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EXCLUSIVE! Our Top Ten Favorite Glee Performances Of The Season! (So Far…)

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In lieu of having a new episode this week to revel and recap, we thought we would take a moment to look back at the Glee season so far and share with you our favorite performances of the year.

The one thing we think the Glee bosses do really well - though we know others might not agree - is choosing their song selection. Maybe we're not on board for the stories each week, but as long as their music is autotuned to high heaven, we always enjoy their performances.

With that said, there have been ten performances this season (so far) that have really stood out to us. Ten performances that have dominated our iPod since their airing. It ranges from Broadway to Billboard hits, from duets to powerhouse solos, but there is one constant: A LOT OF DARREN CRISS!

What can we say! We love that guy!

Check out our top ten favorite performances from this season of Glee … After The Jump!

10. Darren Criss - Last Friday Night

9. New Directions - Man In The Mirror

8. Heather Morris - Who Run The World

7. Matthew Morrison - Fix You

6. Darren Criss - Something's Coming

5. Lea Michele & Darren Criss - One Hand, One Heart

4. Amber Riley - It's Not Over

3. Lea Michele & Idina Menzel - Somewhere

2. New Directions - We Are Young

1. The Trouble Tones - Rumor Has It/ Someone Like You

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26 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Our Top Ten Favorite Glee Performances Of The Season! (So Far…)”

  1. buck says – reply to this


    how about the one that pushes two 16 year old virgin boys into having sex with each other by calling it an 'adventure'. the show ends with the two boys in bed with each other. lets get this show off the air!

  2. Dale says – reply to this


    grose… Darren Chris?? really??? hes a lame singer, and has the type of face you wanna smak.

  3. 3

    This show is so fucking gay, and you talking about it all day just makes it worse.

  4. 4

    you people are disgusting using that language.
    But someone like you/Rumor has it was my fave of the season too!
    And Darren… drool. lolz

  5. 5

    You are such a f@g, Mario. When will you finally push your ridiculous agenda aside and realize that this f*c*ing show is actually the worst written drivel in recent televised history.

  6. 6

    Where is "Jolene" by Dot Marie Jones?

  7. 7

    I don't understand how people hate Darren, he has a great voice and he's the sweetest guy on the planet…

  8. 8

    I agree with your number one. I am surprised Perfect was not in the top ten.

  9. 9

    how can it be possible to have just 10 favorite glee performances ? the're all so dreamy i wish i could have a billion. waiting for them to cover one of their covers. yippeee!

  10. 10

    Rachel always amazes me, but when paired with Idina, I get goose bumps all over.

  11. 11

    where's im a slave for u?

  12. 12

    Where's PERFECT? It's a perfect song that was sung by a perfect couple, right? guh

  13. 13

    Re: mrlalala19 – Top 10 Favorite Glee Performances OF THE SEASON!

  14. 14

    And what about Candy Man by the TT?

  15. 15

    Seriously, why all the hate -.-' It's depressing…

  16. 16

    Glee is about everyone being unique and special no matter what. You haven't watched it obvisiously if you don't realize that. If you still don't like it why are you on this page then? All the actors and actresses are AMAZING anf don't need you to be great. Stop being ignorant.

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Tooootally agree with the number 1.

  19. 19

    where is "I'm the greatest star"?!?!?!

  20. 20

    I'm probably 'unAmerican' here but I HATE West Side Story so those songs are out for me. But, I honestly liked 'We Got The Beat' and I'm disappointed that 'Uptown Girl' didn't make the list, too.

  21. EmmaS says – reply to this


    these are definitely great picks, but seriously man, nothing from kurt? mmm, chris totally should be somewhere on this list ;) and really? the hate on this is just disgusting. if you feel so strongly about how awful the show is, then why did you even click on the article? wow.

  22. 22

    k so man in the mirror, we are young and fix you should be top 3 NO DOUBT. rumor has it/ someone like you wasnt tht good.

  23. 23

    1st off. BUCK. and to most of you and for all of those using F*g and gay and any uneccessary language let me start off by saying this if you are such haters then why the hell did you click the link to this page. And buck lets get this show off the air "even though i saw the episode and knew how it ends" you hypocrit. If you dont like it simple dont watch it. but for those who are not offended by the idea of boys or girls liking the same sex shut the hell up and take your hate somewhere else. By you being on Perez's website and looking at gossip i think that says a little more about you "men" then anything. "lets get this show off the air" or more like "lets get the haters off this page" and find some other shit to criticize. BUCK. DALE.HOOCHPIT. & DEATHtoGAGA. you guys are honestly the biggest idiots ever lol. Get off.

  24. 24

    Wat abt we got the beat, you and i and candyman. And i think katy perry's version of tgif was so much better than glees. It shldnt av made top ten. And i think darren is hot but he has the same bag of tricks in all his perfomaces. He's honestly become kinda boring

  25. 25

    Love the top 4 performances. Some of best of the season.
    You're so biased Darren Criss. LFN and Somethings Coming are Darren's worst performances and worst of the season imo. There are tons more performances better them two.
    What about Perfect, Constant Craving, Anything Goes, ABC or I Am the Greatest Star? They were all a million time better than Darren's terrible attempt at doing a Broadway song. :L

  26. 26

    I wouldn't worry about the haters. They think they're being cool by trying to be the hemorrhoids lining the rectum of online society, but they're too brain dead to even get being a pain in the butt right.

    Anyway, your top choice is right on the money. "Rumor Has It/ Someone Like You" might be the single best performance ever on "Glee." The only downside is that it made the TroubleTones losing at regionals completely unrealistic. In real life, the TroubleTones would have wiped the floor with what was left of New Directions.

    I would have included "Jolene" from Coach Bieste and "We Got The Beat" on this list. And I would have pushed "Run the World" higher. It's the single hottest performance since Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce out-Britneyed Britney Spears in Season 2 Episode 2 "Britney/Brittany."