it. He's like Jamie Kennedy after some facial work.

  2. 2

    It is nice when gay guys try to act all macho ………

  3. 3

    Stop with the gay gender child thing you freak!!!! why is everything so focused on children knowing about sex and gays and what not. All my life, since i was a child I used to be open about gays, as young as 6 years ago when my own father was a homophobe. Now with all this gay slut shit ruining our society together with regular atetntion whores. Sorry but that I will NEVER support. THAT is why people are homophobes because of the way you behave!!!!! If you acted decent, regardless of gender people would accept you. Fucking asshole.

  4. 4

    list woody allen look alike , cad to renee, not sexiest man alive , speaks french rides motorbike not brad pitt or keanu reeves ..

    i used to have a motorbike i dont ride them they are dangerous people just dont care ur there…amazed im still here ! was thrown off one more than once …im sure hes just going around the hhills on it nowhere else ..

  5. 5

    It won't last long because he won't be insurable for a big budget movie unless he leaves the motorcycle in the garage while he's working. Too big a risk they'll spend 30 million dollars, and he breaks his nose and they can't shoot the rest of his scenes.

    While he's not working however, he can ride around the 405 freeway …why? if I had his money and career, I'd get a driver.

  6. 6

    It is ALL for image - make him MACHO to dispell those GAY 'rumours'. Funny how he flits from woman to woman….Rock Hudson, anyone ,,,,, ?

  7. 7

    Re: pollopicu – I couldn't have said it better! I'm very disturbed right now with asshole hilton flitting around India with his ESL mom. I can't speak for all, but why am I embarrassed? I know, we all have our own lives and opinions, but when someone self-appoints themselves as my gay-rights spokesperson, or fights for the cause, they should conduct themselves with dignity. I would like to be taken seriously. I know you people will come to his defense and tell me how to perceive Perez Hilton, as a valid person, but in all honesty, I think he is full of shit.