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Casey Anthony Is Up To Her Old Ways, Partying, Dating, And Living It Up

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So much for a mourning period.

Reportedly, Casey Anthony is hitting the town and hitting it HARD.

Friends say she's out and about, and has a secret boyfriend. This guy knows what she's into, right?

She even works for her secret boy toy's company! WTF?

It is also reported Casey is rocking red hair, even though she's blonde in her vlog.

And a nose ring.

Such a uncaring and terrible woman!

[Image via AP Images.]

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55 comments to “Casey Anthony Is Up To Her Old Ways, Partying, Dating, And Living It Up”

  1. 1

    She doesn't have that pesky kid to worry about anymore. Now, she's all "free bird". Maybe some random dude she sleeps with will go all "mr. goodbar" on her.

  2. 2

    Not for nothing, but hasn't she been in jail for four years? Is that not enough "mourning period". What is she supposed to do, stay inside and cry for the rest of her life.

    Not saying she's actually innocent, but I'm saying IF she is, then she's entitled to move on with her life. Even if it means boozing it up and getting gang banged.

  3. 3

    Ugh. Anyone who is willing to be with this monster, is just as disgusting as she is.

  4. 4

    Er… What exactly do you want her to do ? Stay in her room, stop eating and die ?
    You are such a moron.

  5. 5

    It's amazing how she gets to go back to her normal life and Caylee will never get that chance. Rot in h-e-l-l Casey! We haven't forgotten

  6. 6

    Why is she still seeking attention. She got away with murder isn't that enough? She is odd.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    It's nice to see she's trying to move on with her life, especially after her child was kidnapped & brutally murdered by an unknown Baby-Killer….

  9. 9

    Doesn't all that partying violate her probation?

  10. 10

    wtf??? who would date that monster?

  11. 11

    Who cares…. according to the law she is innocent so let her live her life… Let it go, why keep bringing it up? This happened how long ago. drop it.

  12. 12

    I agree. Its nobody's business what she does anymore. She's not gonna sit in her closet crying all day.

  13. 13



    Do you know how many people would have loved to have a child - she could have given her up for adoption to one of many families who would have loved her like she deserved. It is outrageous that she got away with murder. I will never forget about that little girl.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    This is just another nonsense fabricated story

  16. 16

    Re: overthere – That would be nice, and would be better than the way she treated the child THAT SHE MURDERED. But, no…She totally deserves to party. Maybe she'll meet up with a nice serial killer and become his newest "trophy."

  17. 17

    Not surprising.

  18. 18

    I can't believe anyone would date this chick. They must be a psychopath like her!

  19. 19

    Hopefully she's been sterilized. Don't want her having any more kids she can kill.

    Rest In Peace, Caylee.

  20. 20

    George Bush & Co killed hundreds of thousands of babies and they are all living like Kings & Queens!

  21. 21

    Of course she is an uncaring and terrible woman! She effing killed her baby!

  22. 22

    Well good for her. KARMA doesn't give a shit about who you're working for, piercings or hair color. All in good time! :) :)

  23. 23

    I can't believe y'all believe this story that Perez cooked up! It is obviously 100Z% false. But, then again, Perez does like to get his news from the National Inquirer, so take it for what it's worth.

  24. 24

    The girl can not go out and work or anything so this is probably the most she can do. I'll be surprised if she is partying hard. Who is she going to be partying with.

  25. 25

    Re: HoneyBadgerGirl – Strange: the last I heard, she was declared INNOCENT!You would love a lynch mob now, don't you?

  26. 26

    Disgusting, she is the face of evil!!!

  27. 27

    Omg.. i hope that is false.. whoever would date this murderer is a fucking moronic fuck.. at least snip the k u n t s reproduction cords if you are going to release this fucking demon back into the world…The justice system is fucking stupid.. must be nice t murder your daughter, not even give a fuck and then go out and party and fuck some more like she did while her daughter was rotting somewhere…

  28. 28

    I continue to hope she gets run over by a bus.

    She's human garbage.

  29. 29

    So you decide to be honest about Casey Anthony, but refuse to tell the truth about Kim Jong-il?!? Sometimes I miss the old Mario, not this new fake nice Mario.

  30. 30

    If anything ever happened to my daughter you would have to lock me in a looney bin because I wouldnt be able to function anymore!

  31. 31

    you know she was proven innocent in a court of law, right?

  32. 32

    Re: overthere – She was declared not guilty because the jury thought there wasn't enough evidence to convict her, no one thinks she's innocent. That's cute that you think the justice system gets everything right.

  33. 33

    Actually, no, she wasn't declared innocent.. it's quite far from innocent, really. There was just reasonable doubt.. but not innocence.

  34. barny says – reply to this


    Re: Bloody Jenny – First off you are are a Fucking Dumbass.Do you know what the word innocent means,just because you think Casey was guilty does not make it true.ISecondly I would love to go out with Casey and Party.I would go to bed wih her long before your IGNORANT ASS.

