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13 comments to “Brandi Glanville Comments On Her Vegas 'Marriage!' She Doesn't Regret It!”

  1. 1

    If her marriage isn't legal, then I don't get what the big deal is.

  2. 2

    Well you know she had to do something to place herself in the spotlight. I mean really, the girl is not that pretty, and her body is not so great either. But most of all, having done something this pathetic, you can see she clearly does not have much in the brains department, nor does she care for the poor examples she has set for her children. It is easy to see why her husband left her for another woman, thank goodness his taste have changed for the better and smarter, LeAnn also at least has talent, something that is yet to be seen in this woman. So sad, when you think of it, she is a used up Courtney Stodden type, but much older. Pathetic publicity stunts is all she has left anymore, her face has gone to hell, and as I said she clearly does not have brains so there you go.

  3. Jaded says – reply to this


    She a 39 year old woman, with children and her response to doing something this stupid, and I'm not talking about getting married I'm talking about the tweets about getting drunk and doing drugs,is "Suck it.". She needs to get a grip. Does she think she's Kathy Griffin now?
    Bluey67: I agree it's easy to see why her husband left. She clearly is a stupid attention whore.
    Watching these reality idiots constantly trying to regain fame is making me start to think that I need to open a fame rehab. How to function when no one cares anymore.

  4. 4

    This thing has many emotional problems and needs help badly. I don't like Eddie C but I don't think that her having custody of those poor boys is a good thing. They just might be better off with the other two. Lesser of two evils.

  5. 5

    Re: Bluey67 – Exactly what I was thinking.

  6. 6

    What a hypocrite, she could only talk about her children and how upsetting it was for them when what's his face left her for leann, and how much of a whore leann was. LeAnn wasn't even her friend, and now she is doing this to her best friend and not only affecting her own children but her former best friends children. It might not be legal but they still got "married". I certaintly wouoldn't be happy if my friend did that to me.

  7. 7

    You know, I was team Brandi all the way when all that mess went down with Eddie and Leann. I still think it was just wrong wrong wrong. But I have to say that ever since she's stepped foot on RHOBH and with the subsequent media stories coming out about her, I can absolutely see why Eddie left her and I really don't think she needs to be raising babies. This girl is a hot mess! She says and does things that truly make her look very rude, incredibly stupid, and without an ounce of class. She's like a cross between Brook Meuller and Courtney Stodden and icky icky icky poo!

  8. 8

    I think she is a hypocrite. And a loser.

  9. 9

    basically the whole thing is just stupid ..it doesnt howe ver make leanne a non whore once a whore always a hoare

  10. 10

    Good for her. She shouldn't have to answer to the psycho Twele's. She wasn't the one screwing someone's HUSBAND– that was Leann's job.

  11. 11

    Re: Bluey67 – She isn't pretty and has a bad body? Ok, Leann! lmao. You MUST be on crack. Brandi is gorgeous and has a killer body; that's why Leann SINGLE WHITE FEMALE's EVERYTHING Brandi does. She's hoping to starve herself enough to look like B. It's really too bad that her breast job is screwed up and her face looks like it got ran over by a truck. She can starve herself to death and she'll still NEVER look like Brandi! Oh, and by the way, Leann only has talent if you consider "yodeling" a talent. I consider it a punishment to society!

  12. 12

    I totally disagree, the fact that Brandi has had two kids, and yet her face looks so tight, it is unnatural. I am not saying LeAnn is a babe but at least she looks natural. Starving herself to death? Okay think about this for a moment please, IF she was starving herself to look like Brandi then that would also mean Brandi is starving herself too right? As for talent, yes yodeling is a talent but that is not what LeAnn does. Like her or not is your right, but to claim she has no talent when she has been on top ten country charts, sold out millions of records, won awards for her talent, etc is not something you can argue with, well you can but you only sound dumb, and that too is your right. Please do not place me in your junior high choosing side drama, I simply am expressing my opinion that any woman who whines about her ex because he left her for another woman and then turns around and does this stunt to her best friend and all the children included has no room to whine about anything. Her actions are clearly slated as pathetic attempts of publicity and her children are paying the price. And for my other opinions, no I personally do not think Brandi has a nice body, and are you really so obsessed with her yourself that you have convinced yourself a younger more natural looking woman who already has the man they both wanted would try to make herself look like the older woman said man just left? Why would she do that?

  13. cika says – reply to this


    Great response!