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Here's That Awkward Limo Scene With Russell And Taylor Armstrong From This Week's RHOBH!!

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During filming, Russell Armstrong threatened to sue when he was called out — on camera — for his alleged abusive behavior toward wife Taylor Armstrong.

And with that kind of drama going on, it was decided that Russell would be denied entrance into the latest Beverly Hills party.

But they let Taylor go back with him. And while they were in the limo, things became a little awkward. Russell kept his cool and even offered to take her to Vegas since they had a whole weekend free now. But her level of discomfort was so apparent.

And then when he finds a chance in conversation to defend himself against the allegations and Taylor admits she "told others things she shouldn't have," that's when things get REAL awkward!

Watch this clip from Monday night's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and see for URself!!!

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This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!
This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams!

14 comments to “Here's That Awkward Limo Scene With Russell And Taylor Armstrong From This Week's RHOBH!!”

  1. 1

    Get all these damn ads off your page! NOTHING LOADS PROPERLY.

  2. 2

    He's dead. She, and you, should have more respect for the deceased. What is the point of talking about him at all? You have not changed one bit. Let the guy RIP. It's over, he's gone, DEAD. For crying out loud. Disgusting.

  3. 3

    The poor guy is just starting to realize that he is a joke and know one will take his business calls because his wife was telling horrible Nasty lies about him. Lies that made him suicidal.

  4. 4

    Re: Comments off C off – Yes you can see in his eyes that he is going very crazy on the inside because he knows he's been duped by reality television which will affect his real life career. It looks like at this moment he was sent a bit over the edge - which is probably what led to his suicide. The part that is even more sad is that they are still using him for ratings on reality TV and talking about him as if he still alive to have a juicy storyline. This is not respecting the dead at all. It's sick, pure and simple. No, Perez hasn't changed - we all know that. He's promoting it just as heavily by posting it on his site.

  5. 5

    Yes, this coward is dead however, until domestic abuse stops, this needs to be spoken about….AND men like this need to be revealed for what they really are….he was a horrible, insecure, despicable man who felt he needed to take it out on his wife…glad she escaped him while she could….good riddance dude.

  6. 6

    Re: Jumperchu – -
    My computer freezes up and then crashes all the time too.
    With the "Comments Off" bullshit, it's not worth the hassle.
    Why does Perez hate his readership so much?
    RE: Taylor.
    I stopped watching it when Russell killed himself.
    The show has "bad JuJu" and I don't want that coming into my home.

  7. 7

    Its awkward because its all bullsh!t that Taylor made up! I believe she's nothing but a narcissistic liar obsessed with fame and money. She made up the abusive allegations to increase her popularity on the show and generate her own storyline. I believe Taylor holds some responsibility in Russell's suicide, there is no proof or reports or documents that he ever hit her, there is only one picture on the internet that has been released which shows Taylor has bruised eye and swollen face but this image is obviously a post op plastic surgery picture because there are two 'x' markings on her forehead. Taylor is well known for telling lies for example she claimed in series 1 of RHOBH that Adrianne Maloof was the god mother of Taylor's daughter, Kennedy, but this was not true at all as revealed by Adrianne. Youtube "Taylor Armstrong is a liar" and you will see further proof Taylor is a deluded liar and schemer.

  8. 8

    Is her book on the NYT best sellers list ????


    someone go and rescue that child she is fucking up

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Taylor is a liar of the worst kind. And think about it: She NEVER actually EVER mentions a broken jaw to anyone. Not even her "therapist" seems to know Russell "broke her jaw" (as she told the ladies of RHOBH and the world). If it were truth, all that anyone would have to do is to PRODUCE the evidence of a beating and a broken jaw. Usually that comes with an, oh, X-RAY maybe. And who repaired a broken jaw on her? And how come no one noticed a recuperation period? And who took care of their child when mommy was savagely beaten and left with a broken jaw? And where are the police reports? It THE LAW that doctors, nurses, etc who even suspect such abuse (let alone, injury) report it. WHO set her jaw? And if it was broken last year, how did she continue to use her HORSE MOUTH so freely - and wildly? But again, why wouldn't she have even told the "therapist" with whom she'd been seen and was seen IN PRIVATE/alone> When discussing Russells threats to SUE people, all anyone would have had to say is: "Get the X-rays and medical records and police reports…that ought to shut him up." But then never happened and was never asked and was never ever mentioned BY ANYONE, was it?

  11. 11

    Re: Jumperchu – Um yeah, this is the only site that I constantly have problems with and I think many others are getting sick of his little games that he plays too. Notice the comments on each post. Maybe 2 or 3. This one has 10. Big whoop, he used to get over 50 + per post. Oh and now aout Taylor, I don't believe one single word that comes out of her huge mouth. I think that she is a liar and that she is the reason that her husband killed himself. I believe it's her fault with all the lies because she wanted the spotlight on her. Karma is a bitch.

  12. 12

    I would feel a little uncomfortable too if I was so close to a man I was planning on having whacked.

  13. 13

    This woman needs to be in JAIL. I feel sorrier for this poor dead guy in every episode.
    She is obviously the one lying, read her body language. Plus her tourette syndrome like overdramatic outbursts at every get together (sitting in suitcase like a 5 year old saying "I wanna go home" Really lady?). I hope Shana Hughes Ford Taylor PHONEY is exposed for the grifter/scam artist liar she really is.

  14. 14

    She killed him! He found out she had been lying about him on TV and he had no way to defend himself. She is a gold digging whore and should go to prison! I wish Russell's family would sue that bitch!