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Victoria Jackson Continues To Spew Absurdities And Hate

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Victoria Jackson Batshit

That's it. She has to be messing with us. She just has to be. Nobody could ever keep this up without planning a big "JUST KIDDING" reveal at some point.


Well, if not, then here Victoria Jackson goes again:

"I just went to a briefing in Washington DC, across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 am two days ago and it changed my life. For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious."

"Michelle [sic] Bachmann and Rick Santorum are the only GOP candidates so far to acknowledge the above facts and warn against the present threat of Islamic Law replacing our Constitution. Very few people in America are informed and educated as I am."

HA! See the punch line there? You know, the one where she claims that only a "few people are as informed and educated" as she is?

Unless she means that there are only a "few people as informed and educated" as her in the sense that she's so ridiculously misinformed and uneducated that there are barely any others in the world that match her low level… because let's be honest: this is ignorant hatred with no foundation in reality.

We can't stand this bullshizz!

[Image via AP Images.]

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69 comments to “Victoria Jackson Continues To Spew Absurdities And Hate”

  1. 1

    God this looney closed-minded bitch needs to go away. Why is she famous again?

  2. REPUB says – reply to this


    when will you people realize that she has the same right to voice her opinions as you do spitting out your hhomo speak

  3. 3

    Seriously, Mario, will you please go fuck yourself? Do you know anything about Islam? Have you read the Koran? It's fucking psycho! The only book I can compare it to is Mein Kampf. There are all sorts of rantings about hating Jews and Jews suck. You are such a fucking liberal. Why don't you read the entire Koran and then talk about how great Muhammed is and how great the Koran is? My guess is you'll pull your head outta your ass and realize that Ms Jackson has some valid points.

  4. 4

    Re: REPUB – Yes, she does have the right to spew nonsense. But when will YOU realize that people also have an equal right to criticize her for it and to say what they want in response? Guess your idea of freedom only applies to opinions YOU share.

  5. 5

    Re: NotHatingJustStating – You fucking liberal! Uh, she was a star on SNL and she starred in UHF, one of the best cult classics of all time! Lemme guess: you're a big fan of Barry Hussein Obama, who opposes gay marriage, yet you yourself are super into gay rights?

  6. 6

    no one is as informed as she is ??? what kind of credibility does a fat over bleached cow that dresses like a twelve year old have?

  7. 7

    Perez! I like your response to this :)

  8. 8

    Perez! I like your response to this! Thanks for always being principally open-minded.

  9. 9

    Does Perez know that if he were Islamic and lived overseas he would most likely get killed for being gay? God you are so dumb

  10. 10

    Considering the power the Christian faith has in this country this woman is higher than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan ever could be.

  11. 11

    Has anyone read, "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirs Ali …It is about Islam. She lived it. A very good book that just might open your eyes. Women are kept down and treated horribly.

  12. 12

    Muslims will eventually outnumber Christians on the planet, all because of the amount of fucking they do. Case in point … Palestinians are already going to outnumber Israelis in a few short years. I guess this could happen in America over a few hundred years or so, lots of fucking to make more Muslim babies. They can also get bonus numbers with the amount of blacks and latinos who convert to Islam whilst in prison, so, hey, she's right … but she's just a bit too spastic and thinks it's going to happen like tomorrow or something. She has to learn to appreciate grass growing and paint drying and stop being such a spastic menopausal whiner whose face is starting to get all puffy and saggy-looking.

  13. 13

    Just post some of her bare ass scenes from the 80s dud "Casual Sex?" These conservative fanatics were always huge sluts and date rapists back in the day. They go back to "God" and become champions of self righteousness.

  14. 14

    Considering she always portrayed a dumb clueless blonde on snl, I wouldnt be surprised if this isnt just a really well timed farce. She was on snl during a very liberal cast and show style.

  15. 15

    I love how American Christians bash Muslims. What's the difference between the USA and Iran??? Both countries are controlled by religious superstition. The 21st century is calling and sadly neither country's cell phone is charged.

  16. 16

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – To call someone a liberal, is a compliment! Being a liberal means that you are open to progress, unlike you and this closed minded, ignorant, bitch, Victoria Jackson. I am almost inclined to believe that this is a hoax and she is on the payroll of some liberal organization who has planted her to make conservatives look even worse than they already do right about now. If I didn't believe that this was some elaborate ruse before, I certainly did after reading "Very few people in America are as educated and informed as I am." No one could possibly be this ignorant and she can not realistically believe that she is doing her cause (whatever it may be) any favors.

  17. 17

    all religions are evil and bring nothing to the world but hatred. it's pathetic how people endorse the horrible things religions dictate, use everything according to convenience, and pose as the attorneys at law of God on earth!

  18. 18

    Re: ShoeWhore – Rats and cockroaches outnumber human beings. What's your fucking point, whore?

  19. Uruha says – reply to this


    Re: JennFrost – I don't know about that…Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get pretty damn high!

  20. Uruha says – reply to this


    Re: Alexima – Why aren't you typing in all caps about your own hatred for the Kardashians?!

