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Massive Flash Mob Fight Breaks Out At Mall Of America!

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Ah, the post Christmas shopping blues.

Bad presents get retruned, stores offer sales that are ridick. Hundreds of shoppers fight amongst each other and steal from the mall.

Wait, what now?

A huge mob erupted at the Mall of America where hundreds of shoppers fought and ran away from each other.

Police state that incident had the likings of a "smash and grab" flash mob. Many were pulled into the mob as shoppers started punching each other and stealing items from kiosks and stores.

The mob lasted about an hour and police finally quelled the madness after several arrests.

Rumors were floating around that Drake and Lil' Wayne were a part of the mob's outbreak.

Damn, Drake! Tatted up foreheads and now flash mob?! Sadly, he and Wayne were not the cause of the fighting.

Check out the video a mall goer took to see the shopping madness!

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12 comments to “Massive Flash Mob Fight Breaks Out At Mall Of America!”

  1. 1

    Thank you Mr Obama
    Under your direction, we now have more unrest in this country
    Guess you figure lets get as much shit as we can to hit the fan, and than no one will notice what a rotten job you have been doing the last three years

  2. 2

    Yup @MR Pete let's blame Obama for this flash mob. He definitely orchestrated this flashmob at the Mall of America, so the country will forget about what he's doing for the economy. I mean it's obvious this incident will be all over the news and people will be so into it that the'll forget what else is going on in the world. I'm sorry, but your explanation is the most far-fetched bullshit i've ever heard.

  3. 3

    Obama has about as much to do about this flashmob as the Republican Congress.
    This lack of civility and respect for your fellow man has more to do with parenting and schooling. Americans need to act morally and teach their children the same morals. Don't tell your kids what's right and wrong-show them.

  4. 4

    Blacks being black.

  5. 5

    Obama's Amerika.
    Obama's voter base.
    What other idiots would fight each other and steal… over a fucking shoe!! ????
    Oooopssss…. I forgot I need to hush, and "embrace their cultural diversity"….so sorry, my bad.

  6. 6

    I live in MN and know a few people that were there when this happened…it was a bunch of black teenagers. This is the new thing for black kids up here, the smash and grab mobs. Makes me sick. If I were black I would feel completely ashamed of my people. They are like wild animals up here in MN, all the ones that have come from Chicago…ew go back please. Hope their 5 years of welfair run out soon

  7. 7

    A lot of the flash mobs have been hush hush in the news! This is a Obuma thing, as much as you dont want to hear or see this! Obuma has split this country from the haves & the have nots! 90% +of the time it will be the blacks flash mobbing with a few wiggers. Obuma has instructed not to show these mobs and also the one who pardon the black panthers who were not brought to justice for voter intimidation. FACTS
    They are trying not to show this on the news for quite awhile, going back to the incident that happen at some college game a couple years ago..
    Dont remember hearing anything like this during the Bush era….

  8. 8

    Re: Cherrybling – It is easy for everybody to talk shit until you live in the mess!! I hope somebody kills a few when they pick on the wrong person who has a gun carrying permit!! They might hurt me but not until I kill or injure one of them VERY BADLY that they would remember me for the rest of there life!!!
    There will be a war with the Have's & Have Not's brought to you by Obuma & Rev Wright

  9. 9

    You have your facts wrong. It started in the food court, and involved a few people, what the video shows is mostly people getting out of the way. It did NOT involve 100's of people mob fighting!!!

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: yashureyoubetcha – More likely.
    Re: MR Pete – Why not address the dam parents of the unruly? Obama has no connection to how these kids have decided on how it's alright to behave. Ethically bankrupt combined with hormonal and a mob mentality. Self control is taught.

  11. 11

    i heard this same story.. except the facts were completely different.. the way I heard it, there were rumors that Drake and Lil Wayne were in the mall and thats why the fighting and riots occurred; not that lil Way and Drake were a part of the mobs outbreak (as Perez states above) especially considering both stars already said they weren't there. once again perez doesn't list his sources, so who knows- I think he needs to be a better journalist, cuz the story i saw, cops were actually attesting to it.

  12. 12

    Re: Yenkme – Who the fuck is Obuma.. you don't even know how to spell the Presidents name, therefore you have no credibility in even speaking.