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How Katy Perry & Russell Brand Spent Their NYE Apart!

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Following the announcement of their divorce, it sounds like Katy Perry and Russell Brand wanted to kick off their respective new year with close friends — and as far apart as possible.

On New Year’s Eve, Katy was spotted partying out with friends in West Hollywood, while Russell paled around with chums in London, which included Florence Welch. But while Brand was busy to tell the awaiting paparzzi how he's hoping for a "better" new year, Katy was far to busy to gab!

A quite content looking Katy celebrated the new year and her new freedom by flrting with a mystery man at Soho House. She spent the night dancing and laughing with friends in a private room and she seemed to be in a great mood. A spy at the nightclub reveals:

“One wouldn’t have ever even known that her husband had just filed for divorce. At one point, she was talking to a guy with long hair down to his shoulders in the hallway. They were talking for a while. She was smiling and leaning up against wall. During the evening a guest went up to her and thanked her for her song after the DJ played ‘Friday Night,’ and she said, ‘Wow, thank you — that makes me so happy.’ After midnight Katy and a male friend got on the dance floor, twirling each other around and dancing holding hands. She looked like she was having a great time.”

A great time? Well, she shouldn't be having that much fun in the midst of her divorce. Sure, she shouldn't be sitting home moping, but how is it so easy for her to get up and go out like this when her marriage just ended?

UPDATE: We've been informed that Katy Perry was still in Hawaii on New Year's Eve.

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “How Katy Perry & Russell Brand Spent Their NYE Apart!”

  1. 1

    Wow…no decency, an end of relationship no matter how difficult is like a death and you have to mourn it and respect it for what it was worth. Apparently, to her her marriage was worth nothing. I understand she is young and beautiful, but if you keep treating things in your life like they are worthless, well it someone may consider you not worth it either. Oh and btw…grow a pair and file for divorce, how can a married woman who makes her own income be scared of her parents, they found out she was kinda bitching out and not doing it herself when she wanted it done the whole time. She should have more respect for her ex…the fact he changed his ways to make sure she would have a stable life…and she would not compromise when she was partying…priorities…know what they are before making a huge commitment.

  2. 2

    useless whore

  3. 3

    I"m so sick of her at this point. Her Christian-whore act is getting old, and she's too old period to continue the kinderwhore act too, at least courtney love understood the irony in it.

  4. 4

    Re: bananas1386 – Well said.

  5. 5

    Hope this talentless slag sits down for a long time and gives us a rest. She can't sing, her tits looks saggy, and she's annoying as hell.

  6. 6

    I'm sorry, "she shouldn't be having that much fun in the midst of her divorce"? Who do you think you are? You couldn't even confirm the divorce, so I doubt you know what really happened. So I doubt you know whether or not she should be partying it up or be mourning in a pound of Chunky Monkey. Stop acting like the damn moral police!

  7. 7

    Re: JennFrost – That's right-stop playing the moral police, bananas! That's katy's hypocritical job!

  8. 8

    Another celeb marriage bites the dust

  9. 9

    Team Brand. Katy's a dumb ass

  10. 10

    you know you're a dumb bitch when you make russell brand seem like the sane half of a duo

  11. 11

    we were talking about them today and everyone was team russell too, and none of us even like him really. lol I think people are just tired of katy in general at this point. She was fun for awhile, but when you base your career on tits, your tits get replaced by younger and more improved tits really quickly. At least she made money before everyone wished she'd drive off a cliff! hahaha

  12. 12

    If Perez and Katy are such best friends, why didn't he call her up to confirm or deny all of those break-up rumors? Keep in mind, people, that these "sources" of his were way off…they probably made this up.

  13. 13

    I wonder how much coke Katy snorted on NYE…probably a lot. Re: bananas1386 – Do you really think that Katy asked Russell to pull the plug on their marriage because she didn't want to upset her parents? Her PR team loves gullible morons like you. She got dumped.

  14. 14

    If this trick makes another "Jesus told me not to file divorce papers, but he's okay with me shooting frosting out of my tits and making it look like cum" story, she needs to get a tire iron to her knees, for real.

  15. 15

    I didn't know Russell and Florence were friends? Didn't Katy spoof her on snl?

  16. 16

    Let them have some fun! Come on! They spent a grueling 2 to 3 months trying to SAVE their marriage! What with money problems, the stress of … umm… singing and dancing! I mean come on! HOW can they have worked through these difficult times with no money for counseling, no time or money for an intimate vacation to re-connect? It's been 14 long months of luxury people. Let them live… in more luxury while they mourn the loss of their short relationship… err "marriage".

