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Domestic Dramz! Man Arrested For Tampering With His Girlfriend's Brakes!

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kevin reilly mugshot

There are some shenanigans going on over in Woodbridge, VA!!

A man by the name of Kevin Reilly has been arrested for allegedly tampering with the brake line of his girlfriend's car.

It's being reported that he cut the brake line to hinder her ability to leave him, but according to those close to the situation, it's actually a lot scarier than it looks.

His sister says:

Kevin has been the sole provider for my two-year-old nephew and has temporary custody. The mother was allowed to baby-sit at his home with the agreement she would not leave

He was afraid she was going to leave. He didn't sever the brake line, he pulled it loose. His intention was to make sure she would not leave by disabling the car.

Welll….. yeah, that is less scarier than it sounds, but that's still screwed up! Was she THAT cray cray that he had to violate her property?!?

We mean, maybe if she was really going to kidnap his son, but still… that could have potentially killed them both! Call the cops first or something….

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2 comments to “Domestic Dramz! Man Arrested For Tampering With His Girlfriend's Brakes!”

  1. 1

    Very Shawshank Redemption! Had he seen the movie/ read the story he might've been beter off! lol

  2. 2

    "His intention was to make sure she would not leave by disabling the car."

    I'm…confused. Wouldn't pulling out the brake line still allow the car to start and go? Wouldn't this just affect her ability to stop the car once she had started moving, or is the car really disabled because the brake line had been pulled out as opposed to slashing it?