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Arizona Judge Rules Tuscon Ethnic Studies Program Violates Arizona Law

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What is going on in Arizona?!

A judge ruled that Tucson's school district's ethnic studies program was against the law.

Tucson Unified School District offers courses in Mexican-American studies. The program is said to violate a new Arizona law that prohibits divisive ethnic studies.

The law bans classes that are designed for an ethnic group or "promote resentment toward a race or class of people."

Opposers state that the program "encourages groupthink and victimhood."

But those for the program are NOT going down without a fight.

Eleven teachers and two students have requested an injunction to halt the ruling. A federal case has also been built to help keep the program alive.

Richard M. Martinez, an attourney repping the teachers' cause stated the following:

It confirms what we already knew the state of Arizona wants to do, which is shut down Mexican American studies. That's why we're in federal court.

We hope that this program is not suspended. Students should have the right to learn about different cultures and heritages.

Keep fighting, Tucson!

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19 comments to “Arizona Judge Rules Tuscon Ethnic Studies Program Violates Arizona Law”

  1. 1

    fuck that place.

  2. 2

    I'm SO SORRY everyone. We're doing our best but we have a LOT of idiot politicians here, like, seriously. But we're making progress. So far, we've knocked off Russell (white power) Pierce, Andrew Thomas (attorney general), David Henderschott (Joe Arpaio's right hand bitch) … and that f-ing fcuk Arpaio is next. We'll have evidence against him eventually. If we can get his right hand man Hendershott heading to jail, it shouldn't be too long before we have evidence to jail Arpaio. I'm SO SORRY!!! We're trying :-(

  3. 3

    There's this club at school called 'the asian club.' It for ppl of asian descent so they can get together and talk about how awesome being asian is. I saw this, and all I could think about was "Gee, if I open a 'white person club' I would have people calling me a nazi and telling me to take a hike."

    Where's the american-indian class? After all, the land Arizona is on was stolen from the native americans, and I don't see classes about their hardships.

    Unless everyone has their own class, german-american relations, chinese-americans relations etc, probably should rave on about how mexicans should have this class.
    Ethnic studies isn't "this one ethnicity's studies", it should be open to ALL ethnicities, whether you were on a boat to america, crossing the border over a fence or born there.

  4. Eula says – reply to this


    It's about time if you are in America then we shouldn't have to make sure you get the language or the education system.. We didn't leave our country you left yours.. When you travel to other country's thy don't bend around you you have to buy a book and speak there language or get left behind…Why in the hell is this country tryn to make it so easy for all the Mexican people here… Go F**king home and improve your country instead of f*cking ours up…I didn't go to Mexico you came here now all the shit here is getting rearranged just for you and your mad it's not the way you want it…Go home and demand all these rights that your people want in the USA … So sick of ya'll azzez all I hear is it's unfair we have right's well unless you are leaguel you don't and you must not want it bad enough if you choose to swim across instead of going threw the proper channels…This race of people think thy can just come to this country and take over and I am glad there are some people in office that see that and are taking action….

  5. 5

    Tucson is a nice liberal community. There is a state law against teaching divisive ethnic classes. The state is full of wacko Republicans. This action against the Tucson schools was started by Tom Horn, former state school head, an elected position. Horn is now Attorney General and among the lowest forms a politician can be.

  6. 6

    Stories like this make me A want to get the hell outta California, B make me very proud of the fact that my family helped build that awesome state, and C that my mom is an Arizonan. A judge there ruled that its outrageous to ask history teachers to give preference for one culture over another by having a special program for that said culture. Last time I checked there's more than one group of folks who've contributed to the rich history of this nation.

  7. 7

    I say good job Arizona! This is America& we need to learn about our stuff first. If we focused on our country first, maybe we wouldn't be in the dire condition we are in!! Our children need to worry about our country!!!

  8. 8


    The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Were riding down the Navajo Trail, When a band of Indians found em, Proceeded to surround em and, The Lone Ranger turned kinda pale

    Tonto, our lives are in danger, We got to get away if we can, Tonto just looked at Lone Ranger, What you mean, we, white man

    The Lone Ranger said, Tonto, Why talk about the shade of my hide, After all we been through, It would make me mighty blue, If you don`t remain by my side

    We`ll steal away said the Ranger, Grab an Injun by the hand, Tonto said, turn me loose, stranger, What you mean, we, white man

    The Lone Ranger cried, Tonto, Stick with me and I`ll double your pay, We can do a switch about, You give me your pony, Scout, And ride Silver, hi-ho away