  35. 35

    While I agree that her being found guilty was a huge mistake, the jury decided she is not guilty. Now we all should move on. She will live her life wether we like it or not - i mean, what is she supposed to do… people need to get over it, as horrible it is.

  36. 36

    Re: barny – Actually k u nt .. first of all you are the fucking dumbass .. who gives a shit if she was declared innocent.. cause it had some reasonable doubt.. the bitch was out partying while her child was out in a bag rotting you stupid fucking bitch.. so even if she did not do it by her own hands she was still responsible because she didn't give a fuck enough to call in her child missing or idk actually fucking watch and care for her like a mother should.. so dumbass she is guilty.. the system is flawed and you would know that if you had a fucking brain..and this whore never showed ANY fucking remorse.. now you can take your stupid ass comment and shove it right up YOUR dumbass.. and no one gives a shit what you would do with that child killing twat, it just shows how stupid you are.. what a accomplishment in life, mommy must be proud..useless murdering loving bitch

  37. 37

    Oh and btw you piece of shit, what makes you think i care that you would be with that hoe over me? I'm sorry who are you? DO have some strange sense of entitlement? You are a nobody why the fuck would i care? You are probably also some fat, ugly pimped ass, pedi anyway.. and even if you are not you have shown how stupid you are and probably a fucking sociopath like her.. what a gem you must be.. and calling me ignorant is hilarious.. you must have some delusional problems..please take a big dose of get the fuck over yourself with a side of reality.. now bitch i wont be coming back to read your bullshit.. please keep replying to me though since i know you are quite stupid…xD fuck this post and this hoe.. karma

  38. 38

    So, imagine this. "Hi new boyfriend. My name is Casey. You may recognize me from all sorts of media. While I was out partying, my negligence caused my baby to die but oh well, I'm over it now and am ready to paaaaarty, hopefully with you." New boyfriend, "cool." What is our world coming to?

  39. 39

    Why are you setting her up to be found?

    Not celebrity news….hope everyone knows which cafe you are at….or do you hide in your house now because so many people don't like you perez.

  40. 40

    Re: be strong – OJ almost sliced his ex-wife's head off…….there are worse people out there.

  41. 41

    Re: iammktb – men will fuck anything….you haven't figured that out yet?

  42. 42

    Re: triple M – I was referring more to people she will eventually date. It boggles my mind how people don't go screaming in the opposite direction whenever they learn the truth of the life behind a monster, and by the way, that would include OJ. Why would someone do something like this and why would others want to be in their lives, afterwards? I just don't understand.

  43. 43

    x - so I can read the comments

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    That's what she did before her daughter died, so why would the leopard change her spots?

  45. 45

    Re: Bloody Jenny – I agree with you and the others stating that she was guilty - the jurors were so depressed after the trial because they knew she had done it but did not have the evidence. I CANNOT believe there are people on here defending her. SICK!

  46. 46

    Did any of us expect differently?

  47. barny says – reply to this


    Re: Bloody Jenny – You stupid Bitch.This is the real world not your fantasy world.Let me explain this so evem a empty headed bitch such as yourself can understand.There was no evidence to prove Casey killed her daughter,which is why she was found innocent.

  48. 48

    Re: barny – Barney, everyone but you seems to be appalled by what happened. Some of the jurors allegedly agreed that even though she was found not guilty, she was by no means innocent. Some of the jurors have had problems sleeping they are so troubled by the verdict. It was all over the media. Is there something going on in your life to make you so angry? If there is, God bless.

  49. 49

    Re: barny – It's a shame that there are people like you just blindly follow laws. Just because a jury says something doesn't make it right. I'm assuming you think OJ Simpson is innocent, right? Since the same logic your using would apply to that case as well. Also calling people a "b*tch" doesn't help your argument… it only makes you come across less intelligent… which lets face it… you must be.

  50. 50

    thanks perez for keeping us up to date.
    i want to know what this biotch is up to..so i can thwart her every move towards happiness!
    please don't fall for her flirty bs..she will try to woo you!
    i love you perez! you've always sorted out the goodies from the baddies in fame whre world for me!

  51. 51

    Re: overthere – She was never delared innocent! She was declared "not guillty" big difference if you actually know and understand the law. She should not be out partying it's a slap in the face as everyone know's that the Jury was upset with having to give their verdict of not guilty but they were throughly coached on the idea of reasonable doubt which is what saved her.

  52. 52

    Re: barny – She was not found innocent she was found "not guilty" big difference maybe you should learn the law a little bit before you beligenrently comment on cases and call people names…such a big sign of intelligence.

  53. 53

    Who gives a fuckkk? I can't believe everyone is up her ass still. It's her life.. you really are profiting to her ego ya know. I'm sure she's loving that you still think she's so relevant that you feel the need to tell her she's an uncaring terrible red hair rocking nose ring wearing woman mwuahahaha. You're just as much of a joke as she is for posting this unrelevant shit.

  54. 54

    …she should date o.j…….

  55. 55

    …wheres all the damn stalkers when u need em …..