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Lindsay Lohan Headed To Lifetime For Liz Taylor Flick?! It's In Talks!

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Okay, look. There are a lot of jokes that could be made about this. If you got us going, we could probably produce a laundry list of jabs about a dead career and reaching a new low and so on. But you know what? We're not going to do that. Despite the stigma of doing a Lifetime movie before turning 45, we actually like this idea. Dare we say, we could totally get on board with Lindsay doing this movie! And it might actually do wonders for her!

Rumor has it that the Lifetime network is in talks to start production on a new original film about the life and loves of Elizabeth Taylor. The project is not a new idea (its been in early planning stages since May), but word that Lindsay Lohan might actually be signing on to the pic in the starring role is the big news that might finally get this flick out of the starting gate.

The telefilm, Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story, would focus on the tumultuous relationship between Liz and two-time husband Richard Burton. No word yet on who the producers are considering for the role of Richard, but if Lindsay does sign on, you know she'll want to have a say in that.

In a lot of ways, Lindsay could bring some of her own life experience to this role. True, Liz didn't get into nearly as much trouble as LiLo has by her age, but both of these ladies know a little something about being infamous! If Lindsay really worked hard at this, we can imagine many more doors opening for her.

Spray yourself with some White Diamonds and say a little prayer, Lindsay. This could be it!

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23 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Headed To Lifetime For Liz Taylor Flick?! It's In Talks!”

  1. 1

    There is no way this talentless washed up piece of trash could even come close to Liz Taylor. No way, no how…….. what a joke!

  2. 2

    I would watch this movie just to see her dye her hair darker

  3. 3

    What an insult to the late and great Liz Taylor!!

  4. 4

    I can't wait to see her get her hopes up and spend that money she thinks she'll get, then Lifetime will wise up and choose a real actress for the role.
    Hell, Lindsay couldn't even be seriously considered for a piece of Mafia trash or a washed up porn star.

  5. 5

    There was a time when Lindsay was a good actress. But I think she has fried her brain past the point of recovery. What a shame.

  6. 6

    How would there be a stigma, by the way. You mean that to play a character who is, let's say, 20, you would hire somebody who is 45? That is so dumb!

    And you people here are morons.

  7. 7

    FUCK. NO. why the fuck would you pick the most worthless, talentless washed up skank to play liz taylor? what it the world coming to

  8. 8

    I think Lindsay was a decent child actress, but even if you show talent in Disney and Teen movies that doesn't mean you're a good actress. I don't think she has the acting skills to pull off playing Elizabeth Taylor. I will be hugely surprised and will be the first to say "I was wrong" if I am wrong, but here I don't think I am. Even if she had some acting talent, thanks to her party lifestyle, the constant alcohol and drugs she's used for many years, all which have negatively impacted her functioning capabilities, I don't think she will be able to do a good job and will prove once and for all that she's become THE laughingstock of Hollywood. I would rather they give this part to a young, talented unknown actress than to Lindsay. I am unable to watch her in anything now because when I see her on-screen I just think about all her problems and her bad attitude, and I think this will definitely negatively impact her performance.

  9. 9

    I don't give a shit about Lindsay, it's important that Elizabeth's image be maintained and she is NOTHING like Elizabeth Taylor. You goofy, naive, phony, IDIOT.

  10. 10

    Ohh…this is an … odd choice. But nothing can beat Taylor Swift getting the role of Eponine in the movie version of Les Miserables! What is Hollywood coming to???

  11. 11

    I could see her doing well in this role! Would def be cooler to see it on the big silver screen though. I do like myself some Lifetime movies every once in a while though!

  12. 12

    Hopefully, Ms. Taylor's family will intervene and put a stop to it.

  13. 13


  14. 14

  15. 15

    WHAAAATTTT???????…She looks NOTHING like Elizabeth Taylor…NOTHING!!!! Lets also mention that Elizabeth Taylor herself has said in 2010 that the only person who will play her is HER…meaning she is spinning in her grave right now.

  16. 16

    What a stupid fucking idea, you really think Taylor would of liked that? How disrespectful.. dumb fucks..

  17. 17

    It has been made very clear over the last few decades that the great ELIZABETH Taylor did not, I repeat did not like to be called Liz. Calling her that is just disrespectful. Casting a low life drug addict to portray her in a movie is also very disrespectful. Whoever is doing this should be ashamed of themselves. There are so many other choices that are much better than ho han. Shame on you. Just shame on you. This will most likely make Elizabeth roll in her grave.

  18. 18

    Lindsay's partying has nothing to do with her Talent as an actress ! Elizabeth Taylor is a legend and I am in awe of her talent . I just find it funny as you call your drug names about LL none of you seem to mention Liz was in re-hab also and her acting was still tops !
    Lindsay You can pull this off you have the talent use this as a step to get you back where you belong on the big screen ! It would also be an honor to play such an actress as the Great Liz Taylor . You Go LL ! Lindsay Rocks !

  19. Uruha says – reply to this


    How do you go from a mega-hit like Mean Girls to basic cable like this? (This is a rhetorical question, of course — we all know everything that she has done to fall from grace so spectacularly.) Also, physically, I see no resemblance. And why would a feminist channel like Lifetime go for Lindsey? So many questions.

  20. 20

    Do producers think Lindsay would be good for Liz's drunk, pill-addicted rehab years? I mean, if this film will concentrate only on Liz in rehab with Larry Fortensky, she might be a good choice. Otherwise, this is yet another publicity gauge for phantom "potential" projects seeing if they can muster up any interest or reaction.

  21. 21

    Well hell why dont they just go ahead and cast KTRASH she is jsut as talentless as Lilo!

  22. 22

    INSANE, That's the most hideous thing I've ever heard. She'll be laughed out of Hollywood, arrested for impersonating an actress. Maybe she'll finally do jail time! What an insult to the late and great Elizabeth! God Forbid it ever comes true.

  23. 23

    I think Camilla Belle should play Liz… Belle has class and they look similar enough