    But hurry up said the masked man, To get away, we`re gonna have to race, Tonto took Silver and laughed, And said what you mean, we, paleface

  9. 9

    Secondly, we don't have "White Clubs" because there is little need for one. As a whole, white people generally aren't singled out often on a daily basis because of their racial difference. White people are the ones in power, white people's values, history, and culture are imposed upon everyone else. And by the way, that is not "American". America is a melting pot or so it has been touted throughout our history. The reason these clubs/classes exist is to help instill a sense of saftey, community, and learning for people who in most cases number fewer then white people. Thirdly, not all "-Americans" (you fill in the blank, it could be Mexican, Asian, whatever) COME HERE. Many are born here as citizens. Nowhere does it say that they have to forsake thier culture to be a citizen. And I'm sorry, asking that is wrong. That quality is not what makes America week, that is corporate greed and political coruption. This is what has and will continue to make America prosper.

  10. 10

    Re: CarlaH – Please stop it. Everyday is white day. On TV, the news, all the media, history and our literature virtually omits ethnic literature. Most schools/universities reading lists don't feature Native American, Latino, African-American authors for study.The tragic realization is that many of the white populace is so accustomed to seeing things this way that any other method is seen as divisive when in fact people just want to see someone they can identify with. Please stop it, minorities just want a sense of community, a place to look around and see themselves. White people have all of the aforementioned to do that..Stop trying to make whites seemed victimized..Just stop

  11. 11

    Re: Eula – Newsflash: this IS there home that was stolen from them. Everyone who is not original Mexican/Native American (meaning from the original territory) are transplants… That includes you. Many generations may have passed, but the history is the same. STOP telling people to go back to their own land unless you plan to do so as well.>>>How quickly we forget.

  12. 12

    Re: GreatGooglyMoogly – good answer to that stupid witch….on top of that…AS A TEXAN….despite what ppl say…we didnt cross the border, the border crossed us…ALSO..why has it been ok for years for Asian Studies, or for Black history for all these years yet not this? Its racism…

  13. 13

    Re: CarlaH – you are in school and honestly that stupid? Asians, Blacks, other latinos,,,,not just Mexicans have had social and political views, groups and classes for years..dont go crying how every one should have their own class blah blah…how do you think Asians blacks and latinos got theirs? Because they felt it necessary..so if you want every group to do this tell them to start one as the minorities have…And the whining abt im white and if i do this im racist crap is BS..FOR YEARS EVERY person other than whites were educated ONLY ON white ppl's textbooks, their versions of events and other crap…see reality for what it is and stop bitching abt it..because now minorities take their education into their own hands there is an issue? Form your own class/group and be a do-er not a whiner….

  14. 14

    I sorry but unless your in Arizona and going to school there you have no idea what it's like. My husband is full Mexican from way down in Mexico and immigrated up to Arizona when he was very little. We are in the United States of America not the United States and Mexico (Aisa, Japan , China, europe ect.) We need to be teaching our children about what they will need to make it in America and thats it. Were losing our arts programs and sports why are we funding to learn about other countries??? I don't mean to offend anyone but unless your children have gone to school in Arizona and mine have you have no idea what your talking about. My daughter got rejected from a school in Yuma because they had to also count the children that were coming to school from Mexico and this is complete BS because my daughter lives in the united states and I pay taxes to pay for her schooling the adults in mexico dont pay shit for the school that they're sending their children to. Why don't we focus on that and the fact that the children there need help with reading writing and math more then history on another country…

  15. 15

    Re: CarlaH – that is correct us white people can't do anything and we're the ones that are becoming the minority isn't that something hahaha my children aren't even considered white because their dad is hispanic haaha

  16. 16

    Why are you using the image of a Penn State University classroom for a story about Arizona? Really…

  17. 17

    Re: azjay1007 – I was born in Ohio but have lived in southern AZ for 12 years now. I agree with what azjay has to say. Not everyone in AZ goes along with all these racist Republican politicians. Not everyone here is close minded and hateful and please remember that. It's embarrassing enough to have to tell people I live in AZ. Things ARE improving however slowly. Arpaio next and Brewer next.

  18. 18

    I can see thier point. There is ms. Black America, I do not see Ms. A Ms.White America because that woud ne racist. There is a "Black Voices" on AOL where is "white coices
    . It just goes on and on. They can have all the clubs they want for their ethnic groups but to teach classes just about them? N o. Not unless there are classes for everu ethnic group alive out there. AZ is making a big mistake by getting rid of people who are trying to stop illegla imigration. Ca caters to these law breakers and at least Az has some people woth balls that are tyring to stop it.

  19. 19