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18 comments to “George Michael Responds To Christian Group Who Prayed For His Death!”

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    That's good ole loving Christians for ya! They love to justify hate with some scripture in the Bible that they can twist and manipulate into making them think that. With that said - if you do read the Bible literally, god does come across as a very mean and cruel entity. It's no wonder so many Christians are warped.

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    This is horrible. I'll just bet that on judgement day, these " Christians " will have to answer to God himself as to why they were such a poor example of who they claim to represent !! Iam glad George made a full recovery. There are just haters everywhere but to do it in the name of God puts these haters on a whole different level !! :(

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    Re: anewlow – I agree. If you really look at the things god has been credited with in the bible, he fits the description of a psychopath. If people find goodness in their religion, and it makes them a better person, great. If they use religion to justify their hate - well, George pretty well covered it!

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    I'm sorry, but this "group" of people who were praying for him to die were not Christians. Period. I don't know what they were. Psychotic? Maybe? Mentally disturbed? Genetically inferior?

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    Re: anewlow

    PLEASE don't lump us all together! Not all Christians are like this group of scum.

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    The TRUE face of religion. While not all religious people are insane, strange that all insane people are religious. Think about it.

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    lolollllllllll priceless hes the man…

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    There is a big difference between people who are truly religious and those who are self-righteously religious and use religion to get some power. The latter group usually doesn't believe in any deity except their own omnipotence. Those disgusting people praying for the demise of George Michael are no good Christians. They are fundamentalist zealots and their only God is their own fanaticism.

  9. mre says – reply to this


    Re: anewlow – Actually, these people are NOT "good ole loving Christians", in actuality, they are not Christians at all. I am a Christiam. and these lunatics do not at all represent me, or the majority of REAL Christin people. No one deserves to die. Straight, gay, black or white, God loves everyone equally, and these idiots are some kind of fanatical group. When you speak of anyone, whether it be by race, religion or sexual orientation, please do not generalize and lump everyone together based on the opinion of a very small group, it is not only wrong, it just breeds hate and ignorance and I think there's more than enough of that in the world as it is.

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    My favorite song is careless whispers :o ) What about you all?

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    i pray every day that jesus dies for my sins…oh wait, he did…thank god for that.

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    Re: SophieWilliamz – Faith (ironically)

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    I was a fanatic George Michael fan growing up and was literally in tears when I heard about his illness and how serious his condition was. As a Christian, I prayed that he would live through it. This groups' agenda does not represent the thoughts and actions of all Christians and I resent the fact that the actions of a few prompted such a response from George. It just gave people another reason to justify their disdain for Christians and Christianity in general. I would rather George had focused on the people who genuinely and sincerely cared about his recovery and the people who kept vigil for him. Christians and non-Christians alike. People use all kinds of things to hide behind their hatred. If a person can't have any compassion for their fellow man, that is personal issue. It has nothing to do with Christianity.It's about humanity. To take this kind of hate put a Christian stamp on it really pisses me off.

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    I can't wait to see raypearson, Ladywho?, and triple M try and spin this in a way that makes Perez Hilton seem like a bully to 'Christians'.

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    Re: joethehobo – ha, ha, good one.

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    Re: SophieWilliamz – Father figure, I want your sex and kissing a fool.
    George rocks.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: SophieWilliamz – Freedom!

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    That's majority of christians for ya ;]