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Anthony Weiner's Mistress Says He Wanted A Threesome…With Another Guy!

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anthony weiner wanted to have threesome with another guy

Well, at least he had a FEW scandal-free days to enjoy life with his new baby

Back in November, we learned that Anthony Weiner's former mistress Traci Nobles was shopping around a tell-all book about her online relationship with the former congressman.

Now, Nobles has revealed an old conversation between herself and Weiner, in which he tries to get her to have a threesome with him…and another guy!

Here are some excerpts from the convo:

WEINER: "I'm not really talking about other chicks… How about with another guy?"

NOBLES: "Hmmmm, haven't done it before."

WEINER: "It can be hot."

NOBLES: "Are you turned on by other guys?"

WEINER: "Well it depends on the guy, but generally yes."

Despite Weiner's desire to have sex with a man AND woman at the same time, a source has said that he's "not gay" and is "just very open sexually."

No judgments here! Whatever turns him on is cool…but what's NOT cool is doing all of this behind his wife's back!!!!


[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Anthony Weiner's Mistress Says He Wanted A Threesome…With Another Guy!”

  1. 1

    this guy's such a dork. Everything he said and did with his homely "mistresses" just highlight the fact he was some nerd who never got laid in high school and overcompensated once he became a politician and was finally getting some attention. His wife needs to drop his ass.

  2. 2

    its his sex life. like I give a shiz about that.

  3. 3

    I just threw up in my mouth….

  4. buck says – reply to this


    democrats are discusting little weasels, this guy epitomizes that fact.

  5. 5

    Re: buck – You are so right. He was such a rude, big mouthed, lying, whacky liberal and now all his dirty little secrets are going to come out. He is such a typical Democrat.

  6. 6

    well ya know what, why u gots to point out he a democrat. last time i checked there was lots of crazy ass mofos in the republican party.

  7. 7

    ROFL - His poor wife. Most guys would kill for a three way with two gals. But he wants a guy because he "generally" finds them hot. Yet he's not gay. Yea, right. On the upside - Guess we now know why he spends so much time in the gym. Pathetic closet case.

  8. 8

    Re: Pacific – Ummmm, you obviously are a democrat with your literary skills……Let me remind you of some of the Democrats sexual antics…..there’s Bill Clinton (rape/Broderick and Paula Jones and of course Monica -all who will carry his baggage for the rest of their lives) go ask hin to come clean; Elliot Spizer (prostitution ring) Barney Frank with his gay lover running a prostitution ring out of Barney's condo, Ted Kennedy (death of Mary Joe Kopekne) John Kennedy (Marily Monroe/overdose)John Edwards(mistress/love child while wife was dying of cancer) – need I go on?

  9. 9

    LoL - Hey, whatever ya like … no biggie!
    And of course, EVERYONE knows there are freaks in ALL parties … Grip It !!

  10. 10

    I don't believe it. How did this person become his "mistress" just by having a "texting" connection? And now a "tell-all" BOOK? Next thing you know, Taylor Lautner will come out on a cover of People magazine!

  11. 11

    It sure is a cruel world out there. The man just had a baby and trying to work on his marriage and this whore has to bring up the past….. What's even worse, is that you and all the media outlets are reporting on it. Who the fuck cares what he did in the past..he's not even a public figure anymore…how is any of this revelevant at this point? It's not. Very distasteful of your part Perez to report on this crap…….

  12. 12

    Re: JennyJJJ – - LOL. Just google 'republican sex scandals'. That ought to shut/wake you up…

  13. 13

    he does have a really hot MEAT POLE though! :-O

  14. 14

    Re: Gilbert Bumpucker – i knew Taylor Lautner was GAY!! :-)

  15. 15

    Re: mariabella89 – That just proves women are whores that only care about status/money/power.

  16. 16

    Re: Gilbert Bumpucker – Ummm, he resigned over this so I would think it has to be true. That wiener was not going to resign over a bitch lying. Don't you recall him lying and lying and saying it wasn't true and suddenly he was crying and saying it was true and the wiener was resigning.

  17. 17

    I'm sure I'm in the minority but I don't really care what a politician does in his private life, (as long as it isn't illegal). This is between him and his wife.

  18. 18

    Why do a lot of politican's wives stay with them? Maybe they expect these things.

  19. 19

    This is a classic case of a kinky guy who married a Vanilla wife, and wasn't getting what he wanted in the bedroom. We don't know if he ever discussed stuff like this with the wife, but it is a good bet that she wasn't kinky like him. Being kinky isn't a crime. The sad thing to me is that he married someone who didn't share the same kinks as him. He shouldn't have cheated, but I do sympathize a little. Oh, and there is nothing wrong with m/f/m play. Just say'n.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Huh? No it doesn't. How in the h do you get that from her comment?

  21. 21

    Re: Gisela – It is a security risk when they particpate in this sort of behavior. It opens them up to blackmail, etc. and when they are in the positions they are in, that could be a security risk for our country.

  22. 22

    Well his last name isn't Weiner for nothing! LMAO!

  23. 23

    When the f*** is my new avatar going to show up???

  24. 24

    When we're caught up in ignorance and our ego, everything is possible in our own mind. The depravity here he was asking for was because he could. We all do and get away with what we can get away with. You know, the darkness where no one sees what we really do, but in the end, it comes round, just like it has for Anthony. Everyone knows-the public humiliation of the Truth. Has anyone seen Devil???? Anyway, feel pity for him but don't feel better than him. Your story is the same but written in different words, is all.

  25. 25

    Nobles is saving the best for last
    The guy Weiner wanted in the 3 WAY was Barney Frank LOL

  26. 26

    He needs to just get the HELL out of the closet and be GAY!!!!…and notice that he didn't say" It might be hot" …or I fantisize about it, He said "It can be" hot as in…I've done it and liked it and will do it again.Douchebag…….such a TOOL…….