  17. 17

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – I understand more than likely everything is a PR move…Russell filed during a long holiday weekend so when the news gets out it will die by the time the presses are up early this week. I am not a moron. I am just saying even if a PR move or not, horrible display of being a so-called strong-willed woman, who can't stand up to mommy and daddy…if its her PR saying this well shame on them because it makes her more pathetic and immature. Being honest is better than slathering on the lies, at least people will feel a little sympathy because no divorce is easy…but don't find scapegoats when you are old enough to make a solid decision by yourself…with or without guidance of PR.

  18. 18

    That last statement in the post pretty much sums up my thoughts on this story. The poor guy is probably heartbroken beyond belief, because it was clear up to their last public appearance that he adored her. She hasn't shown the slightest amount of sadness over it. If even a portion of what she supposedly was doing on NYE is true, it's clear that she doesn't have a care in the world that she's getting divorced. If I were getting a divorce, I would not go out partying a few days after the papers had been filed. Even if I hated the other person, I would respect the relationship for what it once was. Poor guy…

  19. 19

    "Katy was far to busy to gab!" I'm pretty sure it should be "too busy to gab"

  20. 20

    Re: bananas1386 – I think I've apologized once on Perez Hilton. You get the second apology. I'm sorry. You are not a moron. Katy Perry and her PR team are going into overdrive to prevent a "Kim Kardashian" where the American public does a 180 on a celebrity. If Katy knew what was good for her, she'd stay out of public view for a few months while her divorce scandal blows over. Will you see it in your heart to forgive me, bananas ? :)

  21. 21

    Oh for god sake.. she clearly doesn't give a fuck about Brand. Does she think she is a teenager? In my opinion, she legitimately thinks she is. Singing about her teenage dreams when she's pushing 30 then going out and flirting with boys literally days after her divorce papers were signed as if he was some 2 week high school boyfriend. I didn't really have an opinion about her up until now but it's clear who was the adult in that relationship. I don't like her now.

  22. 22

    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – yes…only this time…hahaha just kidding. But yes, apology accepted (I feel awkward by even needing you to apologize but thats very kind of you), you did bring up a good point about the PR spinning crap as they usually do…does more harm than good. Well, on a cheerful note, have a happy and healthy new year! :)

  23. 23

    So, it's ok for her to talk about kissing a girl and liking it and writing songs that talk about sex…..but she can't file for divorce herself……how hypocritical and pathetic of her.

  24. 24

    Re: Thisisnotanaccount – That's the least of his grammatical problems :)

  25. 25

    Who's to say this male friend wasn't gay?

  26. 26

    Probably because their marriage was over for both them way before the actual divorce papers came about. I don't know why Katy Perry is such a bad person for having a good time on New Years Eve just like the rest of would be doing. You don't know how you would act in a situation until it actually happens and it's a celebrity that you don't even know, dealing with a situation that doesn't affect you at all, WHY ARE ANY OF YOU SO UPSET ABOUT IT?!

  27. 27

  28. 28

    English lesson time! "But while Brand was busy to tell the awaiting paparzzi how he's hoping for a "better" new year, Katy was far to busy to gab!"
    So wait, Brand was busy "to tell" them or busy "telling them"? I figured you meant the latter when I read the rest of the sentence, which brings me to your second mistake "far to busy", don't you mean far TOO busy? Just sayin'

  29. 29

    I whole-heartedly agree with Misssyyy. So what if Katy party's on New Years? It's NEW YEARS. If they were having problems then she's obviously been aware this was coming for awhile…if not, she deserves to have fun rather than sit around and cry. Oh, and you all keep moaning that she was afraid to file for divorce and made Russell do it? Bullshit. You don't know that. You get your information from tabloids and, tell me, HOW often do tabloids report the truth? The stories circulating around the internet contradict themselves…some say Katy wanted to end it, some say she was blindsided and is devastated. No one knows except for Katy and Russell and it should stay that way. Private lives are private, even when you're famous. And that guy with the long hair that Katy was seen talking to? Based on the description I'd bet my life that it was her GAY best friend, Markus Molinari. I love Katy, she puts on an amazing show and is sweet and funny. Does it matter who's "fault" the divorce was? Sometimes people just aren't meant to be and that's it.

  30. 30

    Re: missyyyyyyRe: kc2468 – Best comments on here. It seems a lot of people are so quick to get wrapped up in the ins and outs of a celebrity relationship. I agree, no one knows what really went on. However, the facts these marriages fizzle so quickly does cheapen the idea of taking vows.

  31. 31

    Re: bitchinblack – I thought the same thing…what is that?? The grammatical errors are actually kind of entertaining now haha.

  32. 32

    I am so sick of all the celeb marriages. Whether or not you are "famous" it is death do us part. OR ATLEAST TRY for god sake!! This whole we tried for 2-3 months, what… while you were never together… over the phone counseling is that how it works now a days?

