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Day 13 was our last in India, and we can easily say.... This has been THE BEST trip we have ever taken!!!! Everything about India has been magical and… Read more…

15 comments to “Goodbye India!”

  1. 1

    I can just imagine the Indian people, seeing you dressed like that. With all the money you have now, one would think you'd understand something of basic rules of fashion. But no.
    You're quite an embarrassment to the gay population.

  2. 2

    The 9th and 10th pictures look like they are from a part of any city that is slummy. You travel all those hours to see what you can see here at home. That's just me and I wouldn't spend my hard earned money to see poverty that is just overwhelming. It's my opinion and I have the right to voice it.

  3. 3

    Good for you Mario. I don't like your bullying or your gay agenda, but I do like your mother. You are lucky at least that you have someone who can stand to look at you without wanting to puke.

  4. 4

    Glad you got to take such an awesome trip with your Mom. Appreciate the time you have together. Life passes very quickly!

  5. 5

    You both look like you had a great time. You are a wonderful son to think of your mom and take her on all these great trips you can afford and want to share with her. You seem like you have a wonderful relationship with your mom. Treasure it!!!!!! Whatever you do in your life, how you choose to live it is your business and you alone have to deal with whatever comes from it but you are a good son and that speaks volumes!!!!

  6. 6

    Like any other country, India has the beautiful and the very ugly. I guess seeing how 75% of the population really lives was not on your agenda. Maybe next trip ah Perez. You should go see how India treats the majority of their population.

  7. 7

    Oh dear, Perez. You've gone and spelled Delhi incorrectly… it's not Dehli!! And I thought it was your writers who had the issues with spelling and grammar on this site!

  8. 8

    Re: anniebanannie51248 – Then you”ll continue to live in your little bubble of cultural ignorance. I'd rather see the world and learn about other people than sit on my arse and complain about filth in other countries that I've never been to, but that's just me. It's your right to voice your opinion, but you sound ridiculous and sad.

  9. 9

    Re: amazing – Ha! You obviously have not been to India. It is the land of color, bright saris, houses painted every color under the rainbow, gaudy plastic jewelry and crazy edifices to the many gods. Trust me when I say Perez fit right in!

  10. 10

    Your mom looks like an ugly fat crack whore!!

  11. 11

    Really enjoyed your trip reports and photos, so glad you had such a great time.

  12. 12

    aww u got some indian clothes fabulous they come in pink…

    i love the pictures it transforms me to the streets of india ..

    safe trip home dears xx

  13. 13

    You look incredibly happy! That's awesome. The pictures make India look gross though. That smog makes me gasp for air just looking at how dirty the sky is. It's really sad to see how bad the environment is damaged globally.

  14. 14

    my mom traveled to india last year and had the best experience of her life. you're so lucky to have experienced it with your mother- my mother and i have enjoyed following your journey!

  15. 15

    Many thanks Perez … Nice of you to share your trip w/ us … Great pix and reports!