  21. 21

    She seems like she's about 6 months away from announcing that she's headed to rehab… bitch gone craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

  22. 22

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – Do you know a lot of Muslim rats and cockroaches ? If you do, best change your meds.

  23. 23

    Re: KarrieBelle – Barry motherfucking Hussein Obama is a staunch advocate of marriage between one man and one woman. That's super fucking close-minded. I personally am in favor of marriage between consenting adults. That means I'm cool with 5 dudes marrying 6 chicks. What the fuck do I care? Victoria Jackson is legit in the sense that she thinks marriage is only for one dude and one chick…kinda like a certain asshole that is fucking up our economy. Thanks for the real 15% unemployment, Barry!

  24. 24

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – LOve how all the Conservative nuts think Obama invented unemployment. Apparently the clusterf*** that Bush created with 2 wars, unregulated banking, and tax breaks for the wealthy had nothing to do with the bad American economy. But the magical black man should make it all better.

  25. mre says – reply to this


    Re: JasonDiggy – Maybe, I wouldn't have phrased it the same way, but yes, exactly!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – dude go fuck yourself. we dont need your hateful shit.

  28. 28

    Tats really sad i always loved her on SNL, it's really disappointing to learn how ignorant she is.

  29. Uruha says – reply to this


    Re: JasonDiggy – Nailed it. Love for you.

  30. 30

    I just saw her on the Joy Bahar show and just her talking made me laugh, her voice is a joke and so is she.

  31. 31

    That American Flag hairpin is so tacky.

  32. 32

    Creeping Shariah. She's sounding an alarm. Hopefully some are listening.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Where are the facts to support her 'theory?' Things on display at the Longworth building? She's going to need to line up a lot more proof than that to validate her claims, and even if she did, freedom of religion isn't against any law. Having dual citizenship in U.S./politics used to be disallowed, until lobbyists pressured that rule away under Lyndon Johnson.

  34. Uruha says – reply to this


    Re: NorCaliAli – No one is listening.

  35. 35

    Re: REPUB – Nobody's stopping her from spewing that typically idiotic GOP bullshit…we're just rubbing her nose in it…sue us

  36. 36

    Re: ShoeWhore – Yes, you dumb fucker, I know about Muslim rats and cockroaches. They breed like cockroaches and the Koran is fucking psycho! All Muslims are pieces of shit though they claim not to be. Fuck Muslims and fuck Islam in America!

  37. 37

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – So you're for gay marriage, you're just a racist prick! Thanks for clearing that up! I won't argue with you any further, because my mother taught me to never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  38. 38

    It is never a great flame throwing when the disgusting bag of venerial decease pretending to be ultra conservative that is Eldridge Cleaver waddles in and gets us "liberals" all shaking in our boots.

  39. 39

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – But Christians don't breed like rats? Guess the Duggars didn't get that memo. And the Bible is so sane… kill disobedient sons…shun women who are menstruating…magical events that defy logic… Right!

  40. 40

    as has been pointed out more than once, your ass would be grass if you lived in one of these societies. women are killed because they are rape victims, they still practice FGM, think what they would do to you.

  41. 41

    Re: JasonDiggy – I like how everybody thinks Obuma has NO hand in this economy being down!! Still everything is someone else's fault!
    Youtube your president speaking the Koran and blessing that religion. Why is she a scumbag when she is only trying to protect our country from something most of you have NO clue about and done NO research to your name calling! Trained by Pez, Spew garbage & hate with NO real knowledge of what the fuck they are talking about! It really sucks trying to Pro-American with idiots(liberals) like these post!!! WAKE UP ASS HOLES…………
    I would bet she spends less time then you assholes on the web and more time learning more about our Country! Talk about bigots and assholes in this world, read these post!

  42. 42

    Re: ganjafarmer – Dude we dont need hateful shit! That is funny!!!! First time on this site??? Read what everyone is writing about a woman who is trying to protect this country and the name she is called is not HATEFUL!!! Only one opinion and it is not yours so she is a piece of shit! AMAZING THE IGNORANCE!!!

  43. 43

    Re: JasonDiggy – Thank God for the Duggars to have more white babies and the WILL never catch up to the other races who get paid by the government to have more welfare babies!!

  44. 44

    Re: Uruha – So young & so dumb!! Love ya!!!

  45. 45

    She does seem to be on the edge of BAT SHIT CRAZEEEEEE !

  46. 46

    Uh…Get your heads out of the sand. Victoria is DEAD ON! We are in a world of trouble, and unfortunately, when the shit does hit the fan and everyone SEES what is happening, it will be too late.

  47. 47

    Articles like this just prove how many ignorant, racist, xenophobes there are on this site. You people are disgusting and I'm ashamed that I share the same nationality as you.

  48. 48

    The phrase 'those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, is so true. There were plenty of people pointing out the agenda of the Nazi party, for years prior to WWII. But the "mentally blind" couldn't see it until it was taking over Europe in WWII. Same thing with the Muslims, people won't "see" it until it's on their own doorstep. Sad but true. Just remember Hitler was elected.