  33. 33

    What do these girls see in the greasy long-haired freaks like Brand? Kate Hudson had the same problem with her first husband. Ugh.

  34. 34

    Re: kc2468 – I agree with everything u said! Nicely said plus who knows if this is even true

  35. 35

    who the hell are you to tell her what to do or not to do. good for her that she did not spend NYE being said. I'm sure she felt terrible but did not let this divorce thing get her down.

  36. 36

    you guys saying things like "why shouldn't she party?" are not catching onto the fact she is an industry unto herself. She sells herself as slutty, but only for onstage. Offstage, she swears she loves Jesus. this is marketing a pop star 101, where you wink at the guy fans to think that you are easy, while winking at the girl fans by swearing jesus is your only man. Public image wise, flirting and partying in the new year, especially when cokehead rumors about your partying ways float, can be dumb move public image wise. She's not some 18 year old girl who broke up with her bf, she's a self made woman who needs to play it smarter. Brand sure is. He looks sad in photos, although he's probably happy as hell to get rid of her. And public support is leaning on his side big time. Russell - 1 point. Katy? 0.

  37. 37

    they both seem to have benefitted from the union and when the benefit stopped no sacrifice by either and OUT they go… barely a marraige russels had a movie since then and now trying to move on in hollywood shes just some tweety sweety soon to be saggy haggy.. she is pretty ill give her that but she should of taken russels tweet of her looks sad more lightly but my bf said she still looked hot hard to know that is taste or not but she is gorgeous for the moment ..shell get someone else but drop the christian act..its old

  38. 38

    Wow… I'm shocked that this post is somewhat bad-mouthing Katy! I thought Princess Katy was only given positive stories on this site.
    She clearly is a terrible person who ruined her marriage and refused to change her ways for her husband. Poor Russell. He should have known, though. She parties hard with the yayo, so she wasn't going to settle down and be sober for him. If I married a former addict, I would live a sober life with him. That's called sacrifice and commitment - something she clearly doesn't care about, but is essential in a marriage.
    Re: Eldridge Cleaver – For once, I agree with you! He was sick of sitting at home by himself while she snorted coke with her buddies (like Lindsay).
    Katy is a good, Christian girl, just like Britney saved herself for marriage.

  39. 39

    Re: kc2468 – Agreed, the only thing we can be sure about is that Russell filed for divorce, the rest is just gossip that may or may not be correct. I find people attacking one or other of them for the divorce to be offensive - it takes two to tango, always has and always will ;o)

  40. 40

    Katy obviously married Russell to coincide with the release of her crappy album. I think this was nothing but a pr stunt on her part. Oh, and she can drop the sweet, innocent Christian girl nonsense; that ship has sailed. She buys herself fake #1's, can't sing, can't dance, has no personality, no star power, and makes a career out of her boobs.

  41. 41

    Yes, it is. You know what. I think βillǐonāireƒrienďs–čˇō/Μit's a good pla'ce to me'et sweet friend even rich sin'gles. I am certain I can me;et a ri;ch man there, b'ecause I am at the begin;ning of my car;eer and I would like someone's sup;port.

  42. 42

    you guys should realize that ISN'T Katy. Her name is Sarah, and that "mystery man" was Brendon from Panic! At the Disco, her fiance. getcho facts right

  43. 43

    Re: ceeeee – what's hilarious is that it isn't even Katy Perry who was partying at SoHo House, it was Sarah Orzechowski who is engaged to Panic! At the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie, so I'm pretty sure she had a great night. Katy Perry was still in Hawaii on NYE. I hate bad reporting

  44. 44

    People, I don't know when all of you posted these comments, but this was clearly not Katy Perry. For starters, there's an edit now that says she was in Hawaii the whole time. Also the girl who was there looks a LOT like Katy Perry, look her up, name is Sarah Orchoweski and the 'mystery man'? That, is Brendon Urie, lead singer on Panic! At the Disco and her fioncee. So, I guess the reason why I'm posting this is, do your research before you start slagging people off, also not believing everything on the internet is a good start too.
    Have a good day/night.

  45. 45

    You guys! You have it all WRONG. the woman they spotted was NOT KATY PERRY. in fact it was a woman named SARAH ORZECHOWSKI (who by the way looks a lot like Katy Perry) oh & that "mystery man" was her fiancee, Brendon Urie (who is a musician by the way) She posted on her blog that a man came up to her & asked her something but she didn't understand what he said so she just nodded also that many people went up to her and asked her if she was Katy Perry. She posted on her blog : ohdearpenny.tumblr.com that the woman was her the entire time and that she feels bad now. Don't believe me? she posted pictures from that day on her blog & you'll see that she can pass off as Katy Perry. Amazing how reporters can make up fake stories because this took place in NYE.