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35 comments to “Kim K Is A Marketing, Business, And Money-Making Machine”

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    Well, sure the haters will come right after, so…

    GO KIM!!!

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    So, she has tons of money WTF cares? She is still a WHORE and a dumb one at that - no talent and no class! NO GIRL should look up tp this NARCASSIST!

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    and who said you couldnt get far in life just on a pretty face lol she's like the president of whoreville LOL

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    Here is what I do not get, I do read gossip about her, but I don't watch the shows and have stopped watching E because of her. I stopped using OPI because she endorses it. Anything that she would promote her I wouldn't go near. If someone bought her things and it wasnt a gag gift I would consider them kind of sad or unsophisticated. So who is buying her stuff? Success Magazine Really? Is that like Forbes or Business week?

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    Re: pie107 – but cant hate the girl for making easy money in this economy im sure alot of people wish they could do the same

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    Most of the Google hits for Kim Kardashian are negative. They focus on her two failed marriages, her sex tape, her self-centered ways and the dishonesty of her scripted "reality" show. (Actually, I just did a search and "Kim Kardashian replaced by dog" was the first article that came up.)

    Kim's fame is sad because she is being marketed by her controlling mother. Kris also controls the lives of her other children, but it seems that Kim has the lowest self-esteem of the family because Kim is willing to sell ANY and EVERY part of her sad life. The even sadder part is that Kris is willing to ruin her kids' lives for the right amount of money.

    Congrats on your Sears line, Kim.

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    I hope they stated they kim karTRASHian started her career with a porno. It's amazing how cheap made in china disposable clothes and dumb perfume could give her this status…who are the "fans'"?

  9. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: pie107 – The President of Whoreville that is just so hilarious to me…and true lol Do we get to vote again soon?

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    Talk about an airbrushed photo. They must have airbrushed at least 2 inches off each side of her a*s!!!

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    Remember it was only a short time ago, that Paris was the IT girl
    Paris is not pretty, but she is better looking than trash bag KK

    Kadashians clothing line on sale 50% off

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    Re: MR Pete – clothes 50% off…just like how she got her start? HEY OHHH!….yeah i am over it…they are everywhere, my brain is hurting really bad…its like every time I see anything Kardashian my head hurts…its like a HP/Voldemort thing…I need to get the Elder's Wang i mean Wand away from that bitch…lol

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    Seriously…how much does she pay YOU?

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    Re: Comments off C off – Honestly I think its a lot of younger girls. Maybe tweens a bit older.

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    Kim and family are still promoting themselves to keep reaping in the cash that stupid people will pay for their promoted BS products. Hasn't the public realized they will promote anything with a price tag?? They probably planted this story along with all the other media on themselves. I wish the networks and media would realize really no one cares. Please Perez make them go away.

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    Success means diferent things to different people. To Hollywood this is success, to people like my redneck boyfriend it's owning a home and starting a business and doing it on his own the old fashioned way: by blood sweat and tears. To some its finishing college or having a family. I watched Frontier House and this Man who had a nice home and was wealthy ended up loving the home life w no tv and all that more bc he was closer to his family and had to work for everything food and clothes and all of that. He had to grow it all on his own. So good for her if she has found success and is happy but there are people who chose to live in tiney eco friendly trailers with no tv and live a simple life bc that is success to them. So stop rubbing her in our faces.

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    And its all of our faults. WE made her famous.

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    Golden shower pig.

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    why is kim so rich!!! beacause of all the dumbasses that go out and buy the product she endorses and watch her crappy TV show….come on her wedding special had 8 millins viewers!!! so lets not blame kim for making money of a sex tape..blame the millions of idiots who actully follow her.. kim and her family are not stupid if they would they wouldnt be fucking millioniares of some tv show…..so no matter how much we dislike this tramp…she aint going nowehere…

  20. 20

    Those aren't her legs!!!!…It seems like every picture I see of this girl she's got long, skinny legs….when in real life she's only 5 foot 2 with short legs. It's stupid because she has nice legs already. …people of all sizes and heights can have nice legs too…it's not just long legs that are nice.

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    I'm sorry, but did they mention how she fucking got successful? She was even getting major business till she released her sex-tape and got fame off of that? before that she had a dash store only in California, run by her sister and maybe her mom and just cleaning celebrities closets.. successful due to her sex-tape first and foremost if you ask me.. delusional ass-kissing fucks..

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    A true brand is like Coca-Cola or Proctor and Gamble….sorry Perez/SUCCESS Magazine. A brand embodies a MUCH deeper, meaningful and long term relationship with the buyer than merely slapping your name on everything. Kim Kardashian is a fad much like Paris Hilton, nothing more.

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    all you have to do is have good lighting and make a sex tape

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    for being a whore, congrats kim!

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Paris worked the branding thing, and still does well, but these people have taken it to a whole other level thanks to their business minded mother, who I have to hand it to.

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    Look at the state of American culture ad the decline of its females in particular. So trash is marketing to trash and making money. Any sot of brain science to that? The exploitation of the female in America has caused tremendous damage to our young females. But keep buying all this trash (merchandise-, morality and phiilosophical-wise, kids).

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    Lots of typos using PH comment box. Its like it requires extra hard TYPING on the keys as to not miss letters.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Adorable Kevy – Only if this crap is what you pay attention to. Lots of women making insanely good and respected work out there. You won't find most of them here.

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    Gross. But we value money and looks over most things, so it makes sense. She's pretty and rich. And I still say, whoever is behind her success is pure genius - this bitch has no talent. Making something out of nothing is awesome!! Go America!!

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    Re: TheRealJerseyShore
    Yup! Thats what I came here to say - Photoshop much?

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    WHEN WILL IT STOP. arrogant whore.

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    …do something to help the world asshole…u dont deserve all this

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    …is she wearin saltwaters ?….