  49. 49

    Re: KarrieBelle – Being open to progress is good, doing it unconstitutionality with blinders on is liberal. That's why there are conservatives to keep things on track! lol

  50. Bates says – reply to this


    I don't know who Victoria Jackson is, but I do no she is one stupid, racist asshole.

  51. 51

    Fat and crazy! Good luck finding a man now!

  52. 52

    Boy, you really are an idiot!!!! Do you realize that if she IS correct, you will be murdered for your sexual preference!!! Keep an open mind, Perez…. the muslim extremists are very dangerous and could threaten all of our livelihood. You would be the 1st to go for your lifestyle. Then the rest of the Americans who believe and love our country would be next on the chopping block. Open your eyes and your mind before you make ridiculous comments. Freedom of speech would be eliminated if the muslim brotherhood got into power!

  53. 53

    Yeah, poor Victoria, it sucks to be a bloated, menopausal has been & unless you truly are Rosie O Donnell & super smart & funny along with being angry,it doesn't really work.

  54. 54

    Re: norwayisbetterthanyou
    " Perez! I like your response to this " …
    . . . . . .
    And, I wonder why the GOP doesn't take her more seriously … Kuz were this the case, everyone would be hopping aboard the crazy-train …

  55. 55

    Extremists of any religion are dangerous. There are muslims that are non fanatic, and there are christians that are non fanatic. The religion itself is not dangerous, the people who take it to an extreme and threaten and deliver violence based on its teachings are.
    Unemployment is not one persons fault. However, I would be more inclined to blame the previous administration as many of the things that contributed to our current state were Bush policies. If you think everything is PRESIDENT Obama's fault, not "barry”s" then maybe you should look at our obstructionist congress. Politics requires people to compromise and work together, not whine and cry when you dont get your way, because the success of this county depends on people putting the state of our union above their petty little squabbles.

    oh, and for the record Eldridge Cleaver: when you discuss your opinions like that, even people who agree with you are offput. you sound like a child. Your disrespectful attitude and inability to post a comment without something hateful is disgusting and frustrating. you could influence people in a positive way, but your comments are just profane and masturbatory.

  56. 56

    Who is the hell is this bitch anyway?

  57. 57

    Re: Yenkme – Not MY president or country.

  58. 58

    Re: Yenkme – Why are all the right wing nuts always racist and illiterate?

  59. 59

    Muslims have no place in the West. I like her already.
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I consider myself liberal which is why i am against a religion that promotes hatred and mistreatment of others.

  60. 60

    She's right. It's the only religion I know of trying to kill America.

  61. 61

    Tbh she could well and truly be right to a degree before I get a lot of hate I know not all Muslim are terrorist but the people who take it to the extreme are dangerous and the Koran at times is very backwards thinking at time, for example gays are seen as being a sin against god and women are treated as second class citizens also there laws for marriage can lead to "honour killings". But back to the point more and more extremist are pushing for there Sharia laws and at the rate the hatred is growing for us western countries it could gradually happen over time because the amount of propaganda being shown is converting a lot of Caucasians and other races for example in jail. I shall not be ignorant and also state in a true muslim is against violence and other behaviour so these idiots are disgracing a whole religion and making life harder for innocent people

  62. 62

    The fact of the matter is, religion is dying. The world is slowly becoming more open minded and educated about how we really came into existance. People of all faiths are worrying less about their God and concerning themselves more with their own life! Obviously, this has its ups and downs, but for the most I think this is a good thing. War has/is always over money or religion.

  63. 63

    I cant stand this backwoods bitch!!

  64. 64

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – You don't know me, don't make assumptions. She is a closed-minded human being and this is a place where I can criticize and share my thoughts. Everything she spews is either absolutely ridiculous sounding or homo-phobic. She obviously doesn't believe in the rights of all human-beings and you probably don't either. its sad.

  65. 65

    Her voice makes her that bit more creepy/crazy-sounding.

  66. 66

    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – So does every religion, if you're not against them all then you're a pathetic hypocrite, you can't pick and choose which ones to hate on.

  67. 67

    Re: Black Swan – I'm agnostic but even if i wasn't, nothing compares to Islam in atrocities, Christianity has evolved up to a point and they have grown out of many of their dogmas. Islam is the greatest evil right now.

  68. Uruha says – reply to this


    Re: Yenkme – Gross! Lesbian!!

  69. 69

    My goodness, what is wrong with you people! This has nothing to do with islam, politics, or anything other than pure self interest. This chick was a terrible actress, an even worse standup comedian with maybe a small following. NO SHE'S USING FEAR TO DRUM UP A RUSH LIMBAUSH PERSONA IN THE HOPES OF MAKING MONEY FAME. Any idiot knows that Obama, regardless of what you may think, is not a communist or a muslim. And if you don't know that by now you are a moron! This woman is just like all the rest. She sees a huge fear market out there just ready to be plucked! And she's feeding into it. She calls herself a christian. what good christian do you know who goes around and publicly trashing people without even the slightest evidence of actuall verifyable proof. How can she claim to be a christian—don't buy into her fear tacticts. She only wants notariety for herself and her freakin wallet. Any she's a ding